Josh Shaw Bet On Cardinals Game?

In one of the most unusual Friday news dumps in many years, Cardinals defensive back Josh Shaw was suspended for the 2020 season for betting on NFL games. One of the bets Shaw made appears to have included the Cardinals.

Shaw is believed to have made a three-team parlay bet on Nov. 10, with the wager including a Cardinals-Buccaneers game,’s David Perdum reports. Made at Caesars Sportsbook, Shaw’s bet included three Week 10 games’ second halves. The wager is not believed to have been successful, per Perdum.

Nevertheless, Caesars contacted the Nevada State Gaming Control Board later on Nov. 10 and subsequently alerted the NFL, Perdum reports. Shaw is believed to have been open about his status as a pro athlete when filling out his betting account with Caesars, with Perdum adding that Shaw listed “professional football player” as his occupation.

The NFL did not conclude that Shaw used inside information to bet on games, but the initial release indicated the 27-year-old defender made at least three wagers on NFL games. The former Chiefs and Bengals DB signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals in the offseason.

The fifth-year veteran has been on Arizona’s IR list all season and is not believed to have spent time with the team during that span. But his chances of returning to the league obviously took a major hit with these recent developments. The most recent known NFLer suspended for gambling on an NFL game while active was Ravens rookie quarterback John Stark in 1996. He did not return to the league.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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20 comments on “Josh Shaw Bet On Cardinals Game?

    • crosseyedlemon

      Betting on a loss is the only sensible approach. Boxing managers have known this for decades. You have far more control over how bad a player/team performs than how well they perform.

  1. Dodgethis

    If players aren’t allowed to get on games, employees shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the stock market. Everyone getting upset about gambling but the same thing is happening on a massive scale everyday.

    • amk3510

      If you don’t see a problem with someone betting on a game they are playing in then I don’t know what to tell you.

      • highplainsdriftr

        Thomas Jefferson had it right. Anyone engaging in financial speculation for personal gain is taking advantage of the people. Back to our farms Americans!

        • crosseyedlemon

          I guess you fail to see the irony of your comment. Farmers might be the greatest speculators of all. They are willing to risk everything on the whims of Mother Nature.

      • CubsHope5

        @AMK- unless u missed this key part, he certainly wasn’t playing in the game- he hasn’t even been with the team all year

        “The fifth-year veteran has been on Arizona’s IR list all season and is not believed to have spent time with the team during that span. “

      • TrollHunter

        If you don’t see a problem with commenting on an article without reading it, then I don’t know what to tell you!

        It says in the last paragraph that he’s been on IR the entire year.

  2. jkurk_22

    Considering he’s on the IR and not playing, I’m not sure why it’s a problem. I mean I’m sure there’s still some rule about it. But if he’s not playing it’s hard for him to throw the game. That’s the same as football players childhood friend beating on the game. Now if he’s playing and betting I totally get it, but this seems different

    • Steven Juris

      He still is part of an organization and has access to insider information that most lay people,don’t have access to.

      • TrollHunter

        You mean info like:

        Saying David Johnson is playing, then running Chase Edmonds the WHOLE game, then trolling the fantasy community about it after!

      • jkurk_22

        That doesn’t really bother me. In my opinion betting is stupid in general. You’re asking to lose money anyways. The only thing I care about as far as players betting is that they don’t bet on games they are playing in because I don’t want them trying to throw games.

        • jkurk_22

          So maybe he gets slapped with some sort of fine l from the casino he bet at, but that still doesn’t explain how that hurts the nfl in any way, not sure why they would need to punish him

  3. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I heard about a guy who applied for a job at a restaurant and then came back 15 minutes later to rob it. When the cops asked the restaurant workers if they had any idea who the robber was, they handed over the application with the robber’s real name and correct address. He was arrested at home counting the money.

    What Josh Shaw did was no more or less dumb.

  4. OCTraveler

    NFL = lots of words; probable suspension
    MLB = ban for life

    Charlie Hustle you played the wrong sport!

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