Latest On Browns’ DE Olivier Vernon

Browns defensive end Olivier Vernon came to the team last year as part of the trade that brought WR Odell Beckham to Cleveland. Vernon is under contract through 2020, but his future with the Browns is uncertain at the moment.

Advanced metrics were reasonably fond of Vernon’s play during his first year with the Browns — though he posted just 3.5 sacks — but he is due a hefty $15.25MM salary next season. Mary Kay Cabot of says the Browns are not going to pay him that much, so he will either be released or asked to take a pay cut.

And the Browns do have plenty of leverage to demand a pay reduction. Vernon will almost certainly not fetch a deal on the open market that would pay him $15.25MM next year, and Cleveland can clear that entire figure off its books with no dead money penalty by cutting him. Plus, although Vernon did earn a Pro Bowl nod with the Giants in 2018, he has not played a full 16-game slate since 2016. He has missed at least four games in each of the past three years due to various injuries.

But cutting Vernon would leave a noticeable void in the team’s front seven, so a reworked deal may be the best course of action for both sides. If the Browns do part ways with the Miami product, Cabot says Everson Griffen, who recently opted out of his deal with the Vikings, could be a potential replacement. Griffen and new Cleveland HC Kevin Stefanski are obviously familiar with each other from their time in Minnesota.

In other Browns news, Cabot says she expects new GM Andrew Berry to use his extra draft capital to pursue trades for big-name players and that the team will scour the trade and free agent markets for offensive tackles.

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16 comments on “Latest On Browns’ DE Olivier Vernon

  1. JJB0811

    I would argue the player has leverage. Why take a pay cut to play for a losing organization? Might as well test FA before restructuring.

    • Michael Chaney

      I’d have to imagine his agent has a pretty good idea of what his market would be. He wouldn’t just blindly test free agency.

      If he restructures (which he’ll probably do), that likely indicates that he and his agent know they wouldn’t do better in free agency.

    • playicy

      Because he is washed up and can’t play anymore so your ownly choice is a loser like the browns

    • Whateverworks77

      It was originally vernon n swap of higher picks for zeitler…those picks got cancelled and the Browns thru in more to get obj…1 deal

  2. Whateverworks77

    The trades were combined into 1 deal…and why do these people say the Browns have extra draft capital…7 picks total…dorsey destroyed that in 2 yrs

  3. sufferfortribe

    Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t you supposed to tackle at the legs, not the head?

  4. sufferfortribe

    “In other Browns news, Cabot says she expects new GM Andrew Berry to use his extra draft capital to pursue trades for big-name players.”

    What leads her to believe that? I would expect just the opposite.

  5. Tazza

    If your Vernon maybe you test FA like suggested above. You wont get 15 mil and you probably won’t even get 10 mil but you can chose your team and city and play for the chance of getting a ring or two before you retire.

    If your going to have to give up some money you may aswell make the best of it and relocate and have a chance of success.

    Maybe someone like the Saints, they are closer to his home in Florida. And being a defensive guy we would be playing along side Cameron Jordan, Marcus Davenport, Sheldon Rankins and Malcom Brown.

    • rocky7

      Doubt very much that he and most players at his age (29), are interested in “choosing their team and city and play for a chance of getting a ring” before he retires….yeh, like retirement is even on his mind….its all about the money and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the best contract, or build his value back up on a 1 year deal and go free agent again……very very few players pick their team by choosing a city of choice…he could care less about where his team is located as long as her gets his money.

    • Tazza

      I do see what your saying but if for example the browns say they’ll turn his 15mil to 8mil this year and give him another 8mil next year.
      What if the Saints offered 6mil a year for 2 years.
      These are just guess numbers but would giving up 4mil over 2 years for the chance of winning a ring or two in a better city closer to home be worth it. I mean in terms of actually playing he would be given less responsibility and be under less pressure and would probably thrive and enjoy playing with someone like Jordan next to him

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