Chargers, Russell Okung To Part Ways?

It doesn’t sound like Russell Okung will return for another season with the Chargers. The left tackle is “skeptical” of the Chargers’ direction and his future with the team,’s Josina Anderson tweets

Okung, who has never been one to pull punches, has one year to go on the four-year, $53MM deal he signed in 2017. He’s currently set to count for $16.7MM against the cap. Releasing him would save more than $13MM of that sum with just $3.5MM left.

Okung, 33 in October, made the Pro Bowl in his first year with L.A. Unfortunately, blood clots in his lungs landed him on the NFI list to start the 2019 season and a groin injury sidelined him near the end. In total, he was limited to just six games.

The Chargers’ offensive line struggled mightily on the whole, so Okung isn’t the only party questioning the partnership. Currently, the Chargers have just over $50MM in available cap room – dropping Okung would give them about $64MM to work with, allowing them to land a big-time tackle on the open market and, potentially, their next starting quarterback.

Internally, the Chargers don’t have a shoe-in candidate to take over for Okung, though Trey Pipkins and Sam Tevi could be part of the solution.

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10 comments on “Chargers, Russell Okung To Part Ways?

  1. Tazza

    Makes sense, save 13M which is pro bowler money and Okung has only gone to the pro bowl twice and is now old and injury prone.

    Draft Justin Herbert, re-sign Melvin Gordon, and work from there

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      I think they’re gonna end up taking Jerry Jeudy and naming Taylor the starting QB.

      But, releasing Okung would make OT a need. So, perhaps they’ll go there…

      • crazylarry

        No way dot hey take Jeudy and go with Taylor. Moving into that stadium with Taylor at QB even the Chargers know that is a no no

        • Tazza

          No way they take a WR that early, they already have Allen and Williams so that position is hardly a need.
          Take a QB either Tua or Herbert, both will be good QBs in the NFL.
          Letting Okung go does mean you need to improve the O line but he didn’t play at all last year so it’s the same line as last year and your creating 13 mil by letting him go so your got more than enough to bring in some talent in Free Agency

  2. Ramon Garciaparra

    If Tua is healthy Chargers should move up to get him. They need a dynamic qb tRelease Gordon and use his money toward a free agent tackle like Conklin. There are plenty of rb’s to choose from in a later round. WR position is also a deep one so no reason to draft jeudy early in round one.

    • Tazza

      Yeah not a bad call about taking a RB. J.K Dobbins would be a nice pick up in the second round.
      Also agree with atleast trying for Tua but I think the Dolphins won’t swap, the giants and lions could buy at what price? Herbert will be a solid QB anyways. So I wouldn’t want to give up to much to move 2/3 positions earlier

  3. compassrose

    I was so down on Okung when he was in Seattle. I was glad to see him go as were most. He was a false start holding machine. He would get beat bad by below avg def players.

    I didn’t see him much after he left but he must have improved. I think more and more our OL guru screwed a bunch of our OL up. Thought he was good but guys never improved. You hear how great he was with the OL so it must be the player. Nope Cable was one of the biggest problems.

    I would cut him in a heartbeat to save that much money. There are some good tackles in the draft ig a QB isn’t there move back in the draft trade for Stafford and use him for a year or two until you draft one and is ready.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    He might draw some interest from the Rams if they’ve decided Andrew Whitworth has finally reached the end point.

  5. hoosierhysteria

    Not worth that big salary. Bye. Take Yo Melvin too. He can pass out union leaflets for you.

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