Lions Rumors: Glasgow, Stafford, Staff, Draft

The Lions will fill the offensive line coach post vacated by Jeff Davidson stepping away from coaching by promoting Hank Fraley, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press notes. Fraley spent the past two seasons as Detroit’s assistant O-line coach and served in that role for the Vikings previously. The former NFL veteran has been a team’s top offensive line coach three times, but each occurred at California colleges — the University of San Diego, San Jose State and UCLA — and each stay lasted one season. Fraley, 42, spent three seasons with the Vikings. Davidson is coaching as part of the Lions’ Senior Bowl staff but will not return for the 2020 season.

Here is the latest out of Detroit:

  • After some murky comments about his Detroit future in the season’s immediate aftermath, Graham Glasgow could well be a starter somewhere else in 2020. The Lions are expected to let Glasgow walk in free agency, Birkett adds. While they would still have four of their five starting offensive linemen back, Glasgow has been a productive player for years and would profile as one of the better blockers available come March. Working in a three-guard rotation with Joe Dahl and Kenny Wiggins, Glasgow rated as Pro Football Focus’ No. 12 guard this season.
  • Although Patricia gave Paul Pasqualoni play-calling responsibilities in his two-year stay as Lions defensive coordinator, it is not yet known if new Detroit DC Cory Undlin will call plays. As of now, Undlin has “no idea” if he will be calling the signals next season, per Michael Rothstein of The Lions fell from 10th to 31st in total defense in Pasqualoni’s second season in charge, though DVOA rated Detroit’s defense as a bottom-end unit (27th and 28th) in each of the ex-Syracuse HC’s two years running the unit.
  • Given the Lions’ endorsement of Matthew Stafford, and the hot seats Patricia and GM Bob Quinn are on, the draft’s No. 3 overall pick could be for sale. While Patricia said (via Birkett) it is too early to declare the team open for business at No. 3, his and Quinn’s comments about Stafford’s status point to the Lions as a candidate to move down and collect assets from a team eyeing Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert. Patricia does not expect Stafford’s injury issues over the past two years to affect how the Lions proceed in the draft.
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24 comments on “Lions Rumors: Glasgow, Stafford, Staff, Draft

  1. JJB0811

    The Lions should trade back and collect as many picks as possible. This way when there is a new coach, GM, & QB next season, they’ll have a younger roster. Not a knock against Matt, a fine QB and seems like a quality guy, but a clean sweep is what I think will happen.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Or they could just ask the Detroit Tigers how they would conduct the draft and then do the exact opposite.

      • oldleftylong

        Actually, the Tigers are drafting rather well, now that they have draft picks. Problem was DD trading the draft picks/slots away.

          • seth3120

            It’s amazing what people just make up or will repeat without any idea what they’re talking about

      • davidkaner

        Are you saying Manning, Mize, Greene were bad 1st round picks? They are better then the Lions last 3 first round picks and its not even a close comparison.

  2. Tazza

    Think a whole bunch of teams would give up a firs rounder for Matt and cashing in to him now might be a good move.
    Doing so would make teams like the Dolphins worry that Tua will get picked and then you could cash in your 3rd round pick for their 18th and 26th plus an addition 4th.

    So what your left with is 3 first (1 for Matt, 2 from Dolphins) you can then get the personal you want to rebuild with. You’ll also have your second rounder which is a high second rounder and the addition 4th from Miami.

    I’d target AJ Epenesa, CJ Henderson, Tee Higgins and Isiah Wilson.

    This year in Free Agency you can pick up a cheap QB on a 1 or 2 year deal like Case Keenum, Marcus Mariota, Kyle Allen and Blake Bortles. Then pray for Trevor Lawrence next year in the draft or be happy with Justin Fields.

    • elscorcho the marlin
      elscorcho the marlin

      Dolphins will not give up two firsts to move up two spots. It would probably take their 5 overall, 1st rounder and a second rounder.

      • Dolphins would be crazy to trade up unless it was for Joe Burrow. Even then it would be gambling the future of the franchise on one player.

      • davidkaner

        Miami will not give up both first rounders but that should not be the reason why the Lions should do it or not do it. Getting their number 1 their number 2 & a 6th should adequate moving down 2 spots & still getting Okudah who will not be taken 3 or 4 if they move down. This deal may seem “light” but they don’t need to fleece some team to benefit. Getting their number 5 pick their high 2 & high 6 (Lions have no 6th rounder) would benefit the Lions dramatically!

    • Tazza

      I didn’t say move up 5 spots… how about you read…. they keep their 5th pick.
      I said trade the 18th, 26th and a 4th rounder for the 3rd pick.

      • Stat_head

        That gets Quinn fired after the close of day 1. That is a horrid return for the #3 pick. Even if Miami had a 4th rd pick those 4 wouldn’t add up to the value f the #5 pick let alone the #3.

  3. TheBlueMeanie

    In my opinion, Detroit’s third overall pick is worth more than two late first-rounders.

        • davidkaner

          No it would not. If the Lions want Okudah, they can get him at 5. Getting their number 5 their high second rounder & their high 6th rounder is fine. Maybe they can get a 1st 2nd 4th 6th but they dont need to try to fleece them by requiring both 1st rounders. I rather have quantity. 1st 2nd 4th 6th would help immensely!

    • davidkaner

      He will be a great NFL QB & you obviously hate him for no obvious reason. He’s truly a great QB!

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