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Browns running back Kareem Hunt found himself in a spot of bother with police late last week, as he was pulled over for speeding but was found to have marijuana in his vehicle. TMZ has since posted a video of the traffic stop, which revealed a few more critical details. For instance, in addition to the marijuana, Hunt had an open bottle of vodka in the vehicle and admitted to the officer who pulled him over that he would have failed a drug test in that moment.

Not too long ago, Hunt looked like one of the league’s brightest stars as a member of the Chiefs. But after a video showed the former rushing champion shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel in 2018, Kansas City parted ways with him.

The Browns took a chance on him last February, knowing that he would likely be hit with a lengthy suspension. Hunt was banned for the first eight games of the 2019 campaign, but he played reasonably well when he returned. As a complementary back to starter Nick Chubb, Hunt averaged nearly 60 yards from scrimmage per game and posted a 4.2 YPC mark.

Cleveland can retain Hunt via a restricted free agent tender, which seems much more likely than a long-term pact at this point. Although the Browns now have a new power structure, it stands to reason that the club would want Hunt back. He will be just 25 when the regular season opens, and with unrestricted free agency looming in 2021, he could be especially motivated to put his ugly off-field incidents further behind him and prove to the rest of the league that he can still be a top-flight starter.

But the traffic stop could give the Browns — and all 31 other clubs — some pause. Though he has not (yet) been cited for anything other than speeding, the fact that he used drugs not long before getting behind the wheel is troubling, and he was very emotional throughout his interaction with the officer.

“Man, I’ve been through a lot,” Hunt said. “I lost everything already, sir. I’m just trying to be in my hometown and chill.”

He certainly lost a slam dunk chance at a massive contract, and he has also missed a chance to win a title with the Chiefs this year, which clearly still upsets him.

“It hurts my soul,” he stated. “You don’t even understand. I’ve been fighting a lot of s*** lately. It still hurts me to this day.”

In order to give himself the best shot at regaining his former status, Hunt needs to stay squeaky clean, and this incident isn’t helping matters. It will be interesting to see how new GM Andrew Berry handles the Hunt situation in the coming weeks.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 comments on “Latest On Browns RB Kareem Hunt

  1. highplainsdriftr

    Sad to hear him say he lost everything already. Somebody needs to help him realize he still has a chance to make better decisions and put together a solid NFL career. Some people have less than that going for them.

      • Dodgethis

        His offence would result in an overnight in county jail, a few years probation, suspended license and rehab. Nobody goes to jail for what he did.

      • greg7274

        Did YOU see the video?
        Some of this residual hate, one year later, is puzzling.
        Was he too drunk to control his emotions that night? yes
        Was he lucky his friends held him back? yes
        Was the whole thing foolish, considering what he had to lose? yes
        But between him and the unwanted female guest at the party, he’s not the one I’d guess would be arrested.
        All he did was nudge her over, as her off-balanced, drunk butt squatted in the hallway.
        Childish? yeah… crime? no
        But remember how it got to that point…
        – repeatedly going into the party uninvited
        – Punching his girlfriend
        – Calling everyone in group N****rs
        – and capped it off by spitting on him
        By my count, that’s 2 counts of assault… 1 count trespassing… and 1 count of being a clueless, awful person.
        …but whatever makes your hate feel good.
        (I’m not a Browns fan)

        • greg7274

          I’m not on a side.
          I’m simply pointing out, the only person to commit obvious crime that night was the girl in the hallway.
          He got mad and charged at her, but never got to her… attempted assault, maybe?
          But she actually landed punches, spit on him, etc.
          I myself, wouldnt call his “kick” anything but childish. But I guess technically, you could stretch it to an assault charge.
          Point was, the girl did more to “deserve to be behind bars” that night.

  2. jonesadoug

    as a Chiefs fan. I hope Cleveland releases him. He needs to change his way of living. I hope he does then come back to KC and help win a title next year. When he said he lost everything it shows me he regrets how he let his teammates down in KC. He should be here right now preparing for the Super Bowl. Go get help Kareem then go beg Clark for one last chance.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    “In order to give himself the best shot at regaining his former status, Hunt needs to stay squeaky clean”

    Or he could buy the Josh Gordon book “How to stay dirty and get a 2nd, 3rd, & 4th chance at redemption”.

    • fishy14

      lol this is probably public info where you can put in a request

      But TMZ has a lot of $ so say your working at hotel making your $13 an hour someone from TMZ calls hey if you can get us that video here’s 150k

      Magically they have the Video

  4. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    I remember Kareem signing his Clowns contract and saying “I realize that this is my last chance and I will make sure that I’m not even around a questionable situation”.

    What did this idiot “study” at Toledo anyway? Football Theory?

    Don’t care if he smokes his weed all day everyday and chugs bottles of vodka. Just don’t drive around doing it. Kick this idiot off the team and let him pursue his career at McDonalds where he belongs.

    • Polish Hammer

      Athletes and brains don’t always mix. Wasn’t it also the Rocky River cops that popped Shin Soo Choo years ago when he was a little tipsy and asked the cops to follow him to make sure he made it home? Brilliant!

      • Polish Hammer

        According to the police report, Choo was arrested at 2:38 a.m. Monday in the 5500 block of Lake Road in Sheffield Lake. Choo had originally asked a police officer for directions to Avon Lake. The officer, who said he did not detect any odor of alcohol on Choo, gave the Indians outfielder directions, and followed him.

        Choo, driving a white Cadillac SUV, eventually pulled off the road and turned on his hazard lights. The officer again gave Choo directions and again followed Choo, who began to drive erratically.

        According to the police report, the officer “observed the vehicle cross the white fog line and drive onto the bike path. The vehicle then crossed back over into his lane of traffic and then drove over the double yellow lines again.”

        The officer then pulled Choo over a second time. Choo told the officer he was unable to get his GPS working, and the police report states that it was then that the officer noticed a smell of alcohol on Choo, and that the player’s eyes were bloodshot.

        Emailer Samina notes that Choo was stopped about five feet from the town he needed directions to. And, if Choo was coming from Cleveland, he also would have driven through the town. That’s a little silly.

        We wonder, then: How is it that a man could get so drunk in just a few minutes?

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