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Cowboys officials met today with agent Todd France to discuss Dak Prescott‘s future contract, reports Calvin Watkins of The Dallas News. It was the first time the two sides have met since the start of the 2019 season.

We previously heard that the Cowboys were willing to offer their franchise quarterback a contract that would pay him around $33MM per season, while Prescott was seeking a contract that was closer to Russell Wilson‘s $35MM/year. However, Watkins notes that the two sides seem to also be debating guaranteed money, and the reporter notes that the organization offered the 26-year-old a deal that included more than $100MM in guaranteed money (on the flip side, sources close to Prescott disputed that the organization “offered guarantees reaching $105 million.”)

Watkins also notes that team officials are hoping Prescott will take note of the contract negotiations with DeMarcus Lawrence, Sean Lee, Tony Romo and DeMarcus Ware; those players personally reached out to Jerry Jones or Stephen Jones before inking a new deal. While the officials cautioned that they wouldn’t want Dak to go behind his agent’s back, a source believes that “if Prescott would call one of the Joneses, a deal could be completed.”

While Prescott is set to become a free agent, the Cowboys won’t let him explore the open market. If the two sides can’t agree to a new deal, the organization will surely slap the quarterback with the ~$27MM franchise tag. In that scenario, they could negotiate a long-term deal into the summer, and they can always revisit talks following the 2020 campaign.

The two-time Pro Bowler threw for 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns last season. For his career, he’s gone 40-24 in 64 starts with a 65.8% completion rate and 97 touchdowns vs. 36 interceptions.

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15 comments on “Latest On Dak Prescott, Cowboys

    • phillyballers

      Yea, if I’m below average at my job I get fired. Hed get picked up and get a 4 yr deal.

    • dynamite drop in monty

      Plenty of mediocre generic ass corporate suits are “worth” millions.

  1. mlbnyyfan

    We all know Jerry will overpay for Dak. Most people make moves through inspiration or desperation. Jones is desperate so he will definitely overpay.

  2. compassrose

    I surely hope he doesn’t think he is as good as Wilson. Well he probably does but these athletes all have an overblown ego. RW does too. Just to stop any bias talk. I think he is a phony as a person but a good QB. Now I just pissed off Seahawk fans. Lol

  3. Kane

    Cowboys are nuts to give this guy that kind of money. Especially that kind of “guaranteed” money.

  4. Tazza

    What if Cowboys and Dak don’t agree on a deal and Dak signs a 4 year 120mil contract with the Pats. Then in turn Tom Brady signs with the Cowboys for 2 years and 50mil.

    Pats commit to a younger QB that can lead the franchise in a new direction and hopefully keep them successful. Dak is a better ball runner than Tom and has a stronger arm. Just that defence alone will win them 7 games and I believe Dak with Edelman, Sanu, Dorsett, White, Michel and Harry wins team another 4.

    On the other hand the Cowboys get the GOAT. The biggest sports team with the one of the biggest sportsman of the past two decades.
    Brady will have the best O Line in the league, with have Cooper, Cobb, Gallup and Zeke. Because Brady has signed at a cheaper rate than Dak they Cowboys can afford to keep Cooper and Jones and possibly invest in a cheap TE with Ebron, Eifert, Hooper, Henry and Jarwin all available.
    Plus with that type of offence and a great QB in Brady maybe the offence will step up.

    Think these two swapping teams would make both teams better

  5. crosseyedlemon

    The posturing between the Cowboys and Prescott is trending into the ridiculous area now. They are going to lose site of the big picture if they keep at this much longer.

  6. Dorothy_Mantooth

    Dallas should offer a 6 year, $200M deal to Dak which includes a $20M signing bonus and 3 fully guaranteed seasons. That would equate to $110M in guaranteed money. Dak would be crazy to turn down a deal like this. If he holds out for another $3-$4M per year, just franchise him and start evaluating some of the QBs in the draft (Love, Fromm, etc).

    • $110 million guaranteed would kill the franchise (see Washington Redskins, Alex Smith) in the case of injury. Two seasons guaranteed. It’s $80 million guaranteed.

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