Buccaneers Interested In Tom Brady?

He may be 42, but Tom Brady is the linchpin of this year’s quarterback market, as Ben Volin of the Boston Globe writes. Volin says he recently spoke with a source closely connected to a QB (not Brady) who is eligible for free agency, and the source said that every team who is looking for a signal-caller wants to know what Brady is doing before moving on to other options.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that every QB-needy team is interested in Brady, but he is in high demand. And the same source indicated that three teams continue to get mentioned in connection with the six-time Super Bowl champ: the Chargers, the Raiders, and the Buccaneers.

The Chargers’ and Raiders’ interest in Brady has been well-documented, but the rumored Buccaneers interest is a new development. Of course, Tampa Bay has plenty of talent at the skill positions and a highly-respected head coach in Bruce Arians, so there is some logic to a Bucs-Brady partnership.

On the other hand, Tampa does not seem to be one aging QB away from a Super Bowl, so it may be looking for more of a long-term fix. The team is reportedly considering a two-year pact for Jekyll-and-Hyde passer Jameis Winston, and on the surface, it still feels like the Patriots or Chargers are the front-runners for Brady’s services.

Indeed, Mike Reiss of ESPN.com believes the Patriots remain the favorites, because the culture Brady has helped create in New England over the past 20 years is meaningful to him and it may be hard for him to walk away if the Pats come to him with emotion and the sincere intention of re-signing him. ESPN NFL Insider Jeff Darlington recently said Brady likes the idea of perhaps going to a different organization and helping to create a similar culture there — which could help the Bucs if they do pursue Brady — but according to Reiss, those intangible considerations could slant even more heavily in New England’s favor.

In any event, Volin says Brady is relishing his status as the top free agent on the market and his newfound leverage in negotiations with the Patriots, which are expected to begin during or immediately after the upcoming Combine. If the Patriots are inclined to add voidable years to a new deal for Brady like they did last August, they cannot do so unless a new CBA is agreed upon in short order. As Reiss points out, teams cannot use voidable years in the final year of a collective bargaining agreement.

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27 comments on “Buccaneers Interested In Tom Brady?

  1. JJB0811

    Tom is done as a top tier QB, but he’ll still draw fans into the stadium. That’s his value now.

    • vtncsc

      He’s not done. He just had very terrible help last year. He’s still putting up stats. He’s still a top tier game manager.

      • dynamite drop in monty

        “Game manager” has always been code for mediocre yet not completely imbecilic white QB, so that’s pretty apt in this scenario.

        • louwhitakerisahofer

          Yea… he’d be the best “game manager” for the Bears since Kyle Orton.

    • peterdipersio06

      If he wins the Super Bowl this year, what would you say then ? That he is washed up QB that’s to old ?

    • parx

      Probably like a 1 in a billion chance, he would look so much better throwin to Evans and Godwin than any of the division 3 receivers he had last year, and OJ Howard too, I would like to see him have all those weapons, I thought he was done last year but then when you paid attention to who he was throwing too and how little separation they had it’s no wonder he had it rough

  2. aircarter777

    No chance but he’s still better than anything they ‘ve had since Steve Young.

  3. letmeclearmythroat74

    My money is TB does not go back to NE. I think he’s done there.

    Carr- NE
    Dalton – Chicago
    Brady – TB
    Rivers – Indy
    Bridgewater – Chargers ( to compete with Tyrod Taylor )
    Tannehill stays put

    • Why would Brady leave NE? He seemingly cares very much about his legacy and status, and the risk/reward to leaving NE is too great. In his current situation—still good, maybe elite in the right circumstance/game QB, but he is 42 years old—it is much more likely that Belichick wins another SB than Brady does if he leaves. If Brady leaves and NE wins another title without him, it’ll bring out all the people who say his success is only attributed to Belichick, and hurt his legacy.

      No way does he leave New England.

      • afsooner02

        If he cares about another ring he needs to leave NE because they’re not competing for another SB with or without him anytime soon. Not in that AFC with KC and Balt loaded for the next few years which takes TB way past his playing time.

        If it’s his “legacy” he cars most about….yeah stay on NE.

      • dynamite drop in monty

        Kraft would not hesitate to utilize coercion, blackmail, murder etc to prevent Brady from ever joining up w Irsay

    • peterdipersio06

      If Brady leaves NE , I think this is how it will play out
      Brady- Las Vegas
      Bridgewater- San Diego
      Carr- Backup in Tennessee

  4. playicy

    That would be the best destination for him to go, because he can win now there

    • frank858

      He can win in Indy no, their line will keep him upright and they’re over 90 million in cap space to get A.J. Green added or other weapons added to them

      • playicy

        Lmao they are losing their offensive line and that will come back to haunt this team

        • dynamite drop in monty

          How does a team lose its entire OL? Did their bus get lost?

  5. GMB 883

    He can win with the a Patriots this year. They will sign or trade for a TE that’s good and maybe 1 more receiver while drafting an OL. With Edelman, Harry, Sunu, Dorsett and Myers healthy (2nd year for Harry in system and Sunu w/ his health back) Brady can win. Would be surprised to see BB or Kraft let their drafted, developed GOAT get away unless they are ready to turn the corner or TB wants to move on. Doubt it.

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