Bengals Will Not Trade No. 1 Overall Pick

The Bengals are armed with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 draft, and as it turns out, it was a good year to be the worst team in the league. Cincinnati can select Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow with the top selection, and the club is not hiding its affinity for the LSU signal-caller.

And the Bengals’ public comments about Burrow are not a ploy to heighten the trade value of the No. 1 pick. Per Adam Schefter of, Cincinnati has no intention of trading away the selection, regardless of how tempting an offer might be.

Schefter says there has been mounting speculation that the Panthers, whose QB situation is also uncertain, may be gearing up to trade for the top pick. That speculation has grown since Carolina recently named LSU passing game coordinator, Joe Brady, as its new OC. And the Dolphins, another QB-needy club, have three first-round picks in the 2020 draft, so they have the capital to move up if they want.

But the Bengals are not interested, as they are locked in on Burrow. The Ohio native just completed one of the finest seasons in college football history, leading his Tigers to a national championship while completing 76.3% of his passes for an incredible 60 touchdowns against just six interceptions.

Burrow will not participate in the Senior Bowl, but even if he does not do anything until the draft, his spot as the No. 1 overall pick seems secure.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Bengals Will Not Trade No. 1 Overall Pick

  1. highplainsdriftr

    No chance they trade the pick. If you are the Bengals you couldn’t ask for a better situation to generate some excitement and a better fit as a player for what you need right now.

  2. acarneglia

    Although I think it’s smart for CIN to keep the pick I couldn’t see them turning down a trade from MIA with all 3 firsts this year and a First next year. They could take tua or Herbert and address other areas of need

    • deal1122

      I don’t think Miami wants Burrow bad enough to exchange 4 first rounders for the first pick. I love Burrow, but people need to tamper their expectations. You simply can’t rebuild by giving up 4 first round picks.

  3. afsooner02

    Burrow is gonna have a rough couple of years until cinci addresses their OL.

    • deanejr64

      Getting the top tackle of last year’s draft back next season is a nice start

  4. captainchaos55

    Burrow will be a Bengal no matter what. They will not trade the pick. It’s too much of a feel good story for the city/ state. Burrow has the potential to be better than Palmer, Dalton and Boomer

  5. Pokeli

    There are so many areas of need for Cincinnati that if Miami offered them 3 first rounders for some reason, they’d be crazy no to accept it. Burrow could be special, but they would still be able to get another solid QB and make some other major improvements. Never say never

      • crosseyedlemon

        Depends who the picks are. I’d probably give you any QB you want if you gave me Walter Payton, Jerry Rice and Reggie White in return.

      • Pokeli

        It’s so hard these days to predict greatness. Burrow has a high floor but I’ll take one of the other QB’s in the class that could be great also and add in a couple more top picks. Bengals are a mess all over the place and one QB won’t change much

  6. dmarcus15

    Mia would be silly to trade 3 first round picks if I were them I would draft OL then RB sign a FA QB Bridgewater or someone like that.

  7. FromTheCheapSeats

    Duke Tobin is saying the opposite of this.

    Keep your eyes on Carolina. With the hiring of Joe Brady as OC, Burrow could come in and run that offense tomorrow.

    And they recognize they’ve got a limited window with Christian McCaffrey. If they’re willing to offer a ton of picks for Burrow, the Bengals will listen.

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