Buccaneers Potential Landing Spot For Philip Rivers?

Yesterday we heard word that Philip Rivers was moving his family from the San Diego area to Florida, another indication he’s headed for a split with the Chargers. Rivers has said he isn’t retiring, so he’ll be suiting up somewhere next season even if he isn’t in Los Angeles. 

There has been some speculation that Rivers could end up with the Colts, as he used to play under Indy head coach Frank Reich with the Chargers. There are a number of teams that could be interested in a veteran quarterback this offseason though, including the Buccaneers if they opt not to retain Jameis Winston. To that end, Jason La Canfora tweets that he’s “hearing a lot of buzz” about Tampa as a potential landing spot for Rivers.

La Canfora was one of the first to report back in November that a divorce from the Chargers might be in the cards. If Rivers does end up signing with the Bucs, he’ll be paired with the most accomplished offensive coach of his career in Bruce Arians. When Arians was with the Cardinals he brought in an aging Carson Palmer and rejuvenated his career, so there’s an obvious parallel there.

Rivers had a down 2019 due to a lot of turnovers, but the Chargers’ passing game was still very efficient yardage-wise, and in 2018 he was one of the best passers in the league. He led the Chargers to a 12-4 record that year while tossing 32 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions, averaging a robust 8.5 yards per attempt. Of course, all of this is predicated on the Bucs moving on from Winston, which is still very much up in the air.

It’s been hard to get a read on how they feel about Winston, and the last we heard was that members of the front office were split on bringing him back and that there hadn’t been any contract discussions between the two sides. With all of the high-profile signal-callers set to become free agents, this is shaping up to be the most interesting quarterback carousel in years.

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31 comments on “Buccaneers Potential Landing Spot For Philip Rivers?

  1. JJB0811

    Teams chasing over 35 year old QB’s will be doing again either next offseason or the following one.

    • Perksy

      Yes, but not if they sign one and draft one this year. Like a Rivers shorty term paired up with Tua could work out for that team.

  2. OCTraveler

    Either the Bucs or the Colts sounds like a good landing spot for Rivers- I would like to see him with the Colts.

    As for the Chargers, Taylor won’t cut it. They’ve lost their fan base and their moving into a stadium with the Rams who continue to own the town so they need a name and a face that will make things interesting and draw some fans – with the exception of Burrows and Tua, there isn’t anyone in the draft the would draw interest, so get the highest profile free agent … Tom Brady welcome to LA

  3. mhdunbar99

    Brady would never play for the classless and comically incompetent clown show that is the “Spanos Chargers”. The team that represents nothing, nowhere, and no one.

    • dynamite drop in monty

      As opposed to NE, Which represents multiple murderers, blatant cheating and elderly handy J’s.

      • captainchaos55

        Ok , I get Aaron Hernandez ….. who is the other murderer that makes it multiple?

        • dynamite drop in monty

          As in he himself is a multiple murderer, ridiculous acquittals aside.

    • amk3510

      You can rage about Spanos all you want but the Chargers actually have talent and are in position to win now. Brady could care less that the owner made a bigger pocket book move.

      • frank858

        Chargers have too many weapons that are unrestricted free agents Eckler, Henry and not to mention an offensive line that’s not very good. If the Patriots sign Henry then there’s no good Tight End there and if Eckler signs elsewhere why should Brady go where there’s no Home field advantage and he could play in a familiar system instead of the unknown.

        • frank858

          No the Chargers are not in position to win now, they finished last in their division.

        • amk3510

          They have the cap room to keep them. Gordon ain’t coming back but Eckler and Henry will. Finishing last is irrelevant, a team that was picking 2nd last year is in the super bowl. Their losses were all close. They absolutely have the talent to be a playoff team next year and no one would be shocked if Brady goes there.

          • frank858

            Patriots will have over 54 million according to over the cap and have a better offensive line than the Chargers which ranked 26th in the NFL allowing the 2nd most QB pressures in the league and the Patriots line was ranked 10th , so I doubt Brady would want to be put in that situation at the end of his career.

            • amk3510

              New England has to actually want him back. The issue isn’t cap room. Its if Bill wants to use it on Tom.

              • frank858

                Indianapolis has a better offensive line as does Carolina and Indy has almost 92 million in cap room plus the weapons

  4. “If Rivers does end up signing with the Bucs, he’ll be paired with the most accomplished offensive coach of his career in Bruce Arians.”

    I get that Schottenheimer is considered a defensive coach because of his background, but Marty had ten seasons as a HC where his team was top 10 in points scored. Arians has three such seasons. I would call Schottenheimer more ‘accomplished’ than Arians in this regard. The Chargers in Marty’s five years went from 20th to 16th, then 3rd, 5th, and 1st in points scored.

  5. crazylarry

    Rivers throws a football like a wounded duck. His days are over. Only he doesn’t get it. He reminded me of a freshman QB playing varsity. Call it a career.

  6. peterdipersio06

    I would take a chance on Rivers if I was the Bucs! I mean, didn’t Winston set a record for most interceptions in a season ?

  7. mstrblstr2

    The Bucs would be a ideal landing spot for Rivers and it makes a ton of logistical sense. Rivers wants to be closer to home. He hails from Alabama. Alabama to Tampa is roughly 401 miles. How’s that for close. The Jamis Winston hopefuls are growing less and less as time goes on. All in all Jamis is rated in the middle of the pack at #18 but really can’t be trusted to win the games he should and a few more of the clos ones.Jamis is erratic and tons of tape prove that. Ariens doesn’t want to rebuild – he wants to reload – and what better way to do that with an elder statesman who may need a little retooling compared to Winston – where they have to teach the guy how to think.

  8. axisofhonor25

    Sorry to say it guys, but Winston is coming back. Despite his revolving door of interceptions, the team made it clear that they are going to roll with him. Now if he wants to stay in Florida, he should try looking at Miami or Jacksonville. I think Jacksonville would be better because I’m pretty sure they regret the Foles signing and are looking to cover that up quick. Fitzmagic has a the answer for the foreseeable future in Miami.

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