NFL To Expand Regular Season And Playoffs?

The regular season isn’t the only part of the schedule that could be expanded. In the latest collective bargaining agreement proposal, the league would see the postseason balloon to seven teams per conference with only the top seed receiving a first-round bye, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). The change would go into effect immediately, meaning that we’d see two extra playoff teams beginning in 2020.

Schefter adds that the current CBA proposal also includes an increase to 17 regular season games, which has been a long-debated topic between the two sides (and among pundits). Predictably, the preseason would be shortened to three games.

On Thursday, NFL owners and execs will huddle up in New York to consider terms requested by the players, as Tom Pelissero of tweets. The NFLPA, meanwhile, will discuss things via conference call on Friday. Jason La Canfora tweets that a vote isn’t expected at the owners meeting, while Ralph Vacchiano of SNY notes that the decision could come down to the wire (which would be March 18th). At the very least, this is an indication that CBA talks are progressing and there’s reason to believe that the two sides will avoid a work stoppage with a new deal.

Still, many issues remain unresolved. At last check, the two sides were still haggling over the funding rule, which puts a player’s guaranteed money into escrow. Originally designed to protect players, its become an oft-cited reason for teams avoiding lots of guaranteed money in future seasons.

The players want the funding rule scrapped and NFL owners are aiming to keep it. A compromise could be on the horizon, however – the league has offered to give teams a $10MM credit against the requirement, Mike Florio of PFT hears. The $10MM amount isn’t much, but as Florio notes, it could be a workable solution if the league is willing to push that figure higher.

Further, La Canfora notes that the players would push for fewer training camp and regular season practices. If those conditions (along with a few others) are met, the NFLPA is confident that the players would approve the expanded playoff format.

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26 comments on “NFL To Expand Regular Season And Playoffs?

    • Jcool90

      That’s the most dumbest thing ever. Why dont they just add move zZZZzz games for every damn sport. Players are gonna get hurt. This is pathetic.

  1. Big Angry Baby

    Should be teams with the best records so you don’t have teams that are at .500 or below making it from weak divisions

    • then there shouldn’t be divisions. Why be forced to play the same team twice a year if it doesn’t matter? That might open it up and get you more .500 + teams.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s a bit of a slippery slope because a 7-9 team that won 4 of it’s final 5 games would generally be better than a 9-7 team that started 6-2 then stumbled the rest of the way.

      • amk3510

        Eh idk about that. Thats basically talking about last years Jets and Rams. Weren’t division winners but fits the mold of what you said.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Despite what Bill Parcells once said, you aren’t always what your record says you are. If that were true then the sportsbooks would always offer a betting line that favored the team with the better record. They don’t.

  2. bencole

    Garbage. Stop adding playoff teams and watering down both the regular season and the playoffs. The NFL doesn’t need anymore money. The NBA is complete garbage and part of the reason is how big the playoff format is.

  3. fannclub6

    Here’s an idea… let the number 2 seed pick which of the three wild card teams they would like to play? Then the 3 could pick who they want to play from the two left. They could put it on TV. Like a selection show….
    Oh wait, I think I heard that idea already

    • because they’re all going to pick the worst seed…which they would get anyway.

  4. ChiSoxCity

    Great, more meaningless, injury plagued regular season games. So done with the NFL.

    • dynamite drop in monty

      But the owners will make another couple mill. Won’t someone think of the owners?????

    • Roll the season back to 14 games if player safety is a real concern. The players should be advocating this right? That means Pay based on 14 not 16 games. That means all of the stat/record chasers will fall short. But it’s in the name of safety.

  5. the preeminent nfl outsider

    Am I the only one that thinks 17 games is an odd number of games to have? Why are they not doing an even number.

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    One or two more CBAs and they’ll get to the point where every team makes the playoffs, meaning the regular season is simply for seeding.

  7. How about all teams get a bye before the playoffs? A chance to get healthy and prep for everybody.

    • They should all get three straight byes before the start of the playoffs, then three more byes between each round. Then five more weeks off after each conference championship so they can abut the Super Bowl right against the preseason. Year-round football.

  8. dynasty in boston

    The greed is off the charts. Only way this ends is for people to stop buying NFL tickets and watching televised games. Get your fix from college football and see what happens. 1 year. Then this bs ends.

    • College football is an inferior product that doesn’t pay the players and is totally debased by the NCAA and the BCS. Hard pass. You think college football doesn’t try to squeeze every dime out of itself? They’re as bad as the NFL. Having fun tuning into the University of Phoenix Online Bowl featuring two sub-.500 teams.

      • dynasty in boston

        I agree with your narrative regarding player treatment. Still, I love the atmosphere of Div 1 and 2 football live.

      • crosseyedlemon

        My primary complaint with college football is that there are far too many games where one team is simply fodder for a ranked team.

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