Current 2020 NFL Draft Order

With 13 full weeks of the NFL season in the books, the 2020 draft order is beginning to take shape. Here’s the rundown of where things would stand if the 2019 season ended today:

1. Bengals: 1-11
2. Giants: 2-10
3. Redskins: 3-9
4. Dolphins: 3-9
5. Falcons: 3-9
6. Lions: 3-8-1
7. Cardinals: 3-8-1
8. Jaguars: 4-8
9. Jets: 4-8
10. Chargers: 4-8
11. Broncos 4-8
12. Eagles 5-7
13. Buccaneers 5-7
T-14. Panthers 5-7
T-14. Browns
16. Raiders 6-6
17. Colts 6-6
18. Raiders (via Bears) 6-6
19. Titans 7-5
20. Jaguars (via Rams) 7-5
21. Cowboys 6-6
22. Dolphins (via Steelers) 7-5
23. Vikings 8-4
24. Chiefs 8-4
25. Dolphins (via Texans) 8-4
26. Bills 9-3
27. Packers 9-3
28. Saints 10-2
29. Patriots 10-2
30. 49ers 10-2
31. Ravens 10-2
32. Seahawks 10-2

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10 comments on “Current 2020 NFL Draft Order

  1. nats3256

    Redskins were sitting pretty until they screwed around and won a couple games in a row!

    • crosseyedlemon

      George Allen argued that a quality veteran was worth more than a college prospect and his winning percentage is pretty good evidence that he knew what he was taking about.

      • Pre-salary cap. Good veterans are too expensive. Washed up end of career guys (Adrian Peterson, sitting on a couch when he got the Redskins call, Frank Gore, Lesean McCoy) are sometimes worth the flyer. Older guys get injured a lot. Injuries also count to the salary cap.

        Healthy young players on a rookie contract with experienced journeymen is what works. New England does very well with very few veteran stars.

  2. UGA_Steve

    Don’t worry about the Falcons, as they will certainly mess things up and win a few of their remaining games and drop 10-12 spots .. just like last year. All because they have a coach that thinks he can still salvage his job.

    I actually think Quinn is ok, but last year’s nonsense at the end of the season dropped them from the #3 pick to #14. Just insufferable given those wins meant NOTHING. That is exactly how a team stays mediocre.

  3. haywire4fun

    how is Seattle 32? didn’t the ravens beat them? shouldn’t that be the tiebreaker? if not then why are the patriots picking 28th?

  4. gmetwagner

    GIANTS will hopefully lose out and fire their coach AND their GM. Gentleman is a clown. Very clearly should have traded OBJ a year earlier. He could have had a QB in addition to Barkley. But then again, you reap what you sow. Should have never canned Tommy C.

    • Perksy

      I was a huge fan of Coughlin but it was time for him to with 3 losing seasons in a row, and 4 seasons of no playoffs. Granted Reese didn’t spend big money until after he left which maybe have made the difference of him staying.
      Not sure now if they beat Miami and Washington how the strength of schedule looks for draft position but yes Shurmur and Getty both need to go. They should hire a proven coach with a winning track record this time.

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