Latest On NFL Labor Talks

The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement expires in March 2021, which means that a labor stoppage could be on the horizon. The owners and players have been talking for months about a new deal and the latest update brings reason for optimism. 

In an NFLPA memo to players, union leader DeMaurice Smith reported that the two sides have struck tentative agreement on the players’ guaranteed portion of revenues, increases in minimum salaries, changes to the offseason, and a reduction in training-camp contact. The owners have also tipped that they’ll agree to “significant modifications” in the league’s drug and disciplinary policies, according to Smith (Twitter link via Mark Maske of The Washington Post).

Of course, in order to get all of that, the union will have to make concessions. Smith confirmed that the talks have been proceeding based on a potential 17-game season with expanded playoffs. To help offset the extra game(s), the two sides are mulling a reduced preseason.

Everything sounds like it’s trending in the right direction for a new CBA, but nothing is final until everything is signed, and we’re likely a long way from that. There’s also this to consider – Russell Okung, who is open to a stoppage and strongly opposed to a 17-game season, is expected to challenge Eric Winston for the union president position.

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11 comments on “Latest On NFL Labor Talks

  1. crosseyedlemon

    The NFLPA is being played once again. The NFL drug and disciplinary policies will be ruled illegal by state legislation within a few years anyway so the players should make no concessions there.

    • jorge78

      Even if all governments declared all drugs legal tomorrow businesses
      (like the NFL) can still
      declare workplace rules. Alcohol is legal but is there a company anywhere that allows you to work while drunk?

      • crosseyedlemon

        You could walk into almost any factory, school, hospital etc. and find yourself employees who are intoxicated or high. Most companies that are unionized don’t even bother trying to enforce those rules because the problem is so prevalent in society today. America’s military services would cease to exist if everyone who got drunk was removed.

        • jellbuc

          Wow your delusional. Keep going to work high. Guess what happens when you trip and sprain your ankle. They hand you a paper and send you to the lab for a drug test. First thing every worker’s compensation group tells you is if someone gets hurt on the job drug test them. Good luck.

  2. JJB0811

    Goodell won’t care about losing some power because he’s gone pretty soon after signing this CBA. But he’ll leave a legacy of abuse of power w/ making everyone 1,000 times richer for the offset.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Agree on the abuse of power. I just hope Frank Gore still has those socks Goodell fined him $10,500 for wearing too low.

  3. jorge78

    What is so bad from a player viewpoint about extended playoffs? So one team instead of two doesn’t get a buy week.
    Big deal! I just don’t get it…..

    • crosseyedlemon

      Fully guaranteed contracts would be quickly followed by owners doubling ticket prices to games. Thanks for the idea but the fans are getting $crewed enough already.

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