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Commanders Release K Brandon McManus Amid Lawsuit

9:58pm: In what will be the final McManus update of the night, Mike Florio of NBC Sports provided some insight into the kicker’s compensation as a result of his release. According to Florio, McManus had already been paid half of the $1.5MM signing bonus on his one-year, $3.6MM contract. The remaining $750K of the signing bonus was due to be paid “on or before June 7,” which is this upcoming Friday.

The Commanders could opt not to pay McManus under some argument — Florio suggests that they could argue that McManus should’ve disclosed the potential civil claims before the team signed him — and take the kicker to arbitration. While under arbitration, Washington would still hold the cap charge for the unpaid money. If the team is successful in arbitration, though, they would get cap relief and would not be required to pay the remainder of the signing bonus.

8:37pm: Quick on the draw, McManus’ representation, Brett Gallaway, has released another statement on the release of his client, per Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. After a quick cordiality, Gallaway maintained his client’s innocence, reiterating “that the allegations against Brandon are and remain absolutely false and importantly, are contradicted by indisputable evidence and the accusers’ own prior inconsistent statements and omissions.”

Gallaway also expresses disappointment in the team’s decision to terminate McManus’ contract before the kicker had a chance to defend himself against the allegations of sexual assault. Regardless, McManus and Gallaway will continue to advocate for his innocence and work to return the 32-year-old to the NFL.

6:52pm: The Commanders signed veteran kicker Brandon McManus three months ago expecting him to provide them with an upgrade at the position in 2024. Last week saw the former Jaguars kicker named in a sexual assault lawsuit of which he vehemently denied the allegations. The Commanders are apparently not taking any chances, though, announcing that they have released McManus today.

Washington allowed Joey Slye to walk in free agency after just over two years with the team. During his time with the team, Slye missed 10 of 66 field goal attempts and eight of 73 extra point attempts. McManus hasn’t seen much more success in the last two years, missing 15 of 58 field goal attempts in the past two seasons, but he has at least been more consistent on extra points and has much more experience than the 28-year-old Slye.

Last week, though, McManus and his former team were both named in a lawsuit made by anonymous plaintiffs accusing McManus of rubbing himself and grinding against them and offering them cash to drink with and dance inappropriately for him and accusing Jacksonville of facilitating this behavior by failure to supervise. Both women worked as flight attendants at the time of the incident but have since been removed from the flight crew that works with the team’s trips.

McManus’ representation released a statement later that day, saying that the allegations were “absolutely fictitious and demonstrably false and that they were “part of a campaign to defame and disparage the 32-year-old kicker. Both the Jaguars and Commanders released statements of their own. Both franchises acknowledged the allegations and their severity and claimed to be looking into the matter further.

Jacksonville’s statement emphasized that they “insist on an organization built by people who represent (their) community and game with the highest character and class.” Since then, the team, namely head coach Doug Pederson, has pleaded ignorance. Pederson made claims that he was disappointed to hear about the lawsuit when it first became public, and that typical flights for the team are more in the realm of a business trip.

Washington’s statement claimed that they take allegations of this nature very seriously and had been in communication with the league office and McManus’ representation. The team’s responsibility to take allegations of this nature very seriously is perhaps underlined by the allegations made in 2020 aimed at their former owner Dan Snyder, who reportedly sexually harassed and discriminated against former employees including office workers and cheerleaders.

There’s an argument to be made that no new information was made available to the Commanders and that the team frankly refused to put up with any more bad press of that nature. McManus and the Jaguars still have lawsuits that will need to play out, but the Commanders had an opportunity to cut ties with the situation and get their name out of the press surrounding it, and they’ve effectively done just that.

That’s just speculation, but the reality of the situation now sees McManus in need of a job, though that will likely be the lower of his two current priorities. A similar situation saw former Bills punter Matt Araiza leave the NFL after being accused in participating in a gang rape. His accuser eventually agreed to drop the lawsuit (in exchange for Araiza dropping a lawsuit accusing defamation), and the former sixth-round draft pick has joined the Chiefs two months later. If McManus gets through the litigation unscathed and clean, he’ll then be tasked with reestablishing his spot in the NFL. If not, though, we may have seen the end of the road for the veteran kicker.

As for Washington, they will open up phase III of organized team activities tomorrow, and after cutting McManus, they currently don’t have a kicker on the roster. Randy Bullock is one of few veteran free agent kickers available after appearing in only six games for the Giants last year. There are likely a number of undrafted college kickers who would be available to sign, as well. Whatever the move, the Commanders need to add a leg to their locker room quickly.

Latest On Brandon McManus Lawsuit

TODAY, 5:25pm: Florio has provided more insight into the lawsuit and the impending impact it could have on the Jaguars organization. Florio understands that the suit will cite witnesses who claim that Jaguars players brought alcohol on the team flight.

As Florio noted earlier this week, the NFL prohibits the serving and consumption of alcohol on team flights. Following a pair of 2022 incidents, the NFL warned of severe punishment for future violations. While the Jaguars may claim ignorance (as coach Doug Pederson did earlier this week), Florio adds that it’s the “obligation” of NFL teams “to ensure players follow” the rule.

TUESDAY, 7:50pm: Veteran kicker Brandon McManus has been accused of sexually assaulting two flight attendants while he was playing with the Jaguars in 2023. After the news broke yesterday, we heard from McManus’s camp, the Jaguars, and his current team, the Commanders. Now, we’re hearing from his former coach, as Doug Pederson revealed that he only learned about the lawsuit when the news broke yesterday.

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“I saw the article that came out,” Pederson said today (via Mike Florio of “Obviously, disappointing to hear the news that took place. You know, other than that, honestly, being that it’s a legal matter at this time, I can’t really comment until more information is gathered.”

McManus is accused of rubbing himself against the anonymous plaintiffs during the Jaguars’ flight to London on September 28, 2023. The suit claims that the player was passing out cash to have the plane’s staff members “drink and dance inappropriately for him.” The suit also alleges that the kicker was among the members of the team who turned the flight into a “party,” a crucial note that could drag the Jaguars further into the controversy.

As Florio notes, the NFL frowns upon teams serving and consuming alcohol on team flights. Florio cites a pair of 2022 incidents. First, Titans OC Todd Downing was arrested for DUI “under a timeline that suggested he was drinking on the plane.” Later, Commanders players were disciplined for having beer on a return flight. At the time, the NFL sent a “strongly worded” memo that future penalties for consumption “would be even worse” and could include “significant discipline.”

“A typical flight is not that way, it’s a business trip,” Pederson said today (via Florio). “It’s a business trip. And that’s how we approach it from an organizational standpoint, you know, from the league standpoint. So, for that — when I read that, that part was disappointing.”

Meanwhile, lawyer Tony Buzbee will be representing the pair of women in the lawsuit, per Florio. Buzbee is known for representing the 20 women who accused Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct. In a statement, the lawyer hinted that he tried to settle with McManus before filing the suit.

“We filed the case on Friday, but before that filing we attempted, without success, to resolve this matter without the need for litigation,” Buzbee wrote. “Our efforts at resolution were met with arrogance, ignorance and stupidity, strikingly similar to how Deshaun Watson’s team responded when we tried to resolve those cases pre-filing.”

McManus’s representation called the allegations “absolutely fictitious and demonstrably false.” The lawsuit is calling for a jury trial and damages in excess of $1MM.

Commanders K Brandon McManus Named In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

9:14PM: We have now seen statements from the three NFL-related parties with interest in this lawsuit: McManus, the Jaguars, and the Commanders. McManus’ representation, Brett R. Gallaway, spoke on the matter, saying that the allegations are “absolutely fictitious and demonstrably false” and are “part of a campaign to defame and disparage” McManus, per Sam Fortier of the Washington Post.

The Jaguars’ statement, provided by Fortier, and the Commanders’ statement, provided by Nicki Jhabvala also of the Post, both acknowledged the allegations and their severity while claiming to be looking into the matter. The Commanders noted that they “take allegations of this nature very seriously,” and the Jaguars emphasized that they “insist on an organization built by people who represent (their) community and game with the highest character and class.” While both statements may reflect the directions each organization is attempting to move in, they ring a bit hollow as both franchises have been subject to several less than ideal workplace issues in recent years.

1:53PM: Brandon McManus spent the 2023 season as the Jaguars’ kicker. His actions during a flight with the team to London are now the subject of a lawsuit.

McManus has been sued by two women who filed the suit in Duval County Circuit Civil Court on Friday, as detailed by ESPN’s Michael DiRocco. The anonymous plaintiffs accuse McManus of rubbing himself against them and grinding against them during the Jaguars’ flight to London on September 28, 2023. Both women worked as flight attendants at the time, but they have since been removed from the crew which handles the team’s flights.

The suit alleges that McManus was among the members of the team who turned the flight into a “party,” and that he “recruited three other flight attendants” in addition to the two plaintiffs. The 32-year-old is accused of passing out cash to have the staff members “drink and dance inappropriately for him” during the flight. The lawsuit calls for a jury trial and damages in excess of $1MM.

Neither McManus nor his attorney have made an official statement on the matter at this point, but DiRocco reports one is expected to be made later today. The Jaguars (who are also named in the suit for failing to supervise him during the flight) have likewise yet to issue a response to the allegation. McManus played one season in Jacksonville before seeing his contract expire. He inked a one-year deal with the Commanders in March.

The Temple product had a nine-year run with the Broncos which came to a somewhat unexpected end with his release last offseason. McManus enjoyed a rebound compared to his final Denver season in terms of accuracy during his single Jags campaign; he converted 30 of 37 field goal attempts and all 35 of his extra point kicks. His Commanders contract carries a value of $3.6MM, including a $1.5MM signing bonus which has already been paid out. Washington does not currently have another kicker on the roster.

Commanders To Sign K Brandon McManus

After a Jaguars one-off, Brandon McManus will have another opportunity. The longtime Broncos kicker has a deal in place with the Commanders.

The veteran specialist informed’s Jason McCourty of his deal, which is a one-year pact worth $3.6MM. This will be McManus’ third team in three seasons, with the Broncos having cut him last year. Despite the Jaguars missing out on Wil Lutz today, they will let McManus defect to the Commanders.

In 2023, McManus fared slightly better than he did in his final Broncos season; he made 30 of 37 field goal tries. Though, the strong-legged kicker was only 5 of 10 from beyond 50 yards. McManus has been a good, not great, option throughout his career, making between 80 and 86% of his tries in all but two seasons.

Never topping an 85.7% make rate in a season, McManus has not strayed far from his mean. That has kept the veteran, who played a key part in the 2015 Broncos’ Super Bowl-winning effort as their offense slowed during Peyton Manning‘s final season, on the radar.

Going into his age-33 season, McManus will step in for Joey Slye, who is unsigned. Slye kicked for Ron Rivera in Carolina and Washington, but with a new staff in town, it is safe to assume McManus has a clear runway to win the job. This will be the former Giants UDFA’s 11th season as a regular kicker. As for the Jaguars, they still have their 2022 kicker — Riley Patterson — signed to a futures deal.

K Brandon McManus Reached Out To Jaguars

Brandon McManus unexpectedly found himself on the open market recently, but he was able to find a new home rather quickly. The veteran kicker played a key role in pitching the idea of joining the Jaguars for 2023.

McManus reacted in short order to his Broncos release, a move which caught many off guard and ended his nine-year stint in the Mile High City. He and agent Drew Rosenhaus immediately starting contacting teams which may have represented suitable destinations, but Jacksonville was at the top of the 31-year-old’s list. The reason for that, as detailed by Garry Smits of the Florida-Times Union, was his relationship with Jaguars special teams coach Heath Farwell.

The pair first met before a Broncos-Jaguars game in London, and McManus’ desire to work with Farwell made Jacksonville one of at least six teams he reached out to during his brief free agent period. That interest was obviously reciprocated, since Jacksonville signed McManus to a one-year deal. Later that day, they traded incumbent kicker Riley Patterson to the Lions, marking their commitment to the veteran for at least the short-term future.

“I can’t say enough about Riley and what he did for us last season,” head coach Doug Pederson said when asked about the change made at the position. “We wish him the best. But anytime you can add a player like Brandon, who’s got the experience… and to get something for Riley… it’s just an opportunity to help us get better as a football team.”

Smits notes that McManus’ Jaguars deal includes $2.35MM in guranteed money, and a strong season could lead to a longer-term extension of this new relationship. The veteran went 10-for-10 on field goals during the Broncos’ 2015 Super Bowl run, and he has connected on 40 attempts of 50 or more yards during his career. A drop in overall accuracy to 77.8% in 2022 helped convince Denver to move on, though, so much will depend on McManus’ ability to rebound on a team with high expectations on offense, and which has seen considerable turnover at the position in recent years.

The Temple alum made it clear that he was taken aback by being let go in Denver, but he still reflects on his time there fondly. With a new home – one very much of his choosing – he is also confident that he will be able to enjoy a lengthy second chapter in his NFL career.

“We had a great run and hopefully I can have an equally great run here,” McManus said. “Kickers can play a long time. This is an up-and-coming team and I’m looking forward to bringing my leadership here.”

Cowboys Discussed Riley Patterson With Jaguars, Still Looking For Kicker

In the months since Brett Maher‘s postseason accuracy crisis, the Cowboys have not made a major addition at kicker. Tristan Vizcaino resides as the only one on Dallas’ offseason roster.

At least one team kept the Cowboys in mind as it shopped its kicker. The Jaguars contacted the Cowboys when trying to unload Riley Patterson, Todd Archer of notes. This came on a day in which the Jags signed longtime Bronco Brandon McManus, but after announcing they had cut Patterson, the AFC South team found a taker in the Lions. A low-level pick swap ensued to send Patterson back to Detroit.

The Cowboys did not show interest in McManus, according to Archer, who adds the team remains on the hunt at this position. Mike McCarthy mentioned XFL or USFL options. NFL teams are free to sign XFLers; several players who starred in the rebooted league are now on NFL rosters. The second USFL incarnation’s second season runs through July 1. The Cowboys found an All-Pro return man (KaVontae Turpin) from the USFL last year, though they may be eyeing more experience at kicker.

Maher, who worked out for the Broncos last week, remains available. Post-draft, the Cowboys did not shut down — Maher’s five playoff PAT misses aside — another agreement with their two-stint specialist. Maher, who holds the NFL record for most 60-plus-yard field goals (four), went 29-for-32 on field goals last year. That included 9 of 11 makes from beyond 50 yards. But Maher’s postseason issues hampered Dallas down the stretch.

Special teams coordinator John Fassel brought up free agents Robbie Gould, Mason Crosby and Ryan Succop. The 49ers chose Jake Moody in Round 3 to replace Gould, while Archer indicates the Cowboys were not interested in drafting a kicker in the third or fourth rounds like the 49ers and Patriots (Chad Ryland, Round 4) did. Gould, 40, has been an NFL kicker for 18 seasons. Crosby logged 16 with the Packers, who drafted Anders Carlson in the sixth round. Succop spent the past three seasons with the Bucs, stopping Tampa Bay’s near-decade-long kicker carousel.

This marks the second straight offseason in which the Cowboys are looking around at kicker. Their 2022 competition imploded during training camp. Both Jonathan Garibay and Lirim Hajrullahu ended up being waived in August, with Maher returning after a camp tryout. Vizcaino, 26, has kicked in 10 games for four different teams — the 49ers, Chargers, Cardinals and Patriots — from 2020-22. The Washington alum is 11-for-12 on field goals but was just 10 of 15 on PATs during his lone extended run — with the 2021 Chargers, who cut him after signing Dustin Hopkins.

Jaguars Sign K Brandon McManus

It did not take long for Brandon McManus to find a new home. The longtime Broncos kicker reached an agreement to join the Jaguars. The Jags announced the deal Thursday.

While Denver has enjoyed kicker stability over the past decade, Jacksonville has cycled through several options at the position in recent years. The defending AFC South champions will now add an experienced specialist. The Jags waived kicker Riley Patterson to make room on their roster.

McManus, 31, called his Broncos release an “absolute shock,” per Denver7’s Troy Renck. He will rebound quickly, with Adam Schefter of noting this is a one-year Jaguars agreement (Twitter links). McManus will bring nine years’ experience as an NFL kicker, having taken over for Matt Prater in Denver in 2014. While Jacksonville will not offer the altitude advantage Denver provides kickers, the former Super Bowl-winning specialist will move to a team in better position to contend.

The Broncos had extended McManus on a four-year, $17.2MM deal before the 2020 season. Although two years remained on that contract, Sean Payton continues to make special teams changes with his new team. This marks a major change for Denver, which has only used three primary kickers (McManus, Prater, Jason Elam) since 1993. Patterson ended up lasting only one season as Jacksonville’s kicker.

Although McManus served as Denver’s kicker for a lengthy stretch, he is coming off his most inaccurate season since 2017. The former UDFA made just 77.8% of his field goals last season. While one of those was a 64-yard try at sea level — via Nathaniel Hackett‘s bizarre Week 1 decision that began an odd Broncos season — McManus missed four other attempts from beyond 50 yards and two from inside 40 yards. McManus did make eight 50-plus-yard field goal tries last season, marking the second-most of his career. He connected on 10 such attempts in 2020.

McManus served as a significant contributor to the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50-winning season. As Peyton Manning‘s injury-accelerated decline hit in full force in 2015, McManus went 10-for-10 on field goal tries during the playoffs. That included three Super Bowl makes. While the Broncos have largely struggled since that night, McManus represented the most consistent presence on the roster. He will now attempt to carve out a multiyear role with a second NFL employer.

Whereas the Broncos employed McManus since 2014, the Jaguars have used eight kickers in just the past three seasons. Patterson brought stability, after a six-kicker 2020 and multi-kicker 2021. The Jags brought in Patterson as a waiver claim just before last season, adding the young kicker shortly after the Lions waived him. Patterson made 85.7% of his field goal tries last year and was 36 of 37 on extra points. While Patterson only made three kicks from beyond 50 yards, that came on three attempts.

Broncos Release K Brandon McManus

The Broncos have parted ways with the last remaining member of their Super Bowl 50-winning team. Kicker Brandon McManus revealed (on Twitter) that he has been released. He will be designated a post-June 1 cut, per a team announcement.

The 31-year-old added “more to come in the following days” to his announcement, which could point to a new contract coming together in the near future. That would come as no surprise, since he represents arguably the top available option at the position at this point in the offseason. As a result, a number of teams should be expected to show considerable interest in him.

By releasing McManus with the post-June 1 designation, the Broncos will save $3.75MM this season and $3.95MM in 2024. No guranteed money remained on his contract, but this move still constitutes a surprise considering the former UDFA’s status as one of the league’s more productive kickers. After four consecutive seasons with a field goal percentage rate of at least 80%, McManus’ accuracy did drop to 77.8% in 2022, however.

The Temple alum ranks second in franchise history in terms of both total points and career field goal percentage. His nine-year stint in the Mile High City also ranks second, behind only Jason Elam. McManus will likely be best remembered for his play during Denver’s Super Bowl run in 2015. He went 10-for-10 on field goals during that postseason, converting all three extra point tries as well.

Given his track record, he should have multiple offers within a quick span. The Cowboys have been public about their desire to add a veteran at the kicker position, which should make them a team to watch in McManus’ free agent period. He will be joined on the open market by the likes of Robbie Gould, Mason Crosby and Ryan Succop. The Broncos, meanwhile, now no longer have a kicker on their 90-man roster.

“Developing into one of the NFL’s most productive kickers, Brandon made so many clutch kicks for this franchise over the years as a Super Bowl champion and team captain,” a statement from Broncos GM George Paton reads in part. “He will always hold a special place in Denver Broncos history. We thank Brandon for all he did for the Broncos, and we wish him and his family the very best in the future.”

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