NFLPA To Hold CBA Vote?

On Thursday in Washington D.C., the NFLPA’s executive committee and player representatives may vote on a CBA proposal from the NFL’s owners, Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) hears. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the process will be further along by the end of next week, however.

Two key things to note: 1. The players will only consider a vote if the owners address a list of issues that they’ve submitted. 2. Even if the proposal is revised to satisfaction, this vote would only clear one hurdle on the way to a new CBA. If two-thirds of the player representatives say yes, it goes to the entire union body. If a simple majority vote in favor of it, it will go to the owners. In that final step, three-fourths of owners must say yes in order for the CBA to be ratified.

The current CBA doesn’t expire until March 2021, but the two sides want to hash out a new one by the start of the league year. This March will not mark a true deadline for talks, but without a fresh CBA, the possibility of a labor stoppage in 2021 increases.

The league’s owners want the ability to extend the regular season to 17 games. Many players are concerned about the safety issues that would arise from a longer season, but owners say they’re willing to give up a larger share of revenue if they receive and trigger that option. The union is also believed to be seeking relaxed rules against marijuana, something the owners seem willing to offer.

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