Jaguars’ Yannick Ngakoue Drawing Trade Interest

Multiple clubs have reached out to the Jaguars with interest in defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, according to’s Mike Garafolo (on Twitter). Ngakoue, who turns 25 today, might continue his (remote) celebration with another club. 

Ngakoue said he wanted out of Jacksonville, but the Jags franchise tagged him anyway. Many assumed that this would be Step 1 towards a tag-and-trade, but that’s not necessarily the case – the Jaguars know that he’s one of the most talented young edge rushers in the game today and they could try to reconcile their differences.

The Jaguars are aware I no longer have interest in signing a long term contract in Jacksonville,” Ngakoue tweeted a couple weeks back. “Duval, I love you and gave you guys everything I got. I’m thankful for the journey and look forward to continuing my career elsewhere.

That sentiment hasn’t changed. Ngakoue took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to offer his response to Garafolo’s report:

Let’s agree to disagree . Why hold a man from taking care of his family. It’s obvious my time is up in my current situation. Let’s both move on @Jaguars 🏁

Any trade for Ngakoue would require a massive haul in return. It’s believed that the Jaguars are looking for a first-round pick, and then some. It’s a big ask, but not an unrealistic one given Ngakoue’s youth and performance. Since entering the league as the No. 69 overall pick in the 2016 draft, he’s tallied at least eight sacks per season. And, in 2017, he earned a Pro Bowl nod with 12.5 QB takedowns.

The Eagles have reportedly been eyeing Ngakoue and they’re surely not alone. The Jets would be logical suitors, too, though they don’t have him high on their list. Meanwhile, the demand will increase if Jadeveon Clowney is re-signed by the Seahawks or scooped up by another club.

For now, the defensive end is slated to play out the 2020 season with the Jaguars on a one-year, $17.8MM deal.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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29 comments on “Jaguars’ Yannick Ngakoue Drawing Trade Interest

  1. nick effing punto

    1st rounder for a guy who is going to need to get PAID. That is not going to happen.

    • I give no fox

      It literally just happened, San Fran traded Buckner to Indy for the 13th pick. Buckner signed a MASSIVE deal

    • ron swanson

      Ever heard of DeForest Buckner and Frank Clark? So yeah, it can happen.

    • Big Angry Baby

      2 First Rounders traded for a “guy who is going to get paid ” to the Jaguars just last year …

    • rgreen

      As an Eagles fan,id give them this year’s 1st,and attach another 1st from either of the next 2 drafts,if we can get them to take Jeffery.

  2. Natergater77

    If I’m the Giants I try to trade the #4 to Gruden who wants a new QB

    Get the 12 and 19, then trade 19 to Jags

    Yes I know it would never happen. Not because Vegas or Jags wouldn’t bite but bc Gettleman isn’t smart enough to try it

      • weir018

        Flash back to Mayock favorite QBs in the past 15 years. Jay Cutler and Carson Wentz. Herbert has been compared to these guys multiple times. Herbert will be a Raider 100%

    • KevDrew

      Why would the jags want the 19th pick when we already are picking at 20 as well….

        • KevDrew

          For what. This poster never laid out any details. Of course a 19th overall is cool, but he wasnt referencing yannick clearly as he was talking about qbs and the giants

    • playicy

      I see the dolphins maybe pulling this deal with draft capital they got in this years draft

  3. mlbnyyfan

    Nice Giants trade idea but I would rather have the Dolphins picks. If Miami wants Tua they better trade with the Giants. If not the Gruden deal makes sense.

  4. Dtownwarrior78

    Ngakoue to the Lions for the #35 pick in this season’s draft. It’s very close to a 1st rounder, and considering the fact that the Lions will have to give him around $14-$17M per when they do get him, that’s fair. We took less from the Eagles for Darious Slay because of this very same fact. Lions would get a young proven pass rusher about to hit his stride to team with Trey Flowers and the Jags get a high pick and a better cap situation without having to drop major $$$ on Ngakoue. Win-win in my book.

    • KevDrew

      This is way off base. You think the lions only have to give 14-17 per year? Bro the jags already offered him around 19 and he wouldn’t take it. He is holding out for 22 but won’t get that…

      • Dtownwarrior78

        I was not aware he was asking that much. If that truly is the case that does change my opinion on this possibility. That’s absurdly crazy for a player of his caliber. He is good but not $22M+ good. Wonder if there’s a chance he turned it down due to wanting badly to be out of JAX. But that’s alot to turn down

        • KevDrew

          Nah this is why he wants out. He didnt turn it down after he already wanted out, he wants out because we arent offering what he wants. Analysts predict him getting 20 but not the 22 he wants. He hasn’t been traded because supposedly the jags want him to stay long term.

          • Big Angry Baby

            He wants out because of the toxic losing atmosphere that is there and probably won’t leave until Khan keeps his promise and totally cleans house.

  5. Eagles have 29 mil in cap. This third and next first. They wait and they don’t get him it Clowney. Draft Queen (who probably won’t be there) or best available corner and their defense is great again…not just the front four. Hire me before Orlovsky next year thanks.

  6. Jon123

    Ravens for 1st and Willie snead or if judon doesn’t want to come back How about a swap

  7. Big Angry Baby

    Jaguars will be looking for at least a 1rst, and a 3rd or 4th … remember they got TWO first last year for Jalen Ramsey. Ngakoue has already put up the numbers.

    • KevDrew

      agreed. i would expect us to net the same return frank clark got (a 1st, a 2nd, swap 3rds), however the jags always undersell value (most recent example calais campbell), so i doubt we’d get what we deserve

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