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The Bears announced that starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky left Sunday night’s loss to the Rams due to a right hip injury. While Trubisky was not pulled until there was 3:24 remaining in the game, the team said the third-year signal-caller actually sustained the injury late in the second quarter.

However, there is plenty of skepticism as to whether an injury really led to Trubisky’s removal. He was in the midst of another disappointing performance in a year full of them, and it could be that head coach Matt Nagy wanted to bench him but did not want to embarrass him, so he either invented or exaggerated the severity of the injury. As Adam Jahns of The Athletic writes, Trubisky spoke after the game like a quarterback who was benched, not hurt. Although Jahns believes the injury was legitimate — Trubisky was walking with a noticeable limp — it also sounds as though it was something he could have played through if he was playing better.

But it’s not as if the Bears have a better option. Trubisky’s backup, Chase Daniel, is a 33-year-old journeyman who has started all of five games in his career. Plus, as Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune opines, Chicago needs to see what it has in Trubisky throughout the remainder of the year so that it can fully evaluate its quarterback situation moving forward. As we discussed last week, the 2020 QB market could be more robust than usual should the Bears decide to go shopping, so before they move on from the 2017 No. 2 overall pick, they should make sure he is not the long-term answer.

After all, Trubisky played fairly well in 2018, posting 24 TDs against 12 interceptions to go along with a 95.4 quarterback rating. 2019 has been a disaster, as the offense has frequently stagnated under his watch, but it’s not unreasonable to think he can turn it around if Nagy gives him the opportunity to do so. It seems much will depend on Trubisky’s right hip and Nagy’s faith in Daniel.

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42 comments on “Latest On Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky

  1. JJB0811

    Its pretty clear to me, a casual observer, that he’s not the answer. Good D and running game helped last year. The GM and scouting staff should all be fired for (a) trading up for him and (b) not scouting Mahomes and Watson.

    • joparx

      With the way our offensive line gets blown off the snap every single play it doesn’t matter if God played quarterback for the bears, he would be viewed the same as trubisky, the guy has gotten zero help from pathetic play calling all year too, I don’t think he’s the answer and I hated the draft pick but Nagy needs to start being held accountable for awful play calling (ran an option on 3rd and 1 in the 3rd quarter with a quarterback who injured his hip in the 2nd quarter) and Pace needs to be held accountable for the joke of an oline we have

      • Rondon

        Nagy received his Coach of the Year award last season on the coat tails of Fangio’s defense. The crazy amount of turnovers that D caused gave Nagy and Trubisky a whole lot of short fields that disguised the ineptitude of the offense. It’s in full view this season. Pace is not only “Hellen Keller” as a QB evaluator (Trubisky/Glennon??), but he doesn’t know coaching talent either.

  2. If the Bears want a shot at making the playoffs, Kap is their man and he’s available. Chicago is a woke city with a large black fanbase these days so adding Kaepernick wouldn’t be such an issue there as in a deeply conservative place.

    • amk3510

      A shot at the playoffs? They are done and bringing in Kap would not change their sitaution in the slightest.

    • snotrocket

      Chicago is a city with tons of violence perpetuated by gang members. If that’s what “woke” looks like, you can keep it.

    • rocky7

      “Deeply Conservative Place”….seriously, with Obama, and his henchmen and women running the show…Jussey Smolett and his prosecutor friend letting him off the hook for a hoax….more like the Wild West with anything goes to the rest of us!

    • cubsfanbudman1908

      No team is going to sign Kap in fear of alienating any portion of their fan base. As a Bears fan, Is rather see the team sink with Trubisky than go 9-7 with Kaepernick.

      • That’s because you’re an offended snowflake. Most NFL fans don’t care a bit about any of the off-field stuff and just want to see their team win. Tyreek Hill, Adrian Peterson, and any number of other players with histories of violence prove this. Only sensitive boomers care about Kaepernick.

        • twentyforty

          Except for of course, the fact Kaepernick has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt…he can’t play QB in the NFL.

          • cysoxsale

            So you rather Daniel/Turdbisky. Who’s better? The guy with the 4/1 TD/INT ratio is. But hes unsigned due to bigotry

          • Iago407

            There are SEVERAL backup QBs and multiple QBs that have started games this season that are not better than Kaepernick. What you’re saying is objectively not true.

      • Iago407

        As a Bears fan, I’d rather see this team go 9-7 and give the Raiders a worse first round pick than “sink” and give them a top ten pick because Trubisky can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

    • kroeg49

      In Chicago if the Bears are winning, that’s all that matters. Kaepernick and the Bears will suffer extremely minimal backlash as long as the Bears win.

  3. diller1340

    Matt Nagy is a joke. (I know he won coach of the year but he sucks)

    Mitch Trubisky is not the guy.

    Ryan Pace has to be fired. He drafted Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson. And now it’s starting to look more and more like he lost the Kahlil Mack trade…… Mack has a whopping 5.5 sacks this year and meanwhile with their first pick from Chicago last year Oakland got soon to be rookie of the year Josh Jacobs and seems to be looking like atleast another top 15 maybe top 10 pick next year. Smh

    • mcdusty49

      So many people were crying about that trade when it happened too lol…I as a Raiders fan thought it was tough to lose our franchise player but at the end of the day we needed an overhaul and the picks received were a fantastic start

  4. i was talking to all my friends. All were in agreement, Eli to the bears for maybe a midday day 2 pick. The Bears have pieces to get there but the QB is what is holding them back. He was probably the best available unless you think you could have pried maybe the stache from the the jaguars or bridgewater from the saints (i think both starters were still hurt at the time though)

    Is eli a savior? No but he has experience and still a solid qb if he has a line that could give him 3 seconds to get the ball out.

    • twentyforty

      The Bears have no offensive weapons but more importantly…no offensive scheme. Dead in the water and a long ways away.

      • They do have solid weapons in Gabriel and Robinson they also had Burton at the deadline. Cohen is a gadget guy, and being misused. They just have crap for qb and cant really do much if they cant get a decent chance at the ball.

        Eli is only a bandaid for this year and is better than either Daniels or Tribs. Do i think keep him long-term .. no but his contract up at the end of the year and think majority of it will still be paid by Giants.

        • Banesays

          Well the fact you call Daniel “Daniels” proves your football knowledge. You probably called Jeffery, “Jeffries”.

    • unclemike1525

      Are your friends all mentally challenged? They must be because I’m sure the Bears have no interest in Eli Manning. I say walk away from both Piniero a and Mitch and start over. I’d get mad at Pace for signing Piniero, but there really is a shortage of decent Kickers in the NFL. There are like 5 good ones and the rest are lame at best.

    • Iago407

      Eli Manning played himself out of the starting lineup to such an extent that a guy many labeled a project got his shot earlier than most expected. Hard pass on Eli. I’d rather see the Bears roll the dice in the 2nd round for a QB than get a guy that far in to the twilight of his career.

      • crosseyedlemon

        The Bears thinking will be “Hey, we got a single win from Mike Glennon for only $18mil so lets throw $25mil at Eli and shoot for two wins”.

  5. imindless

    As a raiders fan the mack trade looks even better as does the top 10 pick in next years draft. Thanks chicago!

  6. Someone hang a picture of Rex Grossman in his locker for inspiration. This poor defense.

  7. leprechaun

    First of all Trubisky is a bust no doubt. Second of all he didn’t draft himself. Third of all the stunt Nagy pulled benching him in a game with three minutes to go with ZERO chance of winning was a cowardly act by Nagy. Finally Pace drafted the bust and hired the HC Clown, Pace needs to be fired ASAP

    • Iago407

      Nagy said he could coach Trubisky and he did last year to the tune of winning coach of the year honors. Which do you think is more likely: Mitch has regressed because his footwork is trash, his confidence is shot, he makes terrible reads, he sails passes or his WRs drop them OR… Nagy has suddenly forgotten how to coach football?

  8. h0wmyd0ing

    Who would have thunk it…. a guy that didn’t win a starting job at NORTH CAROLINA until his senior season isn’t that good.

    Stunning development.

  9. of9376

    Trubisky’s issues appear to be mental. He refuses to throw the ball down the field and looks terrified in the pocket.

    Out of 34 qualified QB’s, he ranks last in Yards per attempt, average yards per pass and yards per game. The only guy lower than him is Josh Rosen.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Trubisky is not a good QB but he isn’t helped at all by having a poor OC who would rather stretch the field laterally than vertically.

  10. chisports18

    Mitch has zero confidence…He isn’t an awful quarterback. If he got the right coaching, he’d be a serviceable player in this league. Goff is a perfect example of this. He isn’t any better than Mitch but yet they found a way to make it to the Super Bowl. Stop with the Eli, Kaepernick, Mariota etc nonsense. Nagy can’t coach it’s that simple.

    • Iago407

      Nagy was coach of the year last season. Sure, he used a lot of trickery that he’s not using this year, but I think a lot of that was to help hide the fact that Mitch simply isn’t a good QB. His footwork is awful, he’s afraid to throw long passes and when he does, he’s off by a country mile, he makes bad decisions, he takes far too many sacks, he’s all but stopped running… Sure, maybe Nagy can help coach some of that out of him, but the point is that Mitch has regressed a ton and Nagy can’t be out there throwing the ball for him. He also seemingly can’t use a substantial percentage of his own playbook because Mitch simply can’t execute.

  11. Iago407

    The Rams gave the Bears ample opportunities to score that entire game. The Bears controlled time of possession by a substantial amount. Yet, in another imminently winnable game, the offense could only muster 7 measly points.

    Trubisky has to go. He’s failing in every way a QB can fail, and he’s dragging down an already anemic offense. They can’t run because teams know they can just stack the line since Mitch won’t make them pay for it. Even if he gets a first down, no matter. His lack of accuracy, his lack of confidence, his fear of throwing downfield, his lack in ability to read defenses or route progressions tells every defense that they can keep stacking the line because eventually, he’ll make that errant throw on 3rd and 9 and the drive will stall out and that’s what happens every single game.

    If he doesn’t have the mental fortitude to battle through adversity, whether it’s due to his own poor play or that of those around him, he’s not going to make it in this league, and that’s something that Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Ryan Pace for that matter couldn’t have predicted when they had him at the top of their draft boards. But it is what it is. Instead of putting Bears fans through another year of this project and wasting another year of this defense, I’d rather see the Bears go out and get another QB in free agency and draft one in round 2 as well. Let the draft pick hold a clipboard for a full season too.

  12. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    He’s done in Chicago, but unlike most washout QBs, I have a feeling he will light it up if he goes to the right team/system.

    How about this? Cam Newton for Mitch? With some other assets and draft picks going in different directions. Seems like both could use the change of scenery.

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