Poll: Who Will Tom Brady Play For In 2020?

As expected, Tom Brady‘s name has become a mainstay in NFL headlines as we creep closer to the opening of free agency in March. Even as the 2019 season was in progress, his future in the league was often discussed, and several teams were rumored as potential landing spots if he should continue his playing career and elect to leave the Patriots.

And while Brady put an end to any retirement drama immediately after New England’s ouster from the playoffs by saying he would return to the field in 2020, the question of where he will play is still very much unsettled.

The Chargers, long rumored as a possible fit, were definitively linked to Brady just last week, when Ian Rapoport of NFL.com confirmed that the Bolts would make a push for the six-time Super Bowl champ. Given the talent that LA boasts at the skill positions and the fact that the club could incorporate Brady’s TB12 workout facility into its brand new stadium — not to mention Brady’s connections to SoCal — a Chargers-Brady partnership is a logical one.

But LA’s division rival, the Raiders, are also planning to pursue the future Hall of Famer. Adding Brady at this point in his career would not necessarily represent a slam-dunk upgrade over Derek Carr, but it would make a ton of sense from a marketing perspective for the Las Vegas-bound outfit and for Brady, and if the Raiders improve their receiving corps — which they are fully expected to do — they could compete for a wildcard berth in 2020.

The Colts and Titans have been more speculative fits than anything else, but the Colts hung around the playoff picture for much of the 2019 season, the AFC South looks like it will be up for grabs again in 2020, and Brady could be the boost that gets Indianapolis back to the postseason. The Colts are also flush with cap space, so they could afford to sign Brady while also providing him with a couple of additional weapons, though they already have a few talented pieces at the skill positions.

Of course, the Titans were the team that ended the Patriots’ 2019 playoff run, and they advanced to the AFC Championship game behind a dominant running game and good defense. Ryan Tannehill was more of a game manager in the playoffs than he was in his regular season renaissance, and recent reports have suggested that Tennessee may not be as committed to him as was once believed. If Brady is interested, the Titans may be, too.

And then there’s the Patriots, who became one of the all-time great dynasties in sports with Brady under center. Owner Robert Kraft has made it clear that he wants Brady back, but some around the league believe the 42-year-old will leave Foxborough, leaving the Pats without a definitive answer at QB for the first time in 20 years.

So what do you think? Will Brady remain with the only team he has ever known, or will he play out the remainder of his career trying to bring glory to another franchise? Vote in the poll below and show your work in the comments.

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44 comments on “Poll: Who Will Tom Brady Play For In 2020?

      • Marner#16


        Wow love to know wtf the acid trip your on ! No way he doesn’t resign with NE.

        • dugdog83

          It’s safer to say no way Brady plays in Detroit.

          Unless what he’s trying to say is Brady leaves, Lions trade Stafford to Pats, and Tua becomes a Lion.

          As a lions fan, I want them to trade down with Miami, still take Okudah at 5 and keep stafford but if Tua is healthy and has good workout, take him. Lions won’t be at 3 again for awhile so they won’t have a chance at a top QB again.

          Worst part is coach and GM are forced to win now so they won’t take Tua like they should.

          • elscorcho the marlin
            elscorcho the marlin

            Every pundit had the chargers as a front runner. Maybe, pay attention

            • elscorcho the marlin
              elscorcho the marlin

              Meant to be a couple comments below. Weird glitch in the app

    • Marner#16

      Let me,

      Bengals suck even more then the Dolphins!
      Two animals better to see at the zoo.

  1. Phillies012TG

    I have a hard time that after 20 years and however many rings he would just leave them. I’d be surprised if he is in it for the money because he certainly won’t ever be hurting for it. I say the pats because Brady in another team uni is like jeter (minus the cheating) in another uni. it’s weird

  2. GMB 883

    Cheating really? We are talking about air in footballs. That’s ridiculous. If you want to blame Belichick for spygate that’s fair but that’s not on Brady. Otherwise I agree. Does he want to damage his brand and chance playing for another team turning off his NE fans and potentially not winning with said team? I highly doubt it for a few more dollars when his wife continues to bring in a lot more than the $25M to $30M TB will make. He’s only done if BB wants to move on with a younger QB and that does not appear to be true.

    • fieldsj2

      He’s given the NE fan base 6 titles. If they turn against him for leaving they’re idiots! As far as him being done if BB wants to move on, I don’t buy it. Brady is in control of staying or leaving not BB, not this time. Brady’s got the upper hand on this one.

  3. jabl

    Chargers; new stadium and better supporting cast, especially in wide receivers.

    • frank858

      Brady can’t throw to those weapons from his back 27th ranked offensive line, most pressures allowed on Rivers. So No way!! Patriots or Colts.

  4. sithdude

    Brady his a Patriot for life. If Kraft wants him he will sign him or just franchise him.

    • walfu

      Brady’s last contract I believe made it so they could not franchise him. He gets to choose where he’s going.

    • frank858

      Can’t franchise him Brady has it in his contract, Kraft will have to wait on Brady’s decision this time.

  5. martevious

    Patriots. Anyone, including Patriots, wouldn’t be smart in signing him. He definitely showed his age this year. That’s only going to get more pronounced. He should retire.

  6. qbass187

    Going somewhere else at 42 is just illogical
    Its NE or retirement, anything else is just a sports talk radio circle jerk.

  7. jojo0778

    Pats are insane to give him 30+Mill/yr…even for a couple years…he’s 42? basically ineffective, and they have holes on both sides of the ball. Time to pack it in, Tom.

  8. thebirdisstilltheword

    I hope he returns to Michigan for a grad degree. With his help, they just might have a chance to beat OSU.

    • crosseyedlemon

      He could go home to California and be the next HC of the Junipero Sierra Padres.

  9. peterdipersio06

    Las Vegas Raiders! Raiders will trade Carr to San Diego, Patriots will either sign Cam Newton or Teddy Bridgewater in free agency. They will be able to resign Joe Thuney if they do this. If they re-sign Brady, they will not be able to bring back Thuney!

  10. JoeBrady

    Any idea what Carr might be worth in a trade? Good, but not great, and at this point, I think his contract is relatively good.

  11. luvbeisbol

    Lions will be #3 or worse again and soon….Quinn/Patricia pack the roster with ex Patriots only they value. Brady wouldn’t sign to go 1-15 but he does fit the profile….

  12. mgrap84

    Hard seeing him leave them but if he does i say Chargers. Although he might not want to be on a team in the same division as Mahomes

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