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With roughly one month before the start of the new league year, Tom Brady still seems on course for free agency. As of late last week, the Patriots and Brady have yet to engage in contract talks,’s Mike Reiss reports. 

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That shouldn’t necessarily be cause for panic among Patriots fans. Brady has been upfront and clear about his intentions for months – he plans to test the waters and chat with interested teams in March before signing his next deal.

Brady, at this point, has all of the power for obvious and contractual reasons. If Brady is not on the Patriots’ roster on March 18th, the Patriots will be hit with a $13.5MM cap charge thanks to the structure of his deal. Ideally, the Patriots would like to extend Brady before that point to solidify their plans and smooth out the fiscal impact. Right now, the Pats are projected to have $29MM in cap space.

For what it’s worth, Brady’s buddy and former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis believes that the QB will prioritize winning over money.

I texted him when they picked the top 100 … and said ‘Congrats.’ He said ‘For what?’ I said for being part of the top 100 and then on top of it, [some in the media] picked you to be the starter. He goes, ‘You know the only thing I’m worrying about is a ring,’” Weis told SiriusXM recently. “That kind of sums it up. He wants to win another championship. That’s why he’s still playing. He wouldn’t play for money at this point.”

The Chargers and Raiders have been heavily connected to Brady, but the future Hall of Famer figures to have a long list of suitors in March. The Titans, for example, could throw their hat in the ring if they are unable to find middle ground with free agent Ryan Tannehill.

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29 comments on “Latest On Patriots, Tom Brady

  1. highplainsdriftr

    If he wants a ring, he’s back with the Pats. What team can possibly offer a better chance of winning a Super Bowl?

    • Ironman_4life

      If the Pats offer him the 29 million for a season and Raiders offer 35 , VIVA LAS BRADY.

      • FrostyPucker

        Ironman_4life, it was just stated that he values winning more over money. Besides, this isn’t really about money. This is about respect from Bill Bellechek. Brady has grown tired of him thinking that he is in Bellechek’s back pocket. That (in my opinion) is what this is really all about.

      • peterdipersio06

        Ironman, Brady would take less and stay with the Pats. He could
        Never win a super bowl with the Raiders in the next 2 seasons. Not in a division with the Chiefs there

  2. anthonyd4412

    If the Bears fortified their OL they would be a strong candidate based on what Brady is looking for.

    • frank858

      The Colts have a solidified offensive line ranked 3rd in the league, a solid defense, weapons on offense and over 90 million in cap space. Not to mention a great fan base that sells out the stadium with their own fans, unlike the Chargers.

      • compassrose

        Chargers can’t sell out s Soccer park what are they going to do when they move into the next ego cathedral? Will the team be paying more in rent than they bring in in gate receipts? They should be ok the first year as people will want to see the place after that need to field a winning team.

      • Vin Scully

        A lot of teams don’t sell out. Just follow empty seats on Twitter. With that said the Chargers are a joke franchise.

      • peterdipersio06

        I don’t believe that Brady would sign with the Colts. Here are the reasons why
        1. Lucas oil stadium is an indoor stadium and Brady has played his whole career on grass and outside.
        2. Colts do not have the defense or the offensive weapons Brady has talked about that he wants.
        3. Wasn’t it the colts that accused Brady of deflating footballs ?
        4. They don’t have a prominent coaching staff like the Pats do.

    • peterdipersio06

      Anthony, Trubisky would demand a trade or release if the Bears were to sign Brady. Then the bears would be in the same boat they were in when they drafted Trubisky

      • dray16

        trade trubisky for josh rosen, sign brady, trade floyd for cap relief. not that difficult to comprehend.

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          It’s just that easy! You call the other team’s GM and inform him that you’re trading Trubisky to them for Rosen and boom! Done deal!!

  3. GMB 883

    You would think Pats are his best chance especially with Belichick But they need offensive reinforcements and how will Brady get that confirmation before he signs? Not realistic as they need to sign him first and then their is no guarantee BB can acquire the TE and another WR and potentially offensive lineman via FA and draft. That allows Brady to look at other teams that could potentially win with him as QB but then what about that teams offense? Not easy to switch to Pats offense if Brady goes and does the team want to make a major change like that as everyone needs to learn it. Should be quite a show to see what happens. If he leaves what does Belichick do? It is Stidham or a FA vet they sign? If TB leaves the Pats have $13.9 dead $ to pay on cap. If he signs before FA it’s $6.5 dead $. Big difference.

  4. Look at it this way, what QB out there is better than Brady for the next possibly two to three years that’s available? Just bring him back and draft or pick another up.

  5. raiderfurlife

    As a true raider fan it turns my stomach the Brady might be coming but like Al Davis said just win baby

  6. ChiSoxCity

    The Bears would be a perfect fit if their brain trust had half a brain. Bears, Browns, Jets, Dolphins… equally the worst organizations in professional sports.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Eli Manning leading the Patriots to a SB instead of Brady would be the perfect irony here.

  8. seth3120

    My theory based on some Gronk comments is there is at least somewhat of a rift between Brady and Bellechek but ultimately it’s the best of all the qb needy situations out there. But this could also be about getting him some help on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe he wants to sit back and see what they add around him before he resigns. That offense was dismal. Desperation moves like Antonio Brown and the Sanu trade didn’t pan out they have to address that need the defense is great but not that great. I also don’t think Brady at this point in his career wants to try and win it that way. He’s always produced to win championships I’m sure he feels without some help they’ll fall short again

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