2020 NFL Draft Order As Of Week 15

With 14 full weeks of the NFL season in the books, the 2020 draft order is beginning to take shape. Here’s the rundown of where things would stand if the 2019 season ended today:

1. Bengals: 1-12
2. Giants: 2-11
3. Redskins: 3-10
4. Dolphins: 3-10
5. Lions: 3-9-1
6. Cardinals: 3-9-1
7. Jaguars: 4-9
8. Falcons: 4-9
9. Jets: 5-8
10. Chargers: 5-8
11. Broncos 5-8
12. Panthers 5-8
13. Eagles 6-7
14. Raiders 6-7
15. Colts 6-7
16. Buccaneers 6-7
17. Browns 6-7
18. Raiders (via Bears) 6-7
19. Titans 8-5
20. Jaguars (via Rams) 8-5
21. Cowboys 6-7
22. Dolphins (via Steelers) 8-5
23. Dolphins (via Texans) 8-5
24. Vikings 9-4
25. Bills 9-4
26. Chiefs 9-4
27. Packers 10-3
28. Seahawks 10-3
29. Patriots 10-3
30. Saints 10-3
31. Ravens 11-2
32. 49ers 11-2

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27 comments on “2020 NFL Draft Order As Of Week 15

  1. amazing larry

    As a Bengals fan, I have full confidence that we will somehow f this pick up.

    • bravesfan

      It’s projected you will get Burrows. He’s a one year wonder…. I don’t see him being enough to make you good.

      • JJB0811

        Tua has ben surrounded by 1st and 2nd’ers O line, RB’s and Wr’s. Is he good? MM & Winston proved to be great when they’re teams simple had better players in college. Not so much in the pros.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Borrow? I’ll trade mine but I want 4 pieces of toast (with Jelly) in return.

  2. Begamin

    hopefully the Jets lose out and everyone ahead of them wins out so we can finally draft an oline again

  3. BuckarooBanzai

    G-Men having dreams of history repeating itself and 2020 (Young) is a throwback to 1981 (LT)

  4. Tazza

    Really hope Tua falls to a good team and is not taken to early in the draft. Would love to see him on the Bears.

    • JJB0811

      He’s not lasting until the 2nd round. Some team will pick him up in the 1st.

      • Tazza

        Agree even if he’s out for a year to rehab he’s to talented to fall that far. Especially with Brady likely needing to replaced soon, no way he makes it past the Lats if he falls that far

  5. Skullking

    How are the Redskins projected to pick ahead of the Dolphins if they have the same record and won head to head?

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s compensation for George Allen allowing Don Shula to win SB VII.

  6. dandan

    Damn, so the Ravens beat the 49ers AND get a higher draft pick. Baltimore has been scheme’n on San Francisco this year lol

    • crosseyedlemon

      John Harbaugh: You can have the higher pick if you offer my brother Jim a job after Michigan fires him.”
      Kyle Shanahan: “@#$ that!”

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