Pat Shurmur Likely Won’t Be Fired In 2019; Latest On James Bettcher, Dave Gettleman

Although the Giants suffered an embarrassing loss to the Jets on Sunday, head coach Pat Shurmur will not be fired before the end of the 2019 season, as Ralph Vacchiano of writes. Furthermore, team ownership is not going to force Shurmur to make any changes to his staff, which means that DC James Bettcher is safe as well.

That does not mean, however, that both men will be with the Giants in 2020. New York is 2-9, and while the club’s roster has some major holes, Shurmur’s play-calling has come into question during his two-year tenure with Big Blue (though as Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk writes, Shurmur has no intention of giving up play-calling duties). Shurmur has also come under fire for his in-game decision-making.

Meanwhile, Bettcher is in charge of the league’s 26th-ranked defense, but he has very little talent at his disposal. As Jordan Raanan of observes, Bettcher is operating without a quality pass rusher, middle linebacker, or cornerback, which has greatly limited the aggressive approach that he is known for. Raanan, like Vacchiano, believes that Bettcher will at least survive through the remainder of 2019, though if he is to be evaluated solely on the performance of his unit over the final seven games, he may not get another shot in New York. But Vacchiano says team brass recognizes the difficult position that Bettcher has been put in, and if the club’s rookies and younger players show signs of life down the home stretch, he could be retained for next year.

Shurmur could also get a third season in New York thanks to his work with rookie QB Daniel Jones. Though Jones has struggled with turnovers, he otherwise looks the part of a franchise signal-caller, and the Giants certainly don’t want to do anything to hinder Jones’ development. If that means keeping Shurmur around for another season, then so be it.

Likewise, GM Dave Gettleman could be on the hot seat, but his selection of Jones — which was heavily criticized in the offseason — may be what saves him. But Raanan says that ownership will think long and hard about Gettleman’s future with the team this offseason, and as of right now, there are doubts as to whether he is the right man to restore the Giants to competitiveness.

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17 comments on “Pat Shurmur Likely Won’t Be Fired In 2019; Latest On James Bettcher, Dave Gettleman

      • Decius

        He has not been proven to be a bad coach. The offensive lines he has had the whole time with the Giants has been abysmal. Gettleman is the problem. The jury is still out on Shurmur. They get rid of Landon Collins? What happened to keeping your talent. Overpay a little better if you must. Get rid of Gettleman.

        • Losing Collins and getting nothing in return was a huge blunder. Then he sold very low on Odell. Then he bought very high on Jones (could have traded down and still got him). Solder, Bethea, the endless Cardinals and Panthers rejects. His trades last season brought back almost nothing (a fifth rounder for Damon Harrison?).

          And then there’s his non-transactional shortcomings. Doesn’t talk to the media. Regressive in what it takes to win in the current league (mollyhogs, anyone?). Alienates the players with his lack of communication. He has more than earned his walking papers. He should have been fired on the spot for the weak return for OBJ.

            • Have you seen who their coach is? Their offensive scheme? Their QB?

              The fact is, before Cleveland, OBJ had some of the best numbers of all time through the number of games he’d played.

              Further, it doesn’t even matter what his numbers are in Cleveland. They sold low on him. They could have and should have gotten more or just kept him. He’s worth more than the first rounder and Jabril Peppers.

          • RockHauler

            While I am not a Gettleman fan or apologist, let’s just look at the facts. Reese left the cupboard bare in important positions (OL, LB and RB). It’s going to take a little more than 2 drafts and FA periods to address them, as well as almost no salary cap space. Now onto other things you stated rct. We will, get a 3rd round comp pick for Collins. He didn’t sell low on OBJ. A 1st, 3rd and Peppers (to replace Collins at a lower salary); as well as Zeitler is a good haul. As for Solder, yes we overpaid for him, yes he’s not that good, but he was the best LT option available and had we not gotten him (remember we were rebuffed by other top OL FA’s) we would have been screaming he didn’t address he OL. As for the ex Cardinals, well you got me there. The only good one is Golden, who is on a low cost 1 year, prove it contract. The redskins have come out and said they would have grabbed Jones over Haskins if he was available. So we took him at the right spot. Seems to be the right pick right now. Finally as for Harrison, Apple and such, he was clearing out salary cap space for he 2020 season. If after next draft, And with over $75 million in cap space let’s see what he does.

  1. Frank loiko

    Get rid of Gettleman! Mr. Mara please find somebody with brains to run your team and stay out of the way.

  2. lettersandnumbersonly

    Giants rarely make midseason changes. Just like their coaches rarely make mid game adjustments.

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