Arrest Warrant For OBJ Rescinded

The arrest warrant Odell Beckham Jr. drew in New Orleans this week has since been rescinded, according to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal (on Twitter).

The Browns wide receiver allegedly slapping a New Orleans police officer’s buttocks after Monday night’s national championship game prompted the warrant, but NOPD confirmed that is no longer an issue for the 27-year-old standout. While this incident was captured on video and drew a fair amount of attention, it will not lead to an arrest.

In the video, a Superdome police officer is seen exchanging words with an LSU player. Beckham intervened and appears to smack the officer’s rear end. Initially, authorities originally sought a warrant for a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, but it was declined by a judge. A simple battery charge was then on the table. Now, Beckham appears to be in the clear after the officer signed an affidavit indicating he did not want to press charges, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes.

Although Beckham still has much to prove after a disappointing season, he will almost certainly not face any NFL suspension. The 2019 Browns trade acquisition caught 74 passes for 1,035 yards and four touchdowns — career-low figures (by far) in a season in which Beckham played 16 games — and showed little chemistry with Baker Mayfield. Beckham’s 12-game 2018 season produced better numbers. Trade rumors already began to follow the ex-Giants superstar, but Beckham is expected to be one of the key players for Kevin Stefanski‘s first Browns team.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 comments on “Arrest Warrant For OBJ Rescinded

  1. Ed "The Mythical One"

    Apparently the LSU players weren’t the only ones to get some cash.

    • Chris

      I mean he’s immature but has he really done anything wrong? Slapped a cops butt. Wore some watches. Partied on a boat. Never mind the philanthropy he does. My guy is an LSU lifer. His mom and dad were athletes there. He played football and ran track there. He got too drunk. Can we move on?

  2. phillyvseverybody

    Allegedly? There’s video of it. Unless he meant to say the butt slap allegedly prompted the warrant.

  3. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    If not the officer, who initiated the arrest warrant in the first place?

    Sounds like they got the cash slap to make up for the butt slap.

    • g8752

      You have to be careful about a butt slap’s intentions after seeing the Aaron Hernandez mini-series. Moon Over My Hammy is usually what a butt slap means in NO snd in the NFL. A profound disrespect for law and order. I mean everyone may start doing this from now on. Don’t you think? They have to come down hard on this one.

  4. g8752

    Guess it just shows that a slap in the a.s isn’t a felony in NO for the NFL anymore. WhoDat? OBJ? He OK!

  5. jorge78

    Why didn’t the officer arrest him on the spot if he thought it was so bad?

  6. crosseyedlemon

    First Chung and now Beckham. Goodell better create a program that offers counseling and therapeutic help to players that can’t get themselves properly arrested and charged.

  7. phillyballers

    Man… wonder what the statute of limitations is on butt slaps, lot of cases to settle. MLB is in serious doo doo, more so than the NFL.

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