Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy

The Cowboys have hired Mike McCarthy as their new head coach, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports (on Twitter). A formal announcement and press conference will come later this week. 

The Cowboys dragged their feet on letting Jason Garrett go, but, at long last, they finalized his dismissal over the weekend. They also kicked off their head coaching search by interviewing McCarthy and former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. It didn’t take long for them to find their man.

As our head coaching tracker shows, McCarthy was one of the more popular names on the interview circuit. Before meeting with the Cowboys, McCarthy also interviewed for the Panthers, Browns, and Giants vacancies. The longtime Packers HC was out of the NFL for the entire 2019 campaign, but he spent the season studying film and designing plays in preparation for his next opportunity. That’s a plus, since McCarthy has been criticized for his play calling in the past.

McCarthy was fired by the Packers in December 2018, ending a 13-year run with the franchise. Over the years, he amassed a 135-85-2 record, including a 10-8 mark in the playoffs. Most notably, he led the Packers to the Super Bowl XLV title.

In the Cowboys’ last external head coaching search, they cast a wide net before settling on Wade Phillips. This time around, they quickly locked in on a short list of candidates before hiring McCarthy. This search also included a sleepover at JJ’s place, according t’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter).

Once you stay at Jerrry’s house, he doesn’t lose his guy,” the source told Schefter.

McCarthy is expected to install a totally new offensive scheme in Dallas. Since 2007, the offense has been anchored by Garrett and the aid of three different play-callers. It remains to be seen whether current OC Kellen Moore will return under McCarthy’s staff, even though he’s still under contract. On the other side of the ball, DC Rod Marinelli is out of contract, along with passing game coordinator Kris Richard.

The Cowboys believe that McCarthy – who helped groom Aaron Rodgers into one of the league’s top quarterbacks – will pair well with star Dak Prescott. Even though the Cowboys finished .500 this year, Prescott had a strong individual season on the whole as he set new career-highs in passing yards (4,902) and touchdowns (30) with eleven interceptions.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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70 comments on “Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy

    • ChiSox_Fan

      Yes, they didn’t fire Garrett until McCarthy deal done.

      Marvin Lewis never had a chance.

      • Decius

        I like Marvin Lewis but I think he was interviewed for the Rooney rule. That rule hasn’t had the intended effect. Minority candidates need more opportunities but token interviews aren’t the answer. I hope they come up with a better solution.

        • 700Level

          The Rooney Rule is garbage. Please tell me who won’t hire a coach simply b/c of the color of his skin in 2020? We’ve had numerous minorities hired for head coaching and coordinator positions in both the NFL and major college football for years now.

          • kevin

            I agree the rule is not needed now . it’s just a bs rule now . teams want that WS ring and people in the stands they will try to hire the best for the job .

      • Marner#16


        Why would Lewis have even had a chance how many titles has he won???? thats right. Clearly the better hire. I hate the Cowboys but im sure Mike will work with Dak and improve this team alot!!!!

  1. dray16

    this will be fun, it could be exactly what Dallas needs or be a complete disaster. get your popcorn ready.

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      Definitely a disaster, they need a more involved head coach, not someone who is too busy getting massages to do their job.

  2. Ronk325

    I’m not surprised at all that this is who Jerry went with. There’s gonna be a lot of turmoil on that team next year when Zeke is only getting 10-15 carries a game cause McCarthy refuses to run the ball

    • Lacy had 250’ish carries with around 30-40 catches when he was in shape with GB.

      That McCarthy won’t run the ball in BS.

      • Ronk325

        Look at how he used Aaron Jones the last 2 years compared to How LaFleur did this year. Also you realize that 250 carries over 16 games averages to just over 15 carries a game right?

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        I like to look at data and let’s do some comparing. Let’s not look at an individual RB’s carries which can vary for a number of factors like health, resting, etc. and focus on total team rushing attempts by season:

        2019: 411
        2018: McCarthy fired during season
        2017: 386
        2016: 374 (opponents against ran 376)
        2015: 436
        2014: 435
        2013: 459
        2012: 433
        2011: 395
        2010: 421
        2009: 438
        2008: 437
        2007: 388
        2006: 431

        Most years he ran the ball more than all of his opponents.

        • Ronk325

          So what your numbers show is that McCarthy ran the ball a lot less in his last 3 seasons which lead to the offense being too pass heavy and ultimately got him fired. Also Zeke has had 300+ carries every year except for 2017 when he was suspended. Is McCarthy going to use him as the workhorse he is cause if not there’s going to be problems in Dallas

          • Ed "The Mythical One"

            The last two seasons at least, and also shows that he didn’t run the ball a whole lot less than the coaching staff that replaced him.

            Numbers also by themselves don’t always tell the whole story. The game has evolved from the ground and pound style of the pre-2000’s era and is now a passing game. When he ran it for only 374 times, all of the NFL teams he faced combined ran 376 times against him.

            Having an established 3 down back like Elliott will probably have him continue to run the ball around 400 times a year which is right around what most NFL teams do.

            • Ronk325

              Per ESPN the top 4 passing teams (Cowboys included) all missed the playoffs this year while the top 4 running team all made the playoffs. I think that shows a strong run game is still very important. We’ll see if McCarthy has adapted but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks to his pass happy ways since he has Cooper, Gallup, and Cobb

        • HailRodgers12$

          Another interesting note is McCarthy spent his season off doing a ton of film study, studying analytics, etc (soul searching). If nothing else, I think he’ll start out with every intention of being more committed to the run.
          2 more things: 1. as long as he doesn’t give dak too much free reign, he shouldn’t have to worry about any confusion as to who is making the play calls.
          2. Neither Jones nor Williams could stay healthy til this year. Eddie lacy didn’t get the nickname cheeseburger Eddie by accident. So basically for the last 4-5 years he was in GB he didn’t have a reliable run game to commit to.
          Beyond that, if he doesn’t commit to zeke early and often, he might not last half a season. I suspect he will, or he won’t get another shot as a HC.

  3. ron swanson

    Wow. It’s going to be really weird as a Packer fan to see him on the Dallas sidelines. Very interesting hire.

    • amx19

      It’s going to be even weirder for cowboys fans.
      Then we’ll play the giant and see garret there and have some serious deja vu

  4. Black Ace57

    I don’t know what to make of McCarthy. His teams for years after the Super Bowl seemed above average to good and I don’t know if he is an above average coach carried by Rodgers, a coach with a lack of talent outside of Rodgers, or a bit of both.

    • 700Level

      It was Rodgers. When you’ve got a good organization and a first ballot HoF QB you should be winning more games than McCarthy did. He’s a mediocrity at best. BTW, no coach has ever won a SB has head coach of one team and then won another for a different team.

  5. thegmen

    I really like this hire. He’s probably the safest pick for a coach on the market.

    • Coach Him

      Might be the safest but can he get the job done? Lots of talent on paper and not having to play a playoff schedule in a weak NFC East should translate to a 12 or 13 win season. Anything less than that then that franchise is dead.

      • Black Ace57

        I’m pretty sure the Eagles have something to say about the division. You know, considering they just won it with no WRs or CBs.

        • Coach Him

          The Eagles…Please they are awful even with a completely healthy team. Dallas quit on the season and positioned themselves for next year with a new voice as a head coach. Don’t even bring up the Eagles. They are a joke with Peterson as their coach. Had 1 lucky season where every other team was hurt in the playoffs. keep hanging on to that 1 season buddy.

          • TJECK109

            Lol Dallas quit on the season. When was the last time Dallas won a playoff game? If they quit on the season while LEADING the division then they have bigger problems than the HC. Lame excuse

          • Black Ace57

            Whatever you say. Pretty sure the Eagles went all the way in 2017. Last time the Cowboys were relevant Bill Clinton was president.

          • jkurk_22

            Let’s be fair. All things considered that whole division is a dumpster fire. It was so bad you wish they would make rule that states if a division is that bad, no one from it makes the playoffs because they don’t deserve it lol

          • Eagles are a joke but to your knowledge (which must be true because you’re saying it) Dallas gave up winning a football game. Hmm. Ok.

  6. jeb39999

    Wait Jerry actually hired a good coach outside the organization…. I must have missed the flying pigs.

    • sovietcanuckistanian

      he’ll be jj’s puppet. anyone who has ever had an independent thought generally doesn’t stick around (see parcells/jimmy johnson)

      • Rondon

        McCarthy may be a lot of things, but he’s not a puppet. He’s not gonna put up with Jerry’s BS. If he leaves it’ll be because Jones can’t step back and let an actual football man do his job.

  7. dodgersvictoryagain

    Well I guess sleeping over at Jerry’s place is a lot better than Michael Jackson’s

  8. Smart choice on McCarthy’s part – Cowboys have the most offensive talent of any team looking for a new head coach.

    • howiet

      If Jerry had hired him, would he have named the bedroom he stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom at the Jones Compound? Hope he didn’t drink the Kool Aide

  9. david722

    Too bad the we’ll now have to take the Cowboys seriously, or at least more so. As long at Jerry is in charge, who knows for sure.

  10. metsie1

    Cowboy fans always looking for the splashy, headline grabbing move. As not a fan of the Cowboys I have to admit this is more of a good, solid back to the fundamentals football move. Of course, they will all have to work together which in their case is not a guarantee. The test will come when McCarthy wants a pass blocking fullback and Jerry wants some loud mouthed, over paid wide receiver to appease the masses. We’ll see.

  11. There were once 5 Golden Tickets, but now only 3 remain.

    I would guess Panthers will be the next to get filled.

  12. amk3510

    He will fit right into the culture of getting so little out of so much talent.

  13. wrigleyhawkeye

    Packers fan here. I think this is a good hire for Dallas. He needed a change of scenery in GB. That and I’m sure the old adage of “if you can’t beat’em, join’em” played a factor.

  14. “The Cowboys believe that McCarthy – who helped groom Aaron Rodgers into one of the league’s top quarterbacks”

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think Aaron Rodgers would have been fine with practically any head coach. He was fine even with idiots like Ben McAdoo as his QB coach. Not sure how much credit should be given to McCarthy for grooming Rodgers.

    • cuban1

      I completely disagree. Look at what he did with that no namer, Brett Favre. His famous QB camp also made household names out of future studs Brett Hundley, Matt Flynn, Brian Brohm, Deshone Kizer, Scott Tolzien, Graham Harrell and BJ Coleman. In my opinion, the Cowboys got a QB whisperer, they are going to dominate for years to come, watch Dak set all kinds of records now.

      (Total sarcasm)

  15. earmbrister

    Was hoping for a defensive minded coach. Hopefully they can add some players on defense and fix it for good. Need a top CB, FS, and a run stuffing NT.

    Not sold on this move: time will tell.

  16. Hey bottom line is the man won a super bowl! I Made the playoffs 9 out of 13 seasons! Solid pickup!

  17. bradthebluefish

    Another vanilla pick with vanilla offense and defense schemes. Mike McCarthy is certainly what Jerry Jones wants. But isn’t what the Cowboys need.

  18. gammaraze

    Well, this is awkward. The Cowboys have 2 head coaches for the next 9 days. And everyone was hoping Jerry and friends would cast a wide net to ensure they would hire the right coach, but nope, Jerry gets the first one available after fulfilling his league-al obligation…

  19. crosseyedlemon

    Parcells took his SB ring to Dallas and compiled a 34-32 record. McCarthy is starting with more talent than Bill had but I suspect the end results will be about the same.

  20. nentwigs


    Cowboys Offices are to be enlarged to handle the personalities of BOTH Jones and McCarthy !!

  21. of9376

    Great hiring. He isn’t a “Yes man” so it’s safe to assume Jerry will be taking a step back as far as the on-field decisions

  22. OCTraveler

    Maybe Jason Garrett will get hired by the Giants – won’t happen but sure as heck would be fun to watch!

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