Latest On Eli Manning’s Plans

With Eli Manning‘s contract coming off the books, the Giants will almost certainly be moving on from the likely Hall of Fame quarterback in 2020. As for Manning, he revealed some details about his thought process exiting his least active NFL season.

The soon-to-be 39-year-old quarterback will contemplate retirement and may well do so if there is no clear starting job available. No timetable exists for the younger Manning quarterback’s decision. Peyton Manning retired in March 2016 but was under contract with the Broncos at the time. Archie Manning has said multiple times this year he does not expect his son to play elsewhere, though it doesn’t sound like Eli has completely ruled that out.

That will come into the consideration,” Manning said, via’s Jordan Raanan.”That is what I’ll be thinking about these next couple days.”

If Manning does decide he wants to pursue a 17th season, he does not sound interested in being Daniel Jones‘ backup in 2020. Going into a situation as another team’s backup also would not appeal to Manning, via Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). Manning threw a career-low 147 passes this season.

I doubt it. I doubt it,” Manning said,, of the prospect of returning as a backup. “Backing up is not real fun. … Everything is an option. That is the first decision, whether I want to continue to play or not. That is what I will decide. I’ll just try to figure it out. I think I can still play.”

Even if Manning were to secure a starting job somewhere, said franchise would be in line to use him as a bridge passer. That scenario would probably lead to a similar season arc to 2019’s, when the Giants benched Manning after two games. There are several marquee quarterbacks who reside as free agents-to-be, but finding a true opening for Manning is difficult. And if retirement does commence, Manning added coaching is likely not in his future.

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24 comments on “Latest On Eli Manning’s Plans

  1. OCTraveler

    At 39 for Manning to have any chance of success he needs a system that has a quality running back, an established offensive line and at least three quality receivers – unfortunately any team that has these three factors in place isn’t in the market for a 39 year old quarterback … if you don’t like carrying a clipboard, then Eli it is time to hang it up.

    • bradthebluefish

      Well said. I think he’ll get a job if someone gets hurt in the pre-season.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      If I was running TB, Winston would be out, and Eli in. I agree with a lot of what you said, and I think in some ways the Bucs are a fit there. They’d just need to sure up the ground game. I doubt Eli breaks the bank on a deal though, so it could be done in FA or the draft.

  2. padam

    Personally, I thought he’d be a good pickup for the Steelers after Ben went down. Never materialized.

  3. bowserhound

    Only QB-ing he has in his future is via Madden. Be glad you faked your way this far.

  4. 70sChild

    Lost a lot of respect for Eli when he and his dad strong-armed their way out of having to sign with San Diego in the draft, just like John Elway with the Colts. Everyone else goes where they are drafted except for a very few of these prima donnas.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      If football had true FA, I’d be inclined to agree with you. The system stinks for a QB, however. If you’re good, you’re stuck. They’ll franchise you forever, and instead of having to go play somewhere you don’t want for 5 years, it turns into 10-15. The franchise tag isn’t fair that way. So I don’t have a problem that the Mannings did what they did, because some times that’s the only path your given.

  5. met man

    Thanks,Eli,for making Giant Football a must see for me and many others for 16 years.One of the best clutch Super Bowl players of all time.
    Enjoy your retirement.

      • cka2nd

        You ever read anything written during the 60’s and 70’s about Namath? Or tried a web search for modern evaluations of his game based on adjusting that era’s stats for this era?

    • 7th all time in yards and TDs, two time Super Bowl MVP. But yeah, ‘low bar’. Give me a break.

  6. jjleavelle

    Can’t think of a single team that would want to sign him as their starter…even for half a season.

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