Buccaneers’ Tom Brady Wants To Play With Antonio Brown

Teams that have spoke with Tom Brady in recent days believe that the new Buccaneers quarterback wants to reunite with Antonio Brown, according to NFL.com’s Mike Garafolo (on Twitter). It’s not immediately clear whether the Bucs are willing to sign Brown, whose status with the league is still up in the air.

We also heard chatter that Brady wanted to play with Brown in the lead-up to free agency, though those were sourced from anonymous people “close” to the wide receiver. Now, we’re getting word of Brady’s desire to play with Brown directly from the teams that were courting him.

From a football perspective, it would be a huge win for the Buccaneers. With Brown, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin at wide receiver, they’d be impossible to guard for opposing defenses.

Still, the NFL says Brown’s status remains under review. Even if he’s cleared to play, the Bucs might have reservations about bringing him into the locker room. Remember, even before all of the ugly accusations and disturbing social media videos, Brown was perceived to be unstable for his behavior in Pittsburgh and the drama that nixed his Oakland tenure before it even began.

Brown has caught 841 passes for 11,253 yards over the course of his ten-year career, which includes seven Pro Bowl appearances. Brady, meanwhile, has thrown for 74,751 yards and 541 touchdowns en route to 14 Pro Bowl selections.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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42 comments on “Buccaneers’ Tom Brady Wants To Play With Antonio Brown

  1. jkoms57

    Bucs dont even officially have Brady yet.

    He could still pull a fast one and “bolt” for LA

    And Brown is done. Won’t be eligible to play if anyones dumb enough to sign him.

    • braveshomer

      no way this would work…Unless Brady drops back with a football in each hand and starts slinging 2 footballs at once

  2. TJECK109

    Brady is gonna try to prove he was the real leader of the Patriots and not BB.

    • jkoms57

      Actually I think it’s a low pressure environment so he can focus on other things in life while still getting payed bank to play football

  3. phillyballers

    So Brown gets another crack at it? Veteran Min with the rest all performance based incentives?

  4. madmc44

    Testing the Buc’s before signing on the bottom line.
    What does having a say on personnel really mean?

  5. fredziffel78

    Won’t work. Brown wants everything thrown HIS direction. Woe be to TB if that doesn’t happen.

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Monday: “I LOVE Tampa Bay!”

    Tuesday: “I’m going to give Tampa Bay my EVERYTHING!”

    Wednesday: “What a great situation I’m in!”

    Thursday: “Everyone here but me is a jerk and I hate you all.”

    -Antonio Brown

  7. WSAC

    After that bad catch (Giants vs Patriots 3ree) … He tried .. that’s the end of the quarterback era…Highlight on another player…(S’pecghlly when it come to they action) Football Fanatic App to get into the mix…Greatest sports moment this far.) Michigan 10 Jersey — Sold in Hectaghrs Markets all over the world — Florida over California (Sunkist over Naval Oranges) — Olympics coming USA BASKETBALL PLAYIN’ the ‘INFAMOUS’ Two-Week Paid Vacation that started it all… Hope they can get a B-Listed App goin by then…

        • JoeBrady

          This is why Americans cannot self-quarantine. One week into a 2-week shutdown, everyone will be out of beer, or weed, or cupcakes, whatever your vice is.

          We’ll stick have a year’s worth of TP, but nothing else.

        • WSAC

          IAI: Social Media must scare people..Picked SMS/DM/FACETIME-DUO/LIVESTREAM BROADCAST OVER 10 DIGIT DIALER/V.O.I.P.


    • twentyforty

      You win the internet just for the time it took to type that stream of drivel.

    • halofanatic

      Stegosaurus Volkswagen, aarrrrggggg! What are you trying to say?!?!?! Hahaha!

      • WSAC

        You know them 5 dinosaur Robots…The Big Thick One that breathe fire..

        All’uh em had a lil piece of gold on em…That was them summer’s … Cool Blaigh…

        Big Zahddiegh Faigh’ntt.. They turned out kooky as of today…Which one you up to over there….

  8. WSAC

    It’s all about who gets there first…The same old world from what I’m hearin’ around…

    Maybe some people wanna show they ‘experts’ at your ‘novice’ life…

    Experiment with a Juicer to make
    Coconut – Cayenne Pepper – Vanilla

    Went bad..Brown Hairy Coconut (From Looney Tunes) broke the motor …

    Replaced with Trinidadian Coconut sold with Sugar Cane Imported (Doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘Trinidadian’ Coconut at this point…

    Long Live Importing & Exporting

      • WSAC

        Maps/Translate/Directions — best to have these days…be able to find your way ‘rghoughn’ngh real niegh’htt…

    • Robert George

      I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about. Any of it. Was any of that about football?

  9. Dave

    Our receivers are maybe the biggest strength of our team. We don’t need Antonio Brown, as long as he fully understands that, and he’s willing to sign for the vet minimum with incentives to make a bit more, then I wouldn’t mind adding him.

    I just don’t think any of that will happen.

  10. JoeBrady

    As a Raiders’ fan, I got no use for the guy.

    But there is a lot to be said about acquiring players who have absolutely no leverage left. Burfict was having a good season, until he snapped. And Incognito played really well.

    ‘This is your last chance’ at a million-dollar salary, is pretty good motivation to keep the craziness inside.

    TB, with Brady, is as good as it is going to get with Brown.

    • Stillers12

      It would help if HE realized he has no leverage left, but he does not.

  11. crosseyedlemon

    Brown will be helping Tom move into his new home in Florida. Of course this may take some time as Antonio will be throwing furniture off the balcony several times each day.

  12. Stillers12

    I love that he wants to end his career with a known sociopath.

    Winning above all!

  13. jkurk_22

    I know it’s ridiculously unlikely, but I wish. Owl thing more than for Tom to pull a Josh McDaniels here at the last second

  14. dcahen

    Is it just me or is Tom totally disrespecting the current TB WR’s by basically saying TB needs AB. Why not play a game or 2 with your current, very good, WR’s before opening your big mouth.

  15. MichaelJFoxownssteaknshake

    I wonder how deflated footballs would work in 100% humidity?

  16. Ramon Garciaparra

    The trio would be impossible to guard IF their offensive line can hold back the blitzers targeting a very old qb with very little mobility in an unfamiliar offense with unfamiliar teammates. And if Brady at 43 has enough arm strength left to reach them.

  17. madmc44

    What’s the market for Edelman? He’s a great player and I would hate to see him go, but without Brady to get him the ball–is he that valuable to the Pat’s?
    How high a pick could the Pat’s get from the Buc’s for him?
    Do the Buc’s have a tight end, or wideout or a big offensive lineman to send north?

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