No Post June-1 Cuts In 2020

The post-June 1 designation is a key tool for NFL teams in the offseason. In short: it enables teams to spread out the dead money cap hit that comes with releasing a player and divvies it up across two years, instead of one.

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As Joel Corry of notes, that option won’t be available for teams this offseason, because that provision is not included in this tenth and final year of the current collective bargaining agreement. So, unless the NFL and NFLPA quickly agree to a new CBA, teams won’t be able to kick the can down the road when they release veterans.

The lack of a post-June 1 cut will be felt by every team in the league and could impact the futures of many notable players. Corry points to Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery as a prime example – under the post-June 1 rules, the $26.1MM in dead money that would result from a Jeffery release could be split between the 2020 and 2021 cap. Without that luxury, the Eagles would have to eat all of that dead money this year. So, unless the Eagles are extraordinarily desperate to get rid of Jeffery, they’re unlikely to cut him.

At this time, it sounds like the two sides have a long way to go before they can hash out a new CBA. Currently, they’re discussing an expanded 17-game season that would still only include one bye week. That probably won’t sit well with many of the players, even if the owners agree to give a larger share of revenue.

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9 comments on “No Post June-1 Cuts In 2020

    • TJECK109

      I don’t really see why you say good riddance. It opens up movement opportunities for players no longer valued by their franchise. So instead of having that divorce you will have disgruntled players stuck on teams that don’t want them.

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I’m indifferent on the June 1st thing. I can see the good and the bad, for both sides. The union should use this to their advantage though. There is no way they should agree to 17 games without a 2nd bye week, and a reduction in preseason games.

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