Buccaneers GM Discusses Jameis Winston, QBs

While Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians couldn’t commit to Jameis Winston, general manager Jason Licht acknowledged that the quarterback is still an option for next season. Talking to reporters, Licht noted that Winston is a candidate to stick around next year.

“We’re not saying we don’t want Jameis,” the executive said (via The Athletic’s Greg Auman on Twitter). “We’re just saying we want to check what’s potentially behind Door No. 2, 3, 4, just so we can gather as much information as possible before we make the decision of what we do.”

We heard last week that the organization was considering a two-year deal for the former first-overall pick, with the contract being guaranteed at a franchise-tag-level rate (of approximately $27MM) for the first year followed by an option year. There are some who believe that the front office will simply slap Winston with the franchise or transition tag, although a new CBA could complicate matters.

While Winston set career-highs in passing yards (5,109) and touchdowns (33) in 2019, he also set a career-high (and led the NFL) with 30 interceptions. Perhaps recent LASIK surgery will help reduce those turnover numbers in 2020.

It sounds like Tom Brady could be behind one of Licht’s proverbial doors. The Buccaneers were mentioned as one of three teams that continue to be associated with the future Hall of Famer and impending free agent (along with the Raiders and Chargers).

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16 comments on “Buccaneers GM Discusses Jameis Winston, QBs

      • Marner#16

        shawn hemp,

        Really ? He’s a terrible qb. But then again you must be a terrible fan if you like the bucs lol.

        Not fighting with Bane today?

        • shawn hemp

          I’m not a bucs fan at all. I was just saying the surgery will help his eye sight that’s a fact. But it probably won’t help him be a better qb. As far as bane goes how can u comeback from such good trash talk like being called a loser and degenerate over and over

          • Marner#16


            Okay, who do you cheer for then? Just a Jameis lover are ya! No kidding sherlock holmes. He’s clearly not a good qb.
            You clearly have an issue not just with Bane. Not sure who started it but. I’ve seen nothing but a bunch of verbal diarrhea come out of your mouth in every room you’ve posted! Bane isn’t the one with issues you are!

            [Moderator: watch your language Marner]

  1. Steelersboy101

    Try to sign Teddy Bridgewater before he is tagged by New Orleans plus he is way better and more dependable than Jameis but Jameis would be a good back up

  2. phillyballers

    Patriots plan is to dangle Brady out there long enough to foil opponents offseason plans. Then resign him.

  3. fungie22

    The kid is a physical specimen. But we’ve seen that before. Ryan Leaf, Jarmacus Russell. Plus he still is immature. Let him go already!

  4. JJB0811

    When you’re a Heisman & CFB playoff winner AND you still decide to steal crab legs by putting them in your pants; you’re not very bright.

  5. hoosierhysteria

    Can surgery fix dumb? This dude thinks all 22 are playing offense!

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