Latest On Patriots’ QB Situation

Not much has transpired on the Patriots side of the Tom Brady free agency rumor cycle, but a negotiation timetable has surfaced. The Pats are not expected to discuss a new deal for Brady for multiple weeks, Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston notes, adding that this likely corresponds with the Combine.

The annual scouting showcase/tampering bonanza will give the parties a better indication as to what the future Hall of Famer’s market looks like. The Raiders and Chargers have been the teams most linked to Brady, with the Titans perhaps in play as well. New England, however, is not especially concerned with other teams’ pitches to Brady, per Curran. Their primary objective will be attempting to assemble a better skill-position corps to entice Brady, it appears.

A key part of the Pats’ agenda will be upgrading at tight end after essentially punting on a Rob Gronkowski replacement last year. Acquiring pass-catching help will be a primary Pats goal, Curran notes, adding that Brady is less concerned with other teams’ financial pitches than he is with their roster talent. Austin Hooper, Eric Ebron and Hunter Henry are the top young tight ends available. Though, Henry looms as a possible Chargers tag candidate — which would also factor into the Bolts’ prospective Brady pitch.

As for the scenario where Brady does defect to another team: some around the league view New England as a fit for Andy Dalton, Ian Rapoport of notes (video link). The Dalton speculation has surfaced at times this offseason, with NBC Sports’ Peter King viewing a post-Brady partnership between the 32-year-old quarterback and the Patriots as one that would potentially be mutually beneficial.

Dalton is entering his contract year (on a $17.5MM salary), and the Bengals are set to work with their nine-year starter on a trade. Should a Brady departure put this scenario into play, the Pats do not have a second-round pick but may hold three third-rounders because of Trey Flowers‘ and Trent Brown‘s departures in free agency. These late-Day 2 picks could also come in handy for potential trades for tight end or wideout upgrades.

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37 comments on “Latest On Patriots’ QB Situation

  1. richard dangler

    Just sign him to a one year deal for whatever he wants. He’s taken less every year. No one wants to see Brady in a different uniform.

    • mbraun9

      Brady wants more than 1 year…he wants some competent talent around him and pretty much guaranteed that he will start the next 2 years.

    • Rocket32

      richard dangler It’s not up to them. They need Brady more then he needs them at this point. Pretty unlikely it comes down to money for him. Sure he’ll get paid well but with where he is in his career he’s probably gonna go where he wants to finish his career. If for reasons he decides that’s not NE, a bit of a salary difference won’t change his mind.

    • jyosuckas

      Fans of the other 3 AFC east teams will be thrilled to see him gone (Bills fan here)

  2. carlos15

    If Brady moves on Andy Dalton is a fit? That can’t be a serious comment. 20 years of championship level football and we’ll go with Andy Dalton as a replacement. No way.

    • Rocket32

      carlos15 Who knows how much better then Dalton they’ll be able to do so quickly especially if Brady takes his time deciding. Its Brady or bust. If he chooses to walk their in trouble next season. Whoever they could get to replace him short term is gonna be a huge drop off compared to what Pats fans are used to.

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      Dalton gets a bad rap from
      Being in Cincy … he is an above average QB … if Daltons career was somewhere else like Minnesota, San Francisco , Arizona , Tampa … he would be looked at differently. Dalton led his team to the playoffs 5 times … I know they didn’t win but that was mostly because of the defense and bonehead players like Pac-Man and Burfict

  3. jbordis

    “They don’t have 2nd round pick?” Who cares! That should not even be a consideration in this article! If I were the Patriots and the Bengals called and said “you can have Dalton for a 2nd round pick,” I would laugh so hard that I’d cry and then I’d hang up. If the Bengals get anything more than a 5th round pick for Dalton, that’s a miracle!

  4. Tazza

    Andy Dalton for a 3rd round pick and a 4th round pick. Brady looks set to leave and there will be big bidding wars for QBs in FA a trade like this gives the team a starting QB who could surprise a few people. I wouldn’t expect Dalton to be near as good as Brady but in terms of arm strength and running game I think Dalton could have some advantages.
    I know all year everyone said Brady has no help but at WR he did have Edelman, Harry, Sanu and Dorsett. At RB he had three young guys in White, Michel and Harris. Maybe use FA to bring in a TE and you still have a really strong team
    Blake Jarwin, Eric Ebron and Tyler Eifert could all be good pick ups

    • echozulu88

      I think that would be a little steep for an average QB that has one year left on his contract at 32 years old. I think a 3rd is pushing it especially with all the QBs available this off-season (Tannehill, Mariota, Rivers, Bridgewater etc.)

  5. Thronson5

    I really can see the Pats trading for Dalton and the money they save from not signing Brady going out and getting Dalton some help on offense. Another QB I see them landing is Bridgewater, if Brees comes back I can’t see the Saints being able to bring back Brees, Teddy and Hill. Not a fan of the Pats but I am most curious to see how their QB situation plays out. Going to be a lot of changes this offseason at QB and I’m really excited for it. Cam, Bridgewater, Foles, Rivers, Brady and Hill all could be on new teams. That’s wild to me.

  6. phillyballers

    Chargers tab Brady. Rivers does to New England. Pat’s win SB and Brady retires.

    • dynasty in boston

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Rivers behind center (weird as it might be). I just doubt he wants to play in northeast.

      If not Brady, Bridgewater

  7. Ramon Garciaparra

    The Patriots don’t have weapons because in 2018 they drafted Sony michel ahead of Lamar Jackson and nick Chubb and in 2019 they drafted Harry instead of Deebo Samuels. And because in most drafts they use a second round pick on an ineffective defensive back instead of a tight end like Kittle or Andrews. For all of their trophies the patriots have had more success with undrafted guys and late round picks from Brady to Edelman than all the 2nd and 3rd rounders they accumulate.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your final statement merely reflects that the Patriots have had some excellent coaches on their staff that can get more from less. Probably explains why other teams are always trying to poach them.

  8. Pats sign Hooper and AJ Green/Dez. Brady returns like was always going to. AJ/Dez either goes off or they trade him midseason. They win another super bowl. Blah blah blah.

  9. 3Tavgreg

    Dalton and the first pick in the second round for the Patriots first rounder. That would move them up about 10 spots. That’s all Dalton is worth.

    • fieldsj2

      I’m a Bengals fan and would have no problem with that trade. That 5th year option could be big if they draft the right guy.

  10. carlsarn

    Sign Brady to a 2 year $40 million contract. Year 2 player option w/$10 million buyout. Only $20 mill against cap.

  11. fieldsj2

    Wouldn’t be surprised the see them take a shot at Tyler Eifert. I know about his injury problems but he played all 16 games last year. For some reason Zac Taylor doesn’t seem to utilize tight ends in his offense.

  12. buddydeal

    Dalton? Really? The guy got by on youth as long as he could…there’s nothing upstairs! The dude simply lacks the smarts and leadership skills for Act Two. He’s the complete opposite of Brady in that regard. Sure, I suppose you can occasionally teach an old dog new tricks but I don’t see a team like the Pats, let alone the fan base having the patience for that. Dalton’s also been notoriously at his worst in prime-time. And the Pats are always prime-time. I just don’t see it. Dalton’s career will fizzle away as quick if not quicker than Carson Palmer’s.

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