Lions: Everything On Table For Darius Slay

The Lions have had “good conversations” with Darius Slay‘s camp, but their saga is far from settled. When speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Lions GM Bob Quinn explained that all scenarios are being considered when it comes to the cornerback. 

[We’re] trying to explore a trade. That’s not saying we are definitely trading him,” Quinn said (Twitter link via Chris Burke of The Athletic). “We’re very much in the information-gathering phase of this.”

Quinn noted that a trade isn’t an automatic if a contract extension can’t be reached. Slay still has one more year to go on his four-year, $48MM deal, so the Lions could simply allow him to play out 2020. Still, Slay is slated to earn just $10MM in 2020 and it doesn’t seem like he’d be a happy camper under those terms. Given his performance, Slay is probably looking for something around the $15MM/year mark.

If the Lions aren’t willing to pay that price, many other teams will be. And, in recent days, several players from rival teams have taken to social media to try and court the Pro Bowler. That includes Rams standout Jalen Ramsey (Twitter link), who is daydreaming about forming one of the NFL’s most intimidating secondary duos. Meanwhile, Slay is taking a laissez-faire approach to all of the rumors.

Whatever happens, happens,” Slay told’s Michael Rothstein recently. “I’m here to play ball.”

It’s a business so it should be looked at as a business aspect of it. If it was up to me, I would love to be here my whole career,” Slay continued. “But one thing about a lot of stuff that comes, first is my family so I’ll do what’s best for my family, for them first and put my family in great position to never have to want for nothing. So that’s my goal, and if that’s being here, I’m here. If it ain’t, then I ain’t.”

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5 comments on “Lions: Everything On Table For Darius Slay

  1. midway_monster85

    I’m not a fan of giving a corner big time money. Franchise money is reserved for QB, Pass rush, and OL in my book. Not saying I wouldn’t love to have him on my team though.

  2. phillyballers

    He may get that 15M. 4/60, but only 20 guaranteed and hes cut in year 3.

  3. mpeasl82

    the question is would he hold out if not resigned. if so then try and get him signed long term. if not go into this season then franchise tag him if you can’t get that extension.

  4. TheBlueMeanie

    I certainly hope they don’t, but in the event the Lions do trade Slay before the draft, that would make their drafting of Okudah even more important.

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