Browns Sign Jack Conklin

The Browns have made their second huge splash of the day. Hours after signing Austin Hooper and making him the highest-paid tight end in league history, they’ve doled out another big contract. Cleveland has agreed to terms with offensive tackle Jack Conklin on a three-year deal, agent Drew Rosenhaus told Adam Schefter of (Twitter link).

Conklin is getting $42MM over the three years, with $30MM of it being guaranteed. He’ll bring in $20MM just in the first year of the contract. Conklin likely could’ve landed a longer-term deal, but Rosenhaus told Schefter they wanted to keep it short due to projected increases in the salary cap so he can hit free agency again soon. Conklin is very young for a top-flight free agent, and will still only be 28 when this new deal ends.

Just minutes ago we heard the Browns were the favorites with the Jets still in the mix, and things came together quickly. Conklin was the eighth overall pick out of Michigan State in 2016, and he’s been the Titans’ right tackle for the past few seasons. Tennessee declined his fifth-year option following a torn ACL and injury-plagued 2018 campaign, a move which blew up in their face when Conklin returned to playing at a very high level last year.

Conklin was one of the top offensive linemen available, and fills a huge need for Cleveland. The Browns already announced they won’t be re-signing Greg Robinson and there has been speculation they’ll move on from Chris Hubbard, both of their starting tackles from last year.

They now have Conklin locked in at one of those spots, and it’s possible they’ll still pursue veterans Trent Williams or Jason Peters like they’ve reportedly been considering. Baker Mayfield was frequently under duress last season, and his play suffered significantly as a result. He got skittish in the pocket at times, and upgrading his protection was always going to be a priority this offseason. With the additions of Hooper and Conklin today, his job has gotten a whole lot easier.

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14 comments on “Browns Sign Jack Conklin

  1. Michael Chaney

    YES! He’s been my dream target for the Browns all offseason.

    Now draft a left tackle at 10 (whether they get a short-term fix like Peters or not), and add some depth at linebacker and the defensive line.

    • jb19

      Probably better to add a starter at LB. Mack Wilson is probably about league average as it is now, we need two full time LBs in addition to Mack. I’m not sold on Takitaki.

      • Michael Chaney

        I’m not sold on Takitaki either so I guess you’re right. He was only really picked because Eliot Wolf loved him, and now that he’s gone it doesn’t really matter. He’s probably just a special teamer.

    • Michael Chaney

      The offense actually looks to be in decent shape on paper if they draft a left tackle at 10, outside of possibly adding a right guard too. Stefanski might not turn Baker into a franchise QB, but he’ll do a lot more for him than Kitchens did. If he has more time, he’ll be able to take advantage of the weapons he has.

      The defense still has a few holes, and I forgot to mention this in the original comment but they need a plug and play safety in the second round. They have two third rounders, and ideally they can add a linebacker and either an edge rusher or an interior defensive lineman there.

      If they cut Vernon, they can use his money toward one or two of those holes but obviously it’s unreasonable to expect they’ll keep going toward the top of the market like they have been so far.

  2. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Makes tons of sense for Cleveland. They also should double down and sign a guard too.

  3. Jcool90

    Wow all that talent and wont win the division, still gonna be second place to my boys . Spend and get whoever’s doesn’t matter, browns stink

    • coltsrocker1

      lol, yet here you are following a Browns feed. Go back under your bridge, troll

  4. bumpy93

    browns underachieved last year, big-time. Now a very good TE in Hooper, and now Conklin…… they 100% will be one of the 7 playoff teams in the AFC

  5. goldenmisfit

    Typical Cleveland Browns and come January the Browns fans will be mad when they post a 6-10 record

  6. kylewait89

    I mean whatever he is for them, he was 12th best amongst RT last year. That has to be better than whatever the Browns got from the position last season. It might actually be a good move but his play has declined since his All-Pro rookie season. Not a bad plan for a team with so much talent but still missed the playoffs last year.

    • Michael Chaney

      I believe that ranking is actually 12th among all tackles (left or right). But either way, it’s a huge improvement. Hubbard was terrible.

  7. crazylarry

    Mayflops brain is what is under duress. Nobody is going to help him.

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