Raiders To Pursue Tom Brady

The Raiders are preparing to make a run for Tom Brady this offseason,’s Adam Schefter hears. The Raiders have been less-than-thrilled with Derek Carr, and Brady would represent a major step up at the quarterback position.

Brady, for the most part, has kept mum about his future plans. His Super Bowl commercial on Sunday, however, indicated that he’ll continue playing in 2020.

The Raiders already have Derek Carr signed through the 2022 season, but they’re not necessarily stuck with him. If they release him midway through his five-year, $125MM deal, they’ll be left with just $5MM in dead money versus $16.5MM in cap savings. That money could be redirected towards Brady, who can command one of the highest salaries in the NFL.

The Patriots are prepared to give Brady a deal worth $30MM per annum, which would at least put him in the range of his true market value. The Raiders, meanwhile, can offer him something in the same neighborhood by clearing most of Carr’s salary from the books.

Brady may be past his prime, but that sort of thing has never dissuaded Raiders head coach Jon Gruden. Brady, 42, would give the Raiders a proven winner and tons of star power in their inaugural Las Vegas season.

The competition for Brady figures to be fierce and will extend beyond the Patriots and Raiders. The Chargers, Dolphins, and Titans (depending on how things shake out with Ryan Tannehill) figure to be just some of the teams that will weigh the future Hall of Famer this offseason.

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29 comments on “Raiders To Pursue Tom Brady

  1. goldenmisfit

    I have a feeling this could happen. Reports last week that Tom Brady has purchased property here in Vegas. Also reportedly patriots willing to go up to 30 million a year, seriously? He has six Super Bowl rings while guys suck as Wilson and Rogers Juan and make more than that.

  2. highplainsdriftr

    As a Raider fan, and admitted Carr defender, I hate this. I don’t see the logic in any tram besides the Pats wanting Brady. Poor Carr. He hasn’t looked spectacular, but he hasn’t looked bad considering all the b.s. that goes on around him that isn’t his fault.

    • phillyvseverybody

      I mean he says it above, he “would provide the Raiders instant credibility in their new city, not to mention an enormous marketing advantage that could be presented on billboards across Nevada.” In other words, $$$

    • Marner#16


      It’s not gonna happen this article is blowing smoke with no fire. Ain’t no way he’s leaving NE. I hate NE , hoping Raiders bounce back to being in contention. Who ya got today ? I’d like to see KC for Reid but if SF wins I’m calling Sherman as MVP!

      • Steven Juris

        KC doesn’t throw the ball to Sherman’s side of the field at all.

        • Marner#16

          Steven J,

          Will see if KC really is that good throw the ball all over. Don’t play into the mental games of not being able to throw to his side otherwise SF has the mental edge. Steven your soft!

        • Marner#16


          Why throw shade they put one pass over him for a big play. One play. Heck of a game and even more impressive comeback. Good thing Jimmy G choked in the 4th. Congratulations on the Super Bowl title. What did you think about SF calling those 2 timeouts late when down 11?

    • pt57

      It would be hilarious if Brady and Carr swap places, and the Patriots win a Super Bowl with Carr.

    • jonnyzuck

      If the Raiders sign Brady it’s more to make a splash in a new city than to upgrade the team. Not only would Carr be cheaper according to this article, he’s just as good if not better than Brady at this point

  3. Vin Scully

    Raiders are a terrible organization. Much like their fans are terrible people.

  4. fba0017

    Sad way to end a legacy by going to Vegas. As Teddy Bruschi said has the potential to end very badly with another team.

  5. madmanTX

    Offer him all the deflated footballs and vitamin supplements he can eat .

  6. mcdusty49

    Hopefully they’re just trying to pressure the Pats to spend more money on him…Carr is solid enough, let’s get him all the weapons he needs…the line looks good, feature RB, graceful TE…let’s get him some WR targets…now that we are a year removed from the AB nightmare it’s time to let Carr sink or swim with some legit options down the field

    • mcdusty49

      Not to mention shore up the holes at linebacker and cornerback on defense

  7. DarkSide830

    still very doubtful he leaves, but this is a unique situation. i guess its possible.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Agreed. They need a true #1 WR, and major help on defense so Carr doesn’t have to try to put up 40pts a game. I guess go get another QB though, because the old coach still has about 50 years on his contract. What’s another 5-11 year?

  8. JoeBrady

    As a Raiders fan, I agree with most of the others. Outsie of marketing, which I don’t give a rat’s a$$ about, is Brady really better at this stage of his career? Carr needs a good WR before we pass final judgement.

    I’d prefer to focus on shoring up our other positions, CB, LB(s), DL, WR, even OL, before looking at QBs.

  9. Brad

    Just curious. Raiders fans don’t you think he can make Renfrow look like Welker? You bring him in. Draft a solid wr or get aj green or another upper tier wr. Draft a qb or pick up Winston or someone cheap if you can. Let Brady take over and do his thing while the bigs make money and Raiders make playoffs. I see the positives and negatives. And for the fans saying they don’t care about marketing…NHL handed a team to Vegas. NFL is already behind in that city whether you believe it or not. Show me an owner who wouldn’t want one of the most sold jerseys on his team?

    • JoeBrady

      Renfrow is already past Welker status. He missed 3 games when he took a big shot in the NYJ game (a real issue considering his size). But in his last 7 games, he had 35 receptions, 490 yards, and 4 TDs. At this point, between him and Waller, we might not need to draft an early WR unless one falls into our lap. We need one, but i am not sure he needs to be an ace.

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