Players Split On 17 Game Schedule?

The NFL and NFLPA are hoping to agree on the next CBA prior to the start of free agency. The current CBA does not expire at that point but set to expire at the end of the next league year, players and teams would both benefit from knowing what the future structure of the league (especially the salary cap) would look like.

While there have been no recent updates on the situation, it has been widely reported that the league would advocate adding a 17th game to the regular season to increase revenues. Players were expected to be united in opposition to this expansion, but that might not be as clear as previously believed.

Mike Klis of talked with Broncos’ union rep-kicker Brandon McManus-about the current status of the situation. McManus discussed talking to his teammates after the last union meeting in detail, but his notes on the disparate responses to a 17-game schedule could have some interesting ramifications.

McManus noted that the additional share of revenue ownership is offering in compensation would have a big impact on players towards the bottom of the pay scale. However, veterans and other high-paid players have greater financial flexibility and can prioritize their health to a greater degree. Still, McManus said he was personally not in favor of an expanded schedule and it would likely require some large concessions from ownership.

Also of note, McManus “can’t fathom” an agreement getting done before free-agency.

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8 comments on “Players Split On 17 Game Schedule?

  1. OCTraveler

    “Adding revenue” is just another way of saying “gouging the fans” – only way adding a game well after division races have been settled benefits the season ticket holders and others is if they do away with at least one preseason game. Better way to increase revenue is to add four more teams to the playoffs and add two more games.

    • bklynny67

      No way adding 4 more playoff teams makes sense. We already have sometimes a 7-9 or 8-8 team in the playoffs. You wanna start seeing a 6-10 team getting in? The NBA needs to follow NFL and MLB with less playoff teams. Western conference NBA is going to have like 2 or 3 teams under 500 make the playoffs. It’s ridiculous. Less is more!

  2. davidkaner

    If they add a 17th game they better add a provision that no team is eligible for a playoff birth with a below .500 record. I don’t want to see a 7-10, 7-9-1 or even 8-9 get in. If a division can’t produce a .500 or better record, they don’t deserve to get in.

  3. richard dangler

    I don’t understand why mlb, nfl, nba are all trying to make radical changes to the season. Makes no sense. Just leave well enough alone.

  4. steelerbravenation

    Let the players smoke weed & give them 50/50 split, 2 byes & 7 playoff teams. Everybody complaining about 7-9 or 8-8 teams making the playoffs I got news for you some of those teams have won playoff games. Teams want a home game win your division. If you are the 2nd best team in league bot don’t get a home playoff game tough win your division.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    I’m in agreement with OC Traveler’s first statement. Instead of trying to increase revenue with an improved product the NFL will simply offer fans more of a bad product.

  6. maxorange33

    I’m guessing the idea would be to have every team play one neutral site game a year. That would make sense and be fair.
    One way to grow the game.

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