Jerry Jones Says Dak Prescott Extension Is ‘Imminent’

Everything continues to point toward Dak Prescott getting his long-awaited extension from the Cowboys any day now. Speaking to the media after Dallas’ season-opening win over the Giants, owner Jerry Jones hinted that an agreement is right around the corner.

Jones said after the game that an extension is “imminent,” according to Charean Williams of “What’s imminent? Well, days. Days. Or something like that.” In our most recent update earlier this morning, Prescott insisted he wasn’t concerned about talks and everything seemed to be progressing nicely. Jones’ comments today are the latest indicator of that. Prescott had one of the best games of his career against New York, throwing for 405 yards on only 32 attempts while tossing four touchdowns.

Performances like that are sure to embolden Prescott’s representatives, who are likely seeking record money. Jared Goff just got the largest guarantee in NFL history from the Rams, and Prescott could be seeking to eclipse that. The Mississippi State product is set to be a free agent at the end of the year, but there hasn’t ever been much panic since the Cowboys could control him through the franchise tag if worst came to worst.

Dallas has been locking up players left and right, and Prescott could be the final domino to fall this season if talks continue to stay stalled between the team and Amari Cooper. If Prescott is going to keep playing like he did in Week 1, it’s definitely in Jones’ best interest to get something done quickly before the price gets even higher.

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9 comments on “Jerry Jones Says Dak Prescott Extension Is ‘Imminent’

  1. earmbrister

    Where are all of the haters who have insisted that Prescott is an average, or below average, QB?

      • Breezy

        The thing is, it doesn’t matter who they beat. You’ll find a reason as to why it was unimpressive.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Prescott is now 13-1 when passing for 255 yards or more. I’d say those those numbers justify a strong investment by Jerry.

        • rgreen

          Wow,when the QB is successful,so is the team.Thats groundbreaking stuff.They should definitely give him a record breaking contract.

    • phillyballers

      Well Zeke played so… But since Zeke will be around for 20 yrs, or until his next suspension, might as well just pay Dak. Honestly would rather deal him and start over with a rookie QB, reset the salary clock. But that would punt on this season.

      They could always just not pay him a la last yr of Kirk Cousins and let someone else give him the biggest contract in NFL history. I like the load up on the other 21 guys method better. Seattle, Philly, Ravens won pre-megadeals.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      I’m still here. Slow your roll kid, it was NYG. Same sorry a** team he torched last year. Wake me up when he does it vs. a playoff team.

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