Updated 2020 NFL Draft Order

The stage has been set for the conference championships. The Titans, Chiefs, 49ers, and Packers are moving on to the semifinals, while the Texans, Seahawks, Ravens, and Vikings will begin planning for the offseason ahead. Unfortunately for the Texans, their first round pick belongs to the Dolphins.

Here’s an updated look at the 2020 NFL Draft order from Nos. 1-28:

1. Bengals (2-14)

2. Redskins (3-13)

3. Lions (3-12-1)

4. Giants (4-12)

5 Dolphins (5-11)

6. Chargers (5-11)

7. Panthers (5-11)

8. Cardinals (5-10-1)

9. Jaguars (6-10)

10. Browns (6-10)

11. Jets (7-9)

12. Raiders (7-9)

13. Colts (7-9)

14. Buccaneers (7-9)

15. Broncos (7-9)

16. Falcons (7-9)

17. Cowboys (8-8)

18. Dolphins (via Steelers 8-8)

19. Raiders (via Bears 8-8)

20. Jaguars (via Rams 9-7)

21. Eagles (9-7)

22. Bills (10-6)

23. Patriots (12-4)

24. Saints (13-3)

25. Vikings (10-6)

26. Dolphins (via Texans 10-6)

27. Seahawks (11-5)

28. Ravens (14-2)

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12 comments on “Updated 2020 NFL Draft Order

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Do teams like the Redskins and Giants need to be drafting in the top 5 if they have already gotten themselves franchise QBs? I think the NFL should also consider experimenting with a positional based draft as the XFL did.

    • Mikel Grady

      No they just don’t draft a Qb . They will draft another position of need. They could also trade down and get extra picks.

    • jellbuc

      I’m very interested on how you think that would work. So in this scenario because the Giants and Redskins drafted a qb last year they automatically pick last in the “QB draft”? And if they are awful but can’t be first in the “QB draft” are they the top pick in the Edge draft?

      I think I’ve heard that somewhere before. Oh yeah it’s how the regular draft works. You can chose to be first in the qb draft or draft a db and be first in that draft.

      • lautrec

        I think it would work. The NFL could force teams with better players to give an even and fair number of them to terrible teams with bad and lazy front offices. The NFL would simply use a Board of fairminded, but intellectually superior people to appropriate players from good teams and redistribute them to the remaining proletariat teams who have less market share, less wealthy owners, bad decision making management, etc. if the NFL could create an atmosphere of egalitarianism where the teams are exactly the same, then there would be no need to play a dangerous game that could get someone hurt. The NFL and their supreme elite directors of course will need to be elavated Above the proletariat so they can hand out 32 participation trophies each year. Maybe the players from the team who is most loyal to the NFL Peoples Central Directorate Commitee can get an upgraded apartment with TWO bathrooms! Yeah, this could work

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    I think Russell Wilson is now among the many who showed that even a talented QB can’t win eleven-on-one in the NFL. There are, believe it or not, other positions that can be strengthened through drafting.

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