La Canfora’s Latest: Rivers, Garrett, Smith

CBS Sports scribe Jason La Canfora published his usual Sunday slate of items from around the league, including reports on the future of Panthers HC Ron Rivera in Carolina and the Titanspotential desire to re-sign QB Ryan Tannehill. Let’s take a look at a few more notes from JLC:

  • Chargers QB Philip Rivers is eligible for free agency at season’s end, and in light of his struggles in 2019, there has already been plenty of speculation about his future with the Bolts. La Canfora says the team is currently not planning on having any extension talks with Rivers’ camp, and for his part, Rivers has shown no desire in promoting the team’s move to Los Angeles (he still lives in San Diego and spends up to four hours a day commuting to and from the Chargers’ facility). La Canfora suggests that the Chargers, who may not be picking high enough in the 2020 draft to land a top collegiate passer, could move on from Rivers but may pursue a veteran signal-caller like Cam Newton.
  • La Canfora details all of the steps the league took to investigate Browns‘ DE Myles Garrett‘s claim that Steelers QB Mason Rudolph used a racial slur in the lead-up to the now infamous brawl between the two clubs, and the NFL did not find a shred of corroborating evidence. The good news for Cleveland is that the league currently has no intention of extending Garrett’s suspension into the 2020 season. Garrett will be required to schedule a meeting with the league and the union to have a “check-in” of sorts, but assuming that goes well, he should be reinstated without incident.
  • Former Texans GM Rick Smith left the team after the 2017 season when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, but he is open to returning to the league in 2020 should the right opportunity emerge. He is apparently ready and able to assume all duties that go along with running a franchise, and since there may be fewer elite GM candidates in 2020 than in years past, Smith could be appealing to a number of clubs. Although Houston is currently without a GM, La Canfora says a reunion between the two sides is not in the cards.
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11 comments on “La Canfora’s Latest: Rivers, Garrett, Smith

  1. elscorcho the marlin

    I could see rivers as a great option for Miami, IF rivers would relocate. He probably wouldn’t want to. If he would, Miami could use those 3 first round picks to get a better team together. They could go out and get a top defender, like young, and a receiver, ol help. Get a running back in second round and it’s a much better team, than going out and drafting a qb too high in the draft. They could get a better qbnext year to learn under rivers.

  2. letmeclearmythroat74

    I think Rivers wi be a Titan. Dalton to Tampa , Cam Newton to Bears and my sleeper , Bridgewater makes his way to Carolina

    • jorge78

      That being said, the Texans
      couldn’t give him a leave of absence because his wife
      was seriously ill?

    • JGBBBMMU562

      With Rivers traveling to San Diego daily its evident he shows little enthusiasm for staying another year with the Chargers. My gut feeling tells me that there is little chance of another contract coming his way with the Chargers..Kinda get the feeling ownership wants to have some changes at QB with there new stadium. I do hope the coaching staff is able to stay and see what they can accomplish with a new QB and other changes I’m sure are coming. Actually looking forward to the Chargers starting a new era with a new face at QB contingent upon Rivers not being offered another contract.

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