Browns To Retain Freddie Kitchens, OBJ?

For most of the last two decades, Browns fans would have been content to head into Week 15 with the 6-7 record they have today. But the 2019 iteration of the team entered the season with a star-studded roster and sky-high expectations, so the sub-.500 mark has left a sour taste in Cleveland’s collective mouth.

Since rookie head coach Freddie Kitchens has been unable to coax the expected results out of his club, which has often looked undisciplined and sloppy, speculation as to his future with the Browns has run rampant. It would not be a surprise to see GM John Dorsey part ways with Kitchens this offseason in favor of a more experienced head, but as Ian Rapoport of writes, that is not the current plan.

Rapoport says the team’s 4-1 record over the past five games has gone a long way towards saving Kitchens’ job. He adds that, barring a “horrific collapse or circumstance to end the season,” the Browns will go into 2020 with Kitchens as their head coach. Team management remains supportive of Kitchens, for whom growing pains were expected, and it sounds as if Dorsey and ownership will exercise patience.

Like Kitchens, star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has disappointed this season, and recent reports surrounding him have led some to wonder if he will be back in Cleveland next year. But as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes, Beckham does not plan to request a trade this offseason. OBJ is, however, interested, to see what changes are made to the Browns’ staff and scheme, and if those changes — or lack thereof — are not to his liking, he could ask to be dealt.

If Dorsey does choose to deal Beckham, the Jets could be in play, and per Ralph Vacchiano of, OBJ is not afraid of returning to New York, despite his experiences with the Giants (video link). Gang Green would presumably not be Beckham’s first choice, but the market itself would not be a deterrent for him.

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32 comments on “Browns To Retain Freddie Kitchens, OBJ?

  1. GMB 883

    He continues to say he wants to play for Belichick and with Brady. That would be interesting but who knows if Brady will be back. He could retire.

    • davidkaner

      Brady needs to retire. Nothing left to prove & he has plenty of $$. Why risk injury?

        • eaterofbirds

          yeah, but loving the game while watching the skillset dissolve on the field in real time has to come into play at some point. I really do hope the ownership and coaching staff are on the same page, this time around…as Brady has hit the proverbial wall it seems and when his frustration starts to bleed over into passive aggressive finger pointing [this bs trust factor he likes to throw around], it’s time to walk away.

          I can’t help but compare this season to Peyton’s in Denver. Ineffective on the field, losing more off any pass over 25 yds and dwindling offensive stats across the board.

          I personally think it’s an incredible career muddied by a good ole bout of cross promotion for his TB12 and ego. Time to go Tommy.

  2. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    The Bengals, Steelers, and Ravens are thrilled to hear this.

  3. JJB0811

    OBJ isn’t what he was a few years back. He’s living off legacy points now. Injuries and attitude are who he is now.

    I don’t think he cares about winning. Wearing watches and wrong shoes says that. He cares about camera time more than anything.

      • phillyballers

        I think he is basically saying, few screws looser and another AB is born.

      • highplainsdriftr

        Yes. Jerry Rice didn’t have to wear a Rolex on the field to get headlines. He just played.

      • JJB0811

        Name 1 other player that has worn a watch on the field. It was for a TV ‘look at me I’m relevant’ moment, that’s it.

    • amk3510

      His teams haven’t won because look where he has played for. You really think if he was on a team like the Rams he wouldn’t help them?

  4. Perksy

    For sure, as a Giant fan I’m glad he is gone. We didn’t win games with him, so it’s no different without him.

  5. Kitchens deserves at least one more year. Sure there were extremely high expectations placed on the team (primarily by the media), but Kitchens was one of the few who was trying to temper expectations. The Browns should be trying to end their years of futility. Firing their coach after one average year is not the way to do it. I’m not saying Kitchens is definitely the answer at head coach but scapegoating him after one year is definitely not the answer.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I agree. The Browns haven’t been this close to being a contender in some time so unless they miss being the punchline to football jokes they should stick with Dorsey’s plan.

    • Kitchens couldn’t lead a soup kitchen. Watch the self-produced “Building the Browns” YouTube series for laughs. Kitchens is the soft-shouldered assistant coach players go to cry to after a tough game or a scolding by the head coach. Not a disciplined taskmaster whom they admire and wish to emulate and/or impress.

  6. TheBlueMeanie

    Kitchens needs to go. He never should have got the job in the first place. He has shown he is clearly in over his head.

  7. bigeasye

    I could see Gruden trading a couple of
    Draft picks for OBJ and then see him turn nuts and never play

  8. sufferfortribe

    DC is the one who definitely needs to go.

    Now, if they retain Freddie, then they better sign Joe Schobert to an extension, or there will be even more unhappy Browns fans.

  9. IBFarr

    Philly needs WR help. Not because they’re all injured just in general. The only consistent player is Jeffery and he can’t stay on the field this year. I could see Roseman try and trade for OBJ.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Howie would have to dump one his higher priced veterans or lose valuable cap space (Eagles currently ranked 19th for 2020). Browns are embracing a youth movement so it may not be a good fit.

  10. crazylarry

    Anyone who thinks Kitchens needs to stay is living in La La Land. The guy is so far in over his head it is ridiculous. The only reason he may not be fired is Dorsey is too stubborn to admit what a mistake it was to hire him.

    • Based on what? The outrageous expectations put on him as a rookie head coach? Who out there is a clear better option with experience other than Ron Rivera? And why would any coach want to go there if the leash is apparently going to be only one year at a time?

  11. Tazza

    OBJ to the LA Rams for Brandin Cooks and a second round pick.

    Rams take on another big personality but would have an offence of Gurley running and Kupp and Beckham catching. On defence they have Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Cory Littleton and Eric Weddle.

    Browns receive back a replacement young WR to okay second fiddle to Landry plus a decent pick return

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your Browns are lightyears better than they were when Hue Jackson was around. A 6-8 record with a rookie HC is respectable especially when you look at some of the heavyweight opponents Cleveland had to play this season. Baltimore, New England, Buffalo, San Francisco and Seattle all have double digit wins.

      • ohiodevil

        And they beat two of those double digit win teams this year….but I am still on the replace Freddie front unless he givea up play calling. He’s overwhelmed, just watch a game and you can see that. Will he get better? Maybe, but he looks lost sometimes and it has hurt the team. If they go 0-2 in these last two games, I think there’s a 60/40 chance they replace him, if he goes 1-1 (most likely) or 2-0….then he stays.

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