Cardinals RB Kenyan Drake Signs Tender Offer

Kenyan Drake is officially heading back to Arizona. The running back has signed his tender offer, per sports agency SportsTrust Advisors on Twitter.

We learned earlier this week that the Cardinals were slapping Drake with the transition tag. That move will ultimately cost the team around $8.5MM next season.

Of course, a whole lot has changed in Arizona since that news came out. The front office traded Drake’s competition, David Johnson, to the Texans, acquiring wideout DeAndre Hopkins in the deal. As a result, Drake will be a major contributor on one of the NFL’s up-and-coming offenses.

The team’s commitment to Drake isn’t a huge surprise following his 2019 performance. Following three-plus underwhelming seasons in Miami, the running back was dealt to Arizona midseason for a conditional sixth-rounder. The 26-year-old proceeded to have the best eight-game stretch of his career to finish out the campaign. Drake ran for 643 yards on 123 carries (good for a 5.2-yard average), adding eight touchdowns along the way. He also hauled in 28 receptions for 171 yards.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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10 comments on “Cardinals RB Kenyan Drake Signs Tender Offer

  1. Chris

    I think Drake was more underutilized than disappointing in Miami. His efficiency numbers have always been high

      • mcmillankmm

        Ajayi had bad knees, doesn’t seem like there are lingering health issues for Drake

        • Michael Chaney

          Plus Drake adds value as a receiver too. Ajayi didn’t impact that much at all.

  2. phillyballers

    Smart move. Take the money, see what happens next year maybe get a franchise tag.

  3. dynamite drop in monty

    Every time someone signs a tender I eat ten chicken tenders in honor of the accomplishment

  4. bumpy93

    nice move for Arizona IMO. I know everybody says they should draft a LT at #8 in the draft, but I think Lamb would still be the best move. Hopkins, Lamb, Kirk, Fitzgerald, and Drake could be a lethal set of “toys” for Kyler Murray IMO

    • kylewait89

      And when they can’t get the ball off like Cleveland last year you’d see why drafting a tackle makes more sense. This has been the issue with all teams not addressing their OL is no matter how much talent you have, you aren’t making up for a lackluster OL.

      • Michael Chaney

        And the receiver class is a lot deeper than the tackle class. They could possibly get a starting tackle in the second round, but it would be a flawed guy. They could easily get a starting receiver in the second round or even much later.

        • kylewait89

          Whoever they would draft outside of round 1 at the tackle spot wouldn’t be a starter and if he was, it would say a lot about how poor they already were. Most teams should be able to land a good WR outside of round 1 unless teams go crazy worrying about other guys being available. Also, they don’t need a starting WR. They literally have Fitz, Hopkins and Kirk with Butler and Isabella behind them. Say they draft Michael Pittman or KJ Hamler or someone later, they can utilize them in special roles while developing them. Obviously Julio Jones was the right pick for them when they got him but what if the Falcons had gotten Tyron Smith to protect Matt a Ryan instead? Who says they aren’t better off? They still have Roddy White, Gonzalez, Turner and a premier LT protecting Matt Ryan. On top of an additional first rounder. If the Cards draft Becton or Wilfs, they will at least look credible having Humphries as the other tackle and Mason Cole as a good interior starter. Past that, they can patch together guard spots. What they can’t do is have a patchwork tackle tandem and wonder why they’re terrible if one goes down.

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