One Agent Claims 28 Of 30 Clients Voted For CBA

The deadline for players to vote on the NFL’s proposed extension to the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is tonight at midnight. While it is far from a scientific exit poll, one agent tells Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports that 28 of his 30 clients voted in favor of the proposal. La Canfora adds that “a good portion of his clients are rank-and-file guys and not superstars.”

As has been well covered since the league surprisingly approved this proposal at the start of the month, many of the league’s stars and most prominent players strongly oppose the deal. However, the league keenly pandered to more rank-and-file players and if La Canfora’s report proves to be somewhat representative of the final tally, they appear poised to carry the vote to an approval.

It would be a shockingly early resolution to labor negotiations that were expected to be one of the nastiest disputes in league history. Both the league and player leaders have been advising their members for some time to brace themselves for a work stoppage after the coming NFL season. Instead, the current deal seems poised to never actually expire.

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3 comments on “One Agent Claims 28 Of 30 Clients Voted For CBA

  1. illowa

    They should of promoted this on tv like the state primarys with the votes slowly trickling in. And the vote is…

  2. WalterNYR

    Yeah, put up a map of the teams showing which way each vote and having commentators saying things like ” with 65% of players reporting, ESPN can now call the Eagles for the CBA “.

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