Latest On LB Blake Martinez, Packers’s Blake Martinez is set to get paid on the open market, but that contract might not come from the Packers.’s Mike Garafolo reports that the linebacker may have played his final game with the organization.

There are a variety of reasons why Garafolo came to this conclusion. For starters, general manager Brian Gutekunst made it clear that they’ll “evaluate” the position, which would probably be an odd statement if the team was confident they’d retain their leading tackler. Further, Martinez was emotional following the Packers’ NFC Championship loss, and much of that could have been due to the fact that the 26-year-old had potentially played his final game with the organization.

Plus, Garafolo notes that the market for middle linebackers has exploded in recent years, with C.J. Mosley and Bobby Wagner earning lucrative, market-setting contracts. Martinez has been one of the most productive linebackers in the league over the past few years, so teams will surely be lining up for his services. Even if the Packers are focused on retaining the veteran, there’s a chance that a rival could throw him an extraordinary amount of money.

Martinez had another productive season in 2019, compiling a career-high 155 tackles to go along with three sacks, two passes defended, an interception, and one forced fumble. The linebacker has finished with at least 140 tackles the past three seasons.

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25 comments on “Latest On LB Blake Martinez, Packers

    • twentyforty

      He’s awful. Don’t let the tackles numbers fool you. Slow, indecisive, lacks lateral movement and can’t cover. Volume tackler downfield. Tries hard…lacks athleticism.

        • toddkirchenberg

          He can not cover and tackles further down the field. He’s not awful but don’t look at his tackles. He can’t defend the pass. He has some big holes in his game. He needs another really good mlb alongside him.

  1. Vanilla Good

    The guy should be the top priority for GB this off-season. 2nd would be O-line and 3rd should be WR. Lastly need to shore up the run Defense to slow down San Fran.

    • aircarter777

      Get real, this guy is average at best. They need a more athletic linebacker who can cover a TE and tackle side to side. This guy is a box player and the only way he comes back is as a backup for a whole helluva lot less money!!

      • gleybertorres25

        Helluva lot less? lol you act like he’s paid a lot. he only made $2M last year and he’s definitely not a backup haha

        • aircarter777

          2 million is fine. Not the 15 million they project. Yes, je’s a backup because he’s a liability on the field. Slow and hes not athletic.

    • thebfr21

      Hell no.. Only an average LB .. We need speed on the inside and #1 need a WR first… After Adams they are all junk. Maybe like Lazard

  2. metsie1

    This is not a surprise. He was/is not good in coverage and is slow to fill gaps and close against the run. Packers will be looking for more speed in the middle.

    • twentyforty

      It’s not just speed either. He lacks instincts and is a drag tackler. He’s a backup…at best.

  3. madtitan

    great tackler…..just cant seem to tackle the guy he is paid to tackle. the Running Back.

    he’s slow. better off making him a OLB and finding some speed in the middle. he was an embarrassment to the position in the championship game. 300 yards got past him. I’d rather shop for more consistent talent at ILB

  4. anthonyd4412

    As a Bears fan I hope they sign him. Love having a successful small market team competing. Packer fans are as good as they come

    • mcdusty49

      Small market team? There is a salary cap in football, they are all capable of spending the same amount

  5. HailRodgers12$

    Volume tackler doesn’t automatically mean hes a difference maker.

    If some other team is willing to pay him like a top guy, more power to them. If GB does, it’s a mistake.
    I’d rather they spend that money on Joe schobert, then add another decent mlb and a big body for the D-line.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Zach Brown was a volume tackler once too but his days of being a difference maker are over.

      • OCTraveler

        Zack Brown might not play football as well as he used to but his band rocks country!

  6. HALfromVA

    Let Martinez walk. There are plenty of LB’ capable of tackling 6-7 yards downfield.

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