Buccaneers “All In” On Tom Brady

The Buccaneers are “going all in” on legendary signal-caller Tom Brady, per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. Tampa Bay, of course, has been connected to Brady in recent rumors, but it was difficult to determine how serious the team’s interest was. Apparently, it’s very serious.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians has generally been non-committal towards incumbent passer Jameis Winston, who, like Brady, is eligible for free agency. Stroud says Arians wants to move on from Winston, and GM Jason Licht is willing to defer to his head coach.

Licht and Arians certainly have plenty to offer Brady. The club is among the league leaders in cap space and will have plenty of money to lure Brady to sunny, family-friendly Tampa while giving him a two- or three-year deal. The Bucs also have a dynamic pair of receivers and a talented (if uncertain) tight end, and they plan to add the type of pass-catching back that Brady covets. They also plan to draft an offensive tackle to shore up his protection, and Stroud says they will probably add a receiver from the immensely deep class of collegiate wideouts.

The Bucs will also allow Brady to take charge of the offense, and the fact that Florida has no state income tax will only help the team’s push. The defense also looks like a unit on the rise, so if you squint hard enough, you can see Tampa Bay as a contender with Brady under center.

If Brady chooses to sign elsewhere, Stroud says the Bucs’ fallback options are Teddy Bridgewater and Philip Rivers, in that order. Failing that, a reunion with Winston could still be in play, but that is sounding increasingly like a worst-case scenario for the Bucs.

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26 comments on “Buccaneers “All In” On Tom Brady

  1. jfive

    Is still tampering to let a FA know you want him before the “legal tampering period”?

    • rkmarx

      Imagine if the Patriots said something like this. Everybody would be in an uproar, and they’d like draft picks.

      • Not a single quote from anyone with the Tampa bay organization just a reporter from Tampa….pats have been caught cheating multiple times, but yeah everyone would be in an uproar…boohoo pats fans, wait til your gettin stomped by Miami, then you’ll really be crying

        • vtncsc

          It would still be a 24/7 news cycle if a Pats reporter said something like this.

          Nothing matters, unless the Patriots do it.

      • BallzDeep

        hello the pats have…. Kraft has even given $$ figures that he would be will to go to to keep Brady….

  2. crosseyedlemon

    The club is among the league leaders in cap space and will have plenty of money to lure Brady to sunny, family-friendly Tampa while giving him a two- or three-year deal.

    Uh…does anybody actually think it’s about money at this point in Brady’s career? His career earnings from football alone are over $235M.

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      Don’t forget that his wife is worth roughly $400m as well (according to the interwebs).

    • vtncsc

      It’s not about top dollar. it’s about fair value, supporting cast and the chance to win. I personally think he stays in NE, $25m a year, and gets some top shelf WR’s and a TE to throw to.

      • smallball

        I’d let him go play in Tampa for that money, no thanks. 25M might be the highest AAV he’s ever had in his career!

    • myaccount

      He’s already mentioned he’s done taking Giselle discounts and wants a respectable salary. What better way to test your value than allow a bidding war?

  3. Corradoj30

    I don’t see a single source to verify any of that, so it’s pure speculation at this point.

    • Par for the course for this site’s coverage of Brady. Tune in tomorrow for their speculative article on the Chiefs and Seahawks interest in Brady.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Best strip club in the world in Tampa. Best steak house too…Berns. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tom Brady cares about these things. This article by the Tampa Bay paper is fake news

  5. playicy

    Winston should be in defunked AAF and XFL that’s how horrible he is and second he’s a rapist too

  6. FlBoy84

    A little over a year ago Stroud was also adamant Gerald McCoy was going to be a Buccaneer in 2019, so…

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