Cowboys Were Close To Extension With Dak Prescott

Back in September, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called an extension with quarterback Dak Prescott “imminent.” Months later, Prescott and the Cowboys still do not have a new contract in place, which means that the club may have to put the franchise tag on their signal-caller, who is eligible for unrestricted free agency in March.

However, Jones wasn’t being hyperbolic in his September comments regarding a new deal. Sources tell Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the two sides were indeed close to an agreement that would have paid Prescott $33MM per year, but those talks broke down when Prescott got off to a hot start.

Prescott may have been eyeing Russell Wilson‘s $35MM AAV after his great start to the 2019 campaign, but after a less impressive second half of the season, his value may have returned to that $33MM/year range. Of course, the real question will be what type of guaranteed money the Cowboys will be required to pony up, and it seems unlikely they will be able to avoid giving Prescott at least $100MM in full guarantees.

Hill says the Cowboys’ biggest focus is getting a deal with Prescott done, which is especially important given that new head coach Mike McCarthy will be installing a new offense. McCarthy believes Prescott is an elite QB, and the team wants to keep him around for the long haul.

“We’ve got to land the plane and get his deal done,” vice president Stephen Jones recently said. “We got real, real, real close there to start the season and just didn’t get it finished up. He’s so laser-focused on wanting to win football games and compete that he really didn’t want the distraction once we didn’t get it done in that first week of going back and forth with the contract. We just got to move forward. He’s our quarterback of the future. I’ll take him any time when you go to war against these guys. We’re fortunate to have him.”

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46 comments on “Cowboys Were Close To Extension With Dak Prescott

  1. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    Duk got off to a “hot start” vs. Wash, NYG and Miami and thought we had as good as Russell Wilson what a joke! The only thing he’s “laser focused” on is making commercials and squeezing Jerrah for every penny. I’ll say it again he’s not a top 10 QB, but he must be the most delusional QB in the NFL today, if he thinks he’s worth 35M+

    • KTURN

      $35M IS now Top 15 money (or close to it). Problem becomes, if you don’t sign Dak who do you sign to play QB? I am all for trading Dak for two #1’s (the Pats got 1 for Garopolo, but he was an unproven backup) and drafting a QB. But you have to sign someone (Tom Brady?) for two years while that QB ramps up. I don’t think the Jones family will consider that, but to me that is something you definitely have to look at.

      • Mikel Grady

        Andymeyer exactly. People want someone else but can’t name what the better option is

      • redbeard87

        Jackson Mahomes Wilson Watson Goff Wentz Carr Tannehill Mayfield Allen. You done waiting now?

        • seth3120

          Goff? Carr? Tannehill? Mayfield? Allen? Are you being serious? Do I really have to rip a few of those names to shreds to make the argument for Dak? Goff was dog doo until McVay came in. The Raiders don’t even want Carr lol. Tannehill has had maybe 10-12 good games in his career. Mayfield you better hope Kitchens was totally inept because his qb sure looked inept. Allen has some potential maybe but definitely isn’t at the point in his career that Dak was at the same time. Dak retired the beloved Romo.

        • Wally-the-green-monster

          Haha. I didn’t say name ten QBs. Name the ones you project to be better than Dak. That list includes some serious filler. Still waiting…lol!

    • earmbrister

      Casper, Prescott is better than:


      Ben the Rapist


      He’s worth every penny of a $35 MM salary. In the NFL you either have a quality QB, or you are drafting top 10.

      You must be the most delusional Cowboys fan ever if you don’t think Prescott is a quality QB.

      • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

        You just named 3 QBs Duk is on par with Grandpa Earm. Let me throw some stats at you. In 8 wins… 70% completion rate 2375yrds 22TDS 4INT 120.5 QBR 32 attempts per
        In 8 losses 61% 2527 yrds 8TD 7INT 83.8 QBR 42 attempts per
        6 of his 8 big wins came vs. teams picking 2-5 in next April’s draft those teams ranked 25,27,30 and 32 in total D. He also beat two 9-7 teams in Dallas. Throw all the empty yardage stats at me you want. My reply is 8-8. Quality? No. Above avg.? Yes. Goff has been to a SB and Big Ben has won 2, Duk has yet to play in a Conference Championship and I think we can both agree that Dallas roster is talented. Worth “every penny”? I highly doubt that but we will soon be finding out. I think if the stars align perfectly maybe once in the next 5-10 years Dallas could win 1 SB, but they win never be contenders on a consistent basis with Mr. Chunky Soup under center.

        • Wally-the-green-monster

          The question is what Dallas does now, not going back in time to bring out vintage Big Ben. You’re not saying that Dallas should pursue BR are you?

    • Mikel Grady

      397 yds vs Vikings .463 packers 444 lions 355 buffalo . 123 passer rating vs Rams. Glass man Cooper in and out for some of those games . If cowboys don’t sign Prescott what are the options ? Brady , Rivers? Rush next year and sign cousins 2021? Wait let’s draft a rookie at 17 what could go wrong? Think those options top Dak and his 5,000 yds passing ?

    • earmbrister

      JJ Ghost, stats can be used to support any argument. Let’s do your stat exercise for Jared Goff. In 9 wins Goff had a 64% completion rate for 2,586 yards with 15 TDs and 6 INTs, with a QBR of 97.1 while averaging 34 attempts per game. In 6 losses Goff had a 61% completion rate for 1,840 yards with 7 TDs and 8 INTs, with a QBR of 74.2 while averaging 47 attempts per game. Some obvious takeaways: teams tend to lose when the passing game is having a bad day. Also, teams tend to throw more when they are trying to come from behind. As for Goff having been to a Super Bowl, that’s a really weak argument. Dan Marino never went to a SB, so under your reasoning, Marino must be a poor or mediocre QB. Joining the great Jared Goff on the SB appearance list are such great QBs as Vince Ferragamo, Tony Eason, Stan Humphries, Chris Chandler, Jake Delhomme, and Rex Grossman. Greats that won a SB include Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Joe Flacco. In his lone SB appearance, Goff went 19 of 38 for 229 yards with no TDs and one very bad INT. His QBR for the game was 16.4. He was horrible.

      Dak Prescott is a better QB than Jared Goff. He’s a better QB than Kirk Cousins. If you think that today’s market rate for an established QB is too high, we can have that debate. However, if a team is looking to sign Prescott, they’re going to have to pay $30-$35 MM per. The 2020 version of Dak is better than the 2020 version of Brady. Changing QBs midstream won’t enhance the Cowboy’s window of contention, it will narrow it. And the reason that the Cowboys aren’t in the playoffs is that the defense can’t stop anyone when it matters. Dallas made Aaron Jones look like Walter Payton. Jones had FOUR TDs and a 5.6 yard average per carry in GB’s win over the Cowboys. The defense also can’t generate turnovers. Ten of the top twelve teams in turnover differential made the playoffs this year. Dallas at number 18 with -.01 per game did not.

      As for your need to call people names, how old are you, twelve? The Jerrah and Duk labels may have been slightly amusing the first time you used them, but after a hundred or a thousand times it gets old. However, that’s what twelve year olds do: they repeat their jokes or petty labels over and over and over again. It just gets funnier and funnier.

          • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

            Dallas D held NO to 12pts, NE to 13 and Philly to 17 lost all 3 games.

            • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

              You rip Goff but if/when DAK ever makes a SB you will get on this site and try to crush me and every other DAK doubter on this site, and BTW I’ve never said Goff was better than your boy.

            • earmbrister

              The Dallas D didn’t hold New England to 13 points. Really bad weather did. So what you’re saying is otherwise the Dallas defense only held two teams to 17 points or less over an entire season. It seems like you’re making my point for me. The defense can’t consistently stop the run and it’s a national holiday when they manage to force an interception.

              As for me potentially saying I told you so if Prescott takes the team to a SB, wouldn’t you as a Dallas fan take that trade off every year?

  2. phillyballers

    I can see them tagging and trading Dak, drafting Tua, and bringing in a QB like Mariota, Bridgewater, or Winston. I would be a bit shocked if the gave Dak over 30M. For a 4th round pick, they got all the value out of him. He isn’t worth the cap figure. Resetting their QB-money timeline is the right approach. Money needs to be spent around the team to seriously contend. Wrong QB spending sets a franchise back further.

    • RockHard

      Jerry is in win now mode. He thinks he has the roster to win a super bowl right now.Zero chance he would set this team back right now. That’s why he went with the NFL Vet in McCarthy over a flashy college coach like Lincoln Riley or Urban Meyer.

      • Jones wants another Super Bowl before he kicks the bucket or is dropped off at the Senior Citizens Ranch in Dallas.

        Dak is not worth $30+ million. Neither is the guy in Minnesota.

    • earmbrister

      Philly, I can see the Eagles trading Wentz and drafting Tua.

      Wentz’s money should be spread around the team. Maybe they could pay for a WR or three …

    • Mikel Grady

      Wrong QB spending ? You act like he is Bobby Douglas . Look that one up young ones. Who cares he is 4th rd pick? What was Brady? How can they trade Dak if he is as bad as you say nobody wants him . He will be working at Walmart next year right ? If Cowboys had no cap space I would understand and agree more with you. Cowboys have the cap space to spend on him and get players . They have blown cap space on defensive lineman that haven’t come through

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Nice spin by Jones but it seems much more likely that Prescott was in no hurry to close a deal until the fate of Jason Garrett was decided.

  4. I don’t see where Dak is worth this type of money. Maybe try Brady for a couple years save some money and go back to draft a new QB to groom. Can’t have a good team if you give all the money to 2 guys. Wish they wouldn’t have paid Zeke either until after the season. Let him honor his contract. How did it go getting him a few days before the first game? I would be trying to sign Cooper first then figure out QB situation. Glad we got McCarthy tho.

    • earmbrister

      Prescott today is better than Brady. But let’s sign a “50 year old “ Brady.

        • Mikel Grady

          I think Prescott would make playoffs with Patriots team . They made it in spite of Brady .

      • earm: brady won the super bowl last year. everyone said peyton couldn’t do it either. we all know you love dak so no need for the rude comments of opinions of others pertaining to your hero dak. the cowboys will not win a super bowl with him at qb. what a lot of us normal cowboy fans are saying is we will be better off starting over and having a veteran qb at the helm right now. we are going to waste our young talent that is on the rest of the roster with a young qb who can’t make the proper reads and check downs. but knowing Jerry he’s going to over pay for a qb who’s best year was his rookie year when Tony was telling him what to do.

        • earmbrister

          JT, Dak Prescott is not the reason that the Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs. Dallas can’t stop the run, and can’t force turnovers. The defense is the issue not the offense. Too many cowboy fans did not appreciate Romo, and it’s the same with Prescott. It wasn’t that long ago that we were rolling out QBs like Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, Clint Stoerner, etc. Dak is a better QB than Brady right now. The Cowboys need to finish building the defense.

          • i agree with you on Tony. i understand what you are saying. i think a lot of the defense issues were rod and not being able to adapt what these new offense schemes are doing. i guess we’ll see this year with McCarthy at the controls. hopefully he can right the ship. at least dak has a good head on his shoulders and doesn’t get into trouble like zeke.

            • Ya we couldn’t beat any average to decent team this year including the pats. it was quite embarrassing to say the least

        • Mikel Grady

          What will Brady make for those two years ? If he plays for cheap but will he command 20-25 million a year?

  5. Wally-the-green-monster

    Where was the salary cap five years ago? And where will it be in five years? 30 million as a percentage of the cap…lock it in now!

  6. Tazza

    Interesting times.
    I like Dak and think he is pretty good but he’s not exactly special.
    If you were to manage to trade him for 2 first then your getting a great return but If you don’t is it worth it for your franchise QB?
    Just imagine if the Cowboys signed Brady tho, they have a decent enough O Line have Elliot at RB, Copper at WR so there’s food targets… that cowboys defence has potential…

    Can’t see anything happening except Dak resigning for 30 mil which I think is fair these days. But if your listening for offers on him I’m only taking 2 first or a first and second.

    • trout27

      Brady would be better than Dak if he was also the OC. McCarthy runs an old style offense with very little creativity.

  7. JoeBrady

    Feels like Oakland with Carr. Overrated? Probably. Alternatives? Not a lot and not pretty.

    Pay him… Pay that man his money

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