Dolphins Unlikely To Make Strong Push For Tom Brady

Will Tom Brady join up with the Dolphins this offseason? Owner Stephen Ross says that’s not likely to happen. 

We’re a team that’s building, and I don’t know why he’d really want to come to the Dolphins,” Ross said recently (via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald). “He’s been one of the fiercest competitors there is and we’re at the stage with the Dolphins trying to really build a team for the future,” Ross said.

That’s more or less what you’d expect to hear from an owner who doesn’t want to deal with tampering accusations, but Jackson hears that Ross was telling the truth – he’s not expecting Brady to walk through that door and the Dolphins are unlikely to make a strong push for him.

For the last couple of weeks, there has been increasing buzz about the future Hall of Famer taking his talents to South Beach. The theory goes something like this: Brady is close to Bruce Beal, a business partner of Stephen Ross. Beal holds an option to buy the Dolphins from Ross and could, in turn, sell a minority stake in the team to Brady. Brady, potentially, could boost the value of the club in his twilight years by playing in Miami, but Ross, 79, says he plans on being the Dolphins’ owner for the rest of his life.

The Dolphins might not build their offseason around a Brady pursuit, but the Raiders are expected to make a strong push for him and there’s also buzz around the possibility of the Chargers making a play for him as Philip Rivers nears free agency. Meanwhile, the incumbent Patriots are prepared to pay Brady upwards of $30MM/year on his next contract, if he’s willing to stay.

Brady, 43 in August, completed just 60.8% of his throws last year – his lowest success rate since 2013. His 88.0 QB rating wasn’t anything to write home about, either, though he still managed to throw for 4,057 yards with 24 touchdowns against eight interceptions.

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8 comments on “Dolphins Unlikely To Make Strong Push For Tom Brady

  1. madmanTX

    Bwady would go to Miami if he were a true winner and GOAT as some people claim. What winner doesn’t like a challenge? Maybe he can only succeed with the right coach? Guess we’ll never know if he ends up back in NE.

    • peterdipersio06

      I don’t know why anyone of Brady’s caliber would want to go near my ain’t me! Dolphins haven’t been interested in winning since the 80’s! They make dumb draft picks and stupid free agent signings! I would go to any of the other 31 teams before I go to my ain’t me! Shoot I would go to the CFL or the XFL before I go to idiot land in my ain’t me!

    • JJB0811

      Miami is so bad that Ricky Williams quit to smoke weed rather than play for them. Now that’s a statement.

    • burtgummer

      Regardless of what the trolls say a qb needs a line and receivers or it won’t go well.Even for the GOAT

  2. Vin Scully

    Brady should retire. If he signs with a crap team it will likely get him pummeled and leave a bad foot mark on his career. Leave while you are a legend. Farve looked like a creaky old man his last season.

    • Michael Chaney

      I personally agree that he should retire, and you could come up with a huge list of Hall of Fame players that hung on too long and looked out of sorts with a new team at the end of their career. (Roberto Alomar with the Mets was the first that came to my mind.)

      Still, some guys just love playing and want to do it for as long as they can. I think Brady just really loves football and doesn’t really care.

    • Hannibal8us

      But the year before that Favre put up his best statistical year and almost took the Vikes to the Superbowl had it not been for bountygate. So who knows what Brady has left but I’m damn sure he’s not going to the Dolphins.

  3. goldenmisfit

    Excuse me, but is this some kind of joke? Miami really believes that he would even consider them? I think everyone knows it is down to New England and Las Vegas especially being Brady just purchased property in Vegas.

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