Seahawks Sign Marshawn Lynch

It’s officially official. The Seahawks have announced the signing of running back Marshawn Lynch, reuniting them with their one-time superstar just before the final game of the regular season.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but we do know that it’s a one-year pact. Lynch will join the Seahawks for the Week 17 and the postseason – beyond that, no one knows what Beast Mode might do.

Lynch, 33, is no stranger to weaving in and out of retirement. This time around, however, he didn’t have to file any paperwork to return to the field. Lynch never formally retired from the NFL, he was just assumed to be done with football after completing his Raiders obligation.

Lynch made amends with Pete Carroll & Co. after their split years ago and is ready to hold down the fort following season-ending injuries to Chris Carson, C.J. Prosise, and Rashaad Penny. In addition to Beast Mode, the Seahawks also called upon Bobby Turbo (Robert Turbin, that is) to help in their pivotal game against the 49ers.

Lynch rushed for 376 yards and three touchdowns in his six games with the Raiders last year. He topped 1,200 yards in four straight seasons with the Seahawks (2011-2014) and led the league in rushing touchdowns in ’13 and ’14. Lynch lost much of the 2015 season to a hernia injury and, as he said this week, he has “unfinished business” to address in Seattle.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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25 comments on “Seahawks Sign Marshawn Lynch

  1. Marner#16


    Agreed …. Hopefully this Red Sox season won’t be as painful for us too.

  2. Marner#16


    Drug test you for your grade 1 handle and stupid comment. Common now bro really!!!!

      • Misterants

        He’s a “common now bro” though. Doesn’t that mean anything anymore??

      • Marner#16


        Hiding behind your cartoon character. Thanks for that I did reply directly and due to a computer glitch it moved the comment. But then I take it your perfect like your Bill Clinton cartoon.

    • Misterants

      Just fyi you shouldn’t call people stupid when you’re spelling stalled around 5th grade

    • snotrocket

      The guy lit up a blunt at the Raiders stadium. Not exactly a secret that he likes the reefer, as do I. However, I’m a Niners fan and would prefer not to have to face him next Sunday evening.

      • Misterants

        Same. I’m actually pretty f’kn nervous about them adding turbin and lynch – two backs who have had their way with us in the past and are familiar with seattles offense. Ugh

      • Marner#16


        Who cares it’s his personal decision what he does. Looking forward to beast mode. Your 49ers aren’t going anywhere !

        • eaterofbirds

          I get it, you’re a fan, but Seattle will not be able to sustain past the class of the NFC…couple of stop gap RBs are taking away what helped them this year. Passing game takes a hit as a by product…defensively, they are lacking in the run d…and guess what the strength of whom they will play in the playoffs is…

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Now to complete the disaster they only have to attempt a 1 yard TD pass with Lynch as a decoy.

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