Redskins To Hire GM After Draft

The Redskins are expected to go into the NFL Draft without a GM, Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) hears. Without a replacement lined up for Bruce Allen, Redskins VP of Player Personnel Kyle Smith will be in charge of draft operations in April.

The Redskins canned Allen on Dec. 30, after ten years at the helm. In that span, the Redskins went 62-97-1 and made the playoffs only twice.

The Redskins’ next GM likely won’t have complete control over the 53-man roster. New head coach Ron Rivera is expected to have significant sway when it comes to personnel, which could dissuade some of the league’s more experienced candidates.

Allen wasn’t the only significant front office figure to exit D.C. this offseason. In the wake of Allen’s dismissal, senior VP Eric Schaffer was expected to see an increased role. Instead, they parted ways with the cap guru after nearly two decades together.

Rapoport hears similar news for the Panthers – their assistant GM job will also be filled sometime after the draft. The Panthers made a run at hiring Andrew Berry, but the Eagles blocked them because the position did not include roster control. Ultimately, Berry became the Browns’ new GM, where he’ll have say over the 53-man roster.

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8 comments on “Redskins To Hire GM After Draft

  1. peterdipersio06

    Yeah that way Snyder can draft whoever he wants and then when the skins go 3-13 he can blame it on the new GM and fire him as well

  2. vacommish

    The Redskins have actually drafted well over the last couple of years, which I don’t think was Allen’s or Snyder’s doing.

    • The Redskins need a front office (which they have with Kyle Smith and Doug Williams in there) not a GM. Ron Rivera has been around the block. Dan Snyder can handle any major business decisions about a stadium himself or with Alex Smith (Summa Cum Laude business major) and the rest of the front office to advise him.

      GM’s have their place, in an outfit without a front office and with a new or weak coach. Not the Redskins situation.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Rivera and Snyder have such dominating personalities that a GM would be superfluous anyway.

  3. CriminalMethod

    As long as Rivera has gets to make the picks before Snyder, it’s not a terrible move. I’m assuming this was negotiated when he interviewed to be head coach.

  4. badco44

    Lol Cleveland is dysfunctional, Wash is well below that level and has been under D Snyder’s ownership…. pathetic seems to work!

    • The Redskins have been to the playoffs twice in the last eight years and won their division once. This is nowhere near Cleveland Browns territory.

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