Browns Hire Ryan Grigson

Ryan Grigson has joined the Browns and is currently serving in an advisory and consulting role with the team, per Ian Rapoport of (via Twitter). Mary Kay Cabot of adds that Grigson will likely be hired on a full-time basis after this year’s draft.

Grigson is best known for his tenure as the Colts’ general manager from 2012-16. He earned Executive of the Year honors following his first year at the helm, which saw Indianapolis make the playoffs after going 2-14 the year before (though much of that was due to the presence of rookie QB Andrew Luck, who was a slam-dunk choice for Grigson in his first draft with Indy). While the Colts went 49-31 during Grigson’s five years as GM, they failed to qualify for the playoffs in the final two of those years, and his draft record as a whole was spotty.

He was therefore dismissed in January 2017, and he hooked on with the Browns shortly thereafter. When GM John Dorsey came to town in 2018, he got rid of Grigson, but now Andrew Berry is the Cleveland GM, and he is bringing Grigson back. The two men are very close and hold each other in high regard, per Albert Breer of (via Twitter). Berry worked under Grigson for four years in Indianapolis, and Grigson worked under Berry with the Browns in 2017, so there is plenty of familiarity there.

Breer adds in a separate tweet that the Browns plan to structure their front office like the Eagles, with one executive heading up scouting, one heading up everything else on the football side of the operation, and both reporting to the GM. Grigson could factor into that framework, especially with his scouting background.

Grigson spent the past two seasons with the Seahawks as a senior football consultant.

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14 comments on “Browns Hire Ryan Grigson

  1. BrandonGregory74

    Not a good move. He completely deconstructed a roster and neglected an OL so badly that it eventually led to Andrew Luck’s early retirement.

      • dynamite drop in monty

        This hire is just his karmic punishment for the Trent Richardson trade

    • Michael Chaney

      He’s not heading football operations though. He was a pretty terrible GM, but when it comes to just scouting, he’s been better. He should just never be in charge of a team ever again.

      Also, Ballard did a really good job of fixing the offensive line over the past few years, so I don’t think you can attribute that (or at least Grigson’s role in it) to Luck retiring early.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    The Eagles front office couldn’t even attract any of the OC candidates out there so why the Browns would want to use Philly as a model for restructuring is beyond me.

    • Michael Chaney

      Maybe because they won a Super Bowl and are regarded as one of the best teams with analytics in the league

      • crosseyedlemon

        The Jets won a Super Bowl too. Analytics can’t measure character but they are a nice toy for egg head nancy boys.

  3. jetup12

    I mean didn’t we all see this coming? I thought at the end of the year the Browns would go hard after McCarthy or Rivera and let them pick a GM to work with. Instead they got a 32 year old GM and their runner up from last year as coach.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Browns will be a Harvard Case Study on organizational dynamics. This ain’t no truck stop banky.

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