Latest On Colin Kaepernick’s Workout

After initially indicating it would release a list of personnel executives who attend Colin Kaepernick‘s upcoming Saturday workout, the NFL has now reversed course and will not do so, according to Adam Schefter of (Twitter links). Additionally, a number of teams have contact Kaepernick’s to preemptively apologize for not being in attendance this weekend, noting they were confused by the timing of the workout.

NFL executives weren’t the only ones caught off guard by the planned audition — Kaepernick himself didn’t even know about the workout until the league informed him of it, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes. The NFL hasn’t given any indication as to why it’s holding a tryout for Kaepernick at this time, but the league wouldn’t budge on a date, time, or what will happen at the workout.

The workout may be in response to teams contacting the league with interest in Kaepernick, as Steve Wyche of reports. Most of said clubs are actually eyeing a Kaepernick signing for the 2020 campaign, per Wyche, not for the current season.

Most teams figure to send scouts or lower-level executives to see Kaepernick, not general managers or head coaches, according to Michael Silver of (Twitter link). Most GMs and head coaches are occupied on Saturdays, so a workout on, say, a Tuesday may have made more sense.

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36 comments on “Latest On Colin Kaepernick’s Workout

      • bigjonliljon

        But that was a few years ago. While he hasn’t taken any hits for a while, his body has aged.
        No one will sign him. Guarantee it. He needs to be in a certain style offence that most teams do not use. His salary requirements are to high that no team will pay him.
        This is a PR stunt. Nothing more.

      • Ronk325

        He was also benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert and the 49ers had the 2nd worst record in the league that season but sure use his TD to Int ratio to fit your false narrative

      • amk3510

        Putrid take. Stat padding 3 years ago makes him better than 70 percent of the starters leauge? He wasn’t back then and he certainly is now. If you actually took a deeper look at those games he was scared to throw into coverage.

      • afsooner02

        70% huh? 7 of 10…there’s 32 teams, so that means you think he is better than 22 starting QBs. You literally believe there’s only TEN QBs in the league better than a guy who hasn’t played in 3 years.

        This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have read on the internet today.

        • kevin

          agreed :) .. he had chances to show he could play and play well for the aaf n the XFL and other leagues but playing the game is not his primary focus it’s money.

      • snotrocket

        All in garbage time after he spent all game going 3 and out because he is a one trick pony who can’t read defenses or throw touch passes. He got exposed after a couple of years, and when the Niners defense couldn’t carry the team anymore they were done and so was Kap.

      • vtncsc

        He was like 3-13 at one point. No doubt he has talent, but he’s associated himself with risk and baggage. That weighs on decision-makers.

        Right or wrong, it does and he’s tied to it. It’ll take a strong HR PR campaign for the team that signs him.

        Some teams should be cautious as well, it’s not like a lot of the teams are filling up the stadiums each weekend. Some can’t afford to have more fans stay at home.

      • phillyballers

        Sub-50 QBR. Hollow stats. He is as okay as Ryan Fitzmagic. Aka not a starting caliber QB. He had 1 good season. It’s like beating the Tebow thing to death “he just wins” “won a playoff game” yes the 49ers had a nice defense when they went deep in the playoffs. He is/was a backup level QB that is about it.

      • cuban1

        He was so good, the Packers amazing defense held the 9ers to 3 points and sacked him 6 times in his final year playing. Enough with td-int ratio as though that means absolutely anything.

  1. bowserhound

    The workout must’ve been a ploy to get out of some legalities. Whole thing seems like a sham.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m getting a similar vibe about it being a sham. Maybe the producers of ‘Hard Knocks’ are looking for a sequel where former NFL bad boys can host showcases seeking redemption.

  2. Polish Hammer

    Not sure why teams are contacting the league and why they would feel the need to schedule an audition.

  3. imindless

    When you are a lockeroom cancer in danger of getting cut and your benched for a lateround backup you hide behind a false narrative and call it being black balled. Crazy pompous arrogant and most importantly unemployed.

    • Locker room cancer? None of his former teammates would attest to that. Seems like you’re just being a bitter old man for disagreeing with him politically. Get over it, snowflake.

      • imindless

        Its also known fact that the false narrative he supports isnt even correct. Police brutality effect Caucasian nearly 2 to 1 over african americans lol. Yet only black people are being targeted? If you support this incorrect narrative then one has to question your iq.

        • Dorothy_Mantooth

          Come on man. African Americans make up 18% of the total US population. If some police did not have a racial bias, the ratio should be 5 to 1, not 2 to 1, so there is still work to do here.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Dallas: give it up. We don’t care. Stop writing about this failed QB. College hoops is starting…fantasy football playoffs…anything but this topic.

  5. jorge78

    OK, this story from NFLTR gets more confusing by the minute.
    The previous post said a Saturday workout was verboten by the NFL but here is the workout on a Saturday!!??

  6. mhdunbar99

    Nobody but the liberal media cares to see this overrated, egomaniacal, self serving prima-donna.

  7. Ironman_4life

    All this political and salary and nonsense aside, He is not playing Because he does not want to play

  8. Ironman_4life

    Can you imagine the personal foul calls that would go against this dude.

  9. peterdipersio06

    I would never sign this guy if I was a GM of a team! It’s a PR nightmare! Imagine the news this guy will generate even if it’s false news coming from the likes of CNN and MSNBC? As soon as the team that signs him, releases him, the news will be all over that team calling the team a bunch of racists !

  10. What HC’s are going to the workout on Saturday in lieu of game plan for Sunday?

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