Jaguars Expected To Make Major Offseason Changes

It has been speculated for some time that the Jaguars may undergo a major organizational overhaul this offseason, and sources tell Adam Schefter of that the club is indeed expected to make significant changes in the new year.

Many around the league expect head coach Doug Marrone to be fired, per Schefter. Others believe that executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin could step aside to spend more time with family.

Schefter’s report did not offer any concrete rumors as to GM Dave Caldwell, but recent reports have suggested that he may be on the chopping block as well. Of course, owner Shad Khan considered a shakeup after the 2018 season, but he opted to remain patient. However, his patience has not been rewarded, and the Jags have sputtered to a 4-9 record in 2019.

This same power structure guided Jacksonville to the AFC Championship Game in 2017, and the team was one quarter away from upsetting the Patriots in that contest and advancing to the Super Bowl. The Jags looked like a team on the rise, but they have regressed in a big way and now look like they could be headed for yet another rebuild.

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14 comments on “Jaguars Expected To Make Major Offseason Changes

  1. mikey

    Kinda sad they weren’t able to do anything with that crazy defense that one year. Could’ve been something special if they had a real quarterback.

    • mrpadre19

      Mikey “not able to do anything”?
      Besides making it 5 minutes from the Super Bowl you mean?
      They won 2 playoff games with that a defense and should have been in the SB.
      Myles Jack was not down!

      • They don’t right stories about “almost” and coulda shoulda. Great teams don’t leave the game up to the refs. They should’ve done a lot more.

  2. frank costanza

    The Jags’ problem is Shad Kahn. He has been downright awful after taking over this franchise. Hiring and staying with Gus Bradley who went 14-48 in 4 seasons as coach. Unreal! Lol! How is that possible? How do you stick with someone like that for four seasons?!

    Extends Blake Bortles who was terrible. Only homer fans defend this clown, and people who don’t watch other football teams as well.

    Keeps Doug Marrone after Bradley was fired and a guy who should have been fired last season!

    Keeps Dave Caldwell who has had a bad tenure as GM.

    Whoever is advising Kahn on football is probably someone who is also advising his horrible soccer team as well.

      • JJB0811

        I live in Jacksonville. He’s right. What has Shad won since buying the team 7 years ago? He has more 4th place finishes than 2nd place as an easy example.

    • crosseyedlemon

      There should be a banner hanging above the entrance to Bank Field that reads: SERENITY NOW!

    • That someone is Tom Coughlin. You have to give a coach a chance to build his team before you quit on him. A constant in and out of coaches and GMs doesn’t build a winner.

    • Ronk325

      The inability to run an organization must run in the Khan family. His clown of a son Tony is the big financial backer of AEW, a professional wrestling company trying to compete with WWE and they’re not off to the greatest start

  3. Ronk325

    Everyone involved in the decision to sign Foles to that ridiculous contract should be fired. How this group was given another season after imploding in 2018 is beyond me

    • andremets

      Why was signing Foles ridiculous? Didn’t he win the Superbowl for the Eagles?

      • Ronk325

        Yes, Foles played well in the NFC championship and super bowl that year but that had a lot to do with the team around him. He was never going to perform at that level over a full season and everyone but the Jaguars knew that

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