Matthew Stafford Wants To Return This Season

Although reports on Sunday indicated Matthew Stafford could miss six more weeks while dealing with fractured bones in his back, the veteran Lions quarterback says he’d still like to return this season, according to Tim Twentyman of

“Because this is what I do,” Stafford said when asked why he wants to play this year. “I understand your question, but this is what I love to do. I love playing football. I appreciate all the hard work that all the guys in this locker room and in this organization put into going out there and trying to win games on Sunday and I love being a part of that.”

“It’s tough for me to sit there without the pads on and not be able to impact the game on the field the way I’m used to doing,” Stafford said. “That’s driving me to get back out there, and whenever we all deem it’s the right time for me to get back out there, I’ll be out there.”

Depending on how his recovery goes, Stafford could potentially be available for a game or two at the end of the regular season. Sitting at 3-6-1 and last place in the NFC North, Detroit has less than a 1% chance of earning a playoff berth, per, so it seems unlikely the Lions’ decision-makers would allow Stafford to return to the field with nothing on the line.

Stafford had started 136 consecutive games before missing Detroit’s Week 10 contest again the Bears earlier this month. Through eight starts, the 31-year-old Stafford had thrown for nearly 2,500 yards, 19 touchdowns, and five interceptions while ranking eighth in ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating.

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14 comments on “Matthew Stafford Wants To Return This Season

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Even though he plays for a division rival, it’s very hard not to like and respect Matt. He’s never had great players around him but he’s a hard nosed fighter and strong leader.

    • skrockij89

      I’m pretty sure he had Calvin Johnson as one of his receivers before.

      • crosseyedlemon

        And that’s probably the only name most people can remember. You generally need more than 2 good players on a 53 man roster to accomplish anything.

          • downeysoft420

            And Calvin left them abruptly as well with zero replacement plan. But I’ll be fair and say golden Tate and Marvin Jones jr were decent. But it honestly is great to see them trying their best to supply him with with help given the real problem has been a lack of a running game. But adding those guys to run, and now has 2 decent wrs and a first round tight end around him now.

            • mitchrapp

              Lemoneyes as smart as you are I’m shocked, shocked I say that you’re not a GM somewhere or heck even running the league

  2. dugdog83

    IR him. Lions won’t win another game. Better draft pick. Draft his backup early in the second.

  3. JJB0811

    All these supposed ‘New England of the…(area or division)’ really don’t seem to work out. Texans, Detroit, Miami (granted 1st year). Maybe, just maybe, its more to do with Tom & Bill than a style or formula.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Some truth to that. The politically correct approach these days is to form committees to make important decisions but guys like Lombardi, George Allen and BB have proved that a dictatorship can be pretty effective too.

  4. TheBlueMeanie

    Want and should are two different things. Stafford should sit out the rest of the season. The Lions season is essentially over so what do they have to lose? Best QB is franchise history.

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