Cowboys Increase Offer To Dak Prescott

March 11: There is no “new” contract offer to Prescott, per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network (video link). While the Cowboys’ latest offer does indeed represent an increase over the $33MM/year proposal they put forth in the early stages of the 2019 season, the revised offer was made around the time of this year’s combine and is now several weeks old. That suggests that the offer has not gained any traction and that there is still a large gap to bridge.

And the gap may not just be money-related. Rapoport, echoing reports we’ve heard previously, says that Prescott is likely targeting a four-year deal so he can get back to free agency sooner, while the Cowboys would prefer a longer arrangement.

March 9: Barely 72 hours remain until Thursday’s deadline for teams to designate franchise and transition players. The Cowboys are on the clock, and they are reigniting a push to extend Dak Prescott.

The Cowboys have submitted a new proposal to Prescott, according to’s Todd Archer. Terms are not clear, but Archer notes that Prescott turned down Dallas’ $33MM-per-year offer and that this one is likely in the Aaron RodgersJared Goff range. It is indeed an increased offer, per Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (on Twitter).

Both Rodgers and Goff are at $33.5MM in AAV, so this Cowboys offer may not be substantially more than the $33MM-AAV one they made last season. Prescott is believed to be seeking a deal on the Russell Wilson level; the Seahawks quarterback earns $35MM on average.

Dallas has offered Prescott $105MM guaranteed. While that is not the guarantee at signing, it would land fourth among quarterbacks. Prescott, however, has some additional leverage now. The Cowboys have just three days left with the franchise or transition tag to use on Amari Cooper. They have met with both Prescott and Cooper’s agents twice since the Combine, but if the CBA is ratified this week, teams can only use one tag. Cooper, then, would be in line to negotiate with other teams when the legal tampering period opens March 16.

The looming TV deals, should this CBA be finalized, are also expected to produce bigger cap spikes. Prescott’s camp may not be eager to do a deal before more of the NFL’s 2020s financial landscape becomes clear. If the Cowboys cannot get a deal done with Prescott by March 12, they are prepared to use the exclusive franchise tag on him. If the sides cannot agree on terms by July 15, Prescott would play the season on that $31MM-plus number.

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44 comments on “Cowboys Increase Offer To Dak Prescott

  1. heartbrokentexassportsfan

    Let him go or tag and trade. I’m on the fence about Cooper. He would be better with someone a little more talented on the opposite side of him, but that can be said for almost every WR. Letting Byron walk is gonna hurt.

    • dmarcus15

      Transition tag Dak. You can replace Dak and Coop with the draft picks. Then sign a FA QB.

  2. rocky7

    Yes, we all know about how much money is made in the game of football these days but given whats happening in the world today, especially the Stock Market wiping out many ordinary folks futures and changing their lives forever… insane is it too talk about a guy playing a game, regardless of how good he is, taking time to consider a new $ contract where he would make $33 Million a year?

    • floridagators

      Learn what revenue is. Jesus why do ordinary people not realize what revenue is. So Dallas should offer 22.50$ an hour and he should accept it? I guess the nfl should fold because some Joe Schmo is cleaning piss is out of a toilet in Iran. Read a book.

      • Paul1989

        22.50 an hour may be a little high for Dak and Dunk. Play teams with just a little talent and he’s pedestrian at best. Just lucky he plays in the NFC East to fleece Jerruh.

    • LordBanana

      I think it’s more insane that people are still complaining about how much money the actual athletes are making, but not about the billionaire owners who don’t contribute anything at all to the entertainment.

      When I turn on sportscenter I’m not hoping to see owners

      • floridagators

        You mean the hundreds of millions of dollars the owners spend each year?

      • MoneyBallJustWorks

        the owners pay the players. without them these guys are either playing for free, bagging groceries, or picking stocks. So to say they don’t contribute anything is rediculous

      • Senioreditor

        The Warriors earn 3.5 million in revenue for each home game and that’s just receipts from attendance. Throw in tv and other revenue streams and the dollar amounts are staggering. I support any player getting what they can.

      • dmarcus15

        The billionaire owners have created more millionaires than any organization in history.
        If the players want to form their own league and assume the financial outcome good are bad let them.

  3. JJB0811

    To me, it’s silly money. I’ll never see $3m, so $30m+year is unfathomable. But, I’ll say this, I’ll never tell my employer ‘Thanks for the 5% raise, but I’ll be glad to settle for 3% to help out the rest of the company.’

    • Another one who doesn’t understand how the salary cap works. Pay the quarterback $40 million, no money left for premium offensive linemen.

      Quarterback mincemeat in two or three seasons. No deep playoff runs, losing seasons ahead.

      • JJB0811

        No I get it. What you don’t understand, it’s the employer’s problem, the cap; not the employees.

        • So you are the sort of friar who pays a middle of the road QB $40 million to tank all the team’s seasons of his contract?

          Successful NFL GM you would not make.

  4. Freddie Morales

    They are better off signing Brady and trading Dak to a team like the dolphins

      • DarkSide830

        Brady will sign for something close but will also provide better value. Dak is okay but not worth 30 million.

    • earmbrister

      Dak, right now, is a better QB than Brady. And he certainly will be a much better QB than Brady in 2 or 3 years.

  5. snotrocket

    How much would Dak realistically get on the open market? He isn’t in the Rodgers/Wilson tier quality wise.

    • LordBanana

      Not as good as them, but they weren’t on the open market when they signed, and it wasn’t 2020.
      If a team felt they were a quarterback away from winning the super bowl I don’t think they would worry about paying him 35mil instead of 30.

      • DarkSide830

        thing is there are so many other and bigger names out there. too much supply.

  6. crazylarry

    Wow how much is an “ system QB worth”. He needs to realize he would be toast on 80% of the other teams in the league and I am saying that as a known Cowboy hater. Jerra has been more than fair with this clown. He isn’t Mahomes, Wilson or Rodgers.

  7. BPFlyers

    This is a joke. Dak hasn’t done anything to deserve that kind of money! Zero NFC Championships and zero Super Bowl wins! He’s not even a top ten NFL quarterback! Trade him or let him go!

  8. Dorothy_Mantooth

    This is a case where Jerry is just too dedicated to his homegrown players. I’m sure Dak has been a model teammate and he has put up some nice stats, but he’s just not an elite QB in the NFL. Jerry is going to end up paying him like he is one. If they sign both Dak & Cooper then the Cowboys are toast. They won’t be able to sign capable players to round out their roster. Between Dak, Zeke, Cooper and their O-Line, their offense would eat up about 70% of the entire cap which is not a recipe for success in the NFL. The Zeke deal already looks awful and I’m sure Cooper won’t be far behind him. Jerry needs to grow a pair and offer Dak a take it or leave it deal. Who is going to pay him $35M+ and guarantee him over $100M? They are basically bidding against themselves.

  9. mlbnyyfan

    Dak isn’t going anywhere look how longgggg it took Jerry to realize Garret wasn’t a good coach. He’ll give Dak ten years but unfortunately Jerry may not be around to see another Super Bowl

  10. seth3120

    Leverage is a huge factor. But if ever there was a year that leverage wasn’t as big of a factor it’s this one. There are a lot of qb options out there. More options than there are spots which never happens. I have a hard time evaluating Dak because he plays behind one of the top lines in the NFL, he has Cooper and others to throw to, and Elliot one of the best RBs in the game. That’s an attractive group for any FA QB out there. We’ve all seen it before when you start shelling out the big money for skill positions you start to see other positions of strength start to become weaknesses. It would be different if this group just won a Super Bowl and you wanted to keep them together for another run but they couldn’t even make the playoffs. So they’ll basically be subtracting from a non playoff team. It’s not that I think Dak is terrible but for that kind of money you have to be good enough to overcome the losses your salary will create and I can’t put a guy that couldn’t get that offense to carry them to the playoffs last year in that class

  11. mlbnyyfan

    Jerry will give in to any amount. He’s desperate so pay him and move on. I’m done hearing about Dak

    • crosseyedlemon

      We’ve all known from day one that there won’t be any divorce here so I’m equally fed up with all the phoney posturing that has gone on month after month.

  12. bens04ter

    what a joke as a Cowboy fan to pay him as much as much as Rodgers or even Wilson….then to pay Cooper as much as Thomas! this is all about Jerry’s who and not understanding that there is so many other holes on the team. Tag Daks ass and let him sit out or trade him. we wasted a 1st on Coop so rag him also and see who will give up 2 firsts…there is as always will be a team that over values players like them!

    • earmbrister

      Trading away a first round pick for Cooper was a great trade for the Cowboys. Cooper has been a Pro Bowler for 4 of his 5 seasons. But somehow, after complaining about Cooper, you expect someone to give up TWO firsts. Logical.

  13. crazylarry

    Dak is a success due to the system. He is now beyond greedy. Tag him and trade him to purgatory and see how he likes it. How much does he make a year because he is a starting QB for the Cowboys who by the way I can’t stand.

  14. phillyballers

    This is dumb. Just tag and trade him unless they plan on tagging Amari.

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