Panthers To Trade QB Kyle Allen To Redskins

Hours after agreeing to terms with XFL standout P.J. Walker, the Panthers are unloading a quarterback they just extended. The Panthers have agreed to trade Kyle Allen to the Redskins, Tom Pelissero of tweets.

A 2018 UDFA, Allen was the Panthers’ primary starter last season under Ron Rivera. He signed an extension March 10. Washington will send a fifth-round pick to Carolina for Allen, Ian Rapoport of tweets.

This will not only reunite Allen with Rivera, but the Redskins have former Panthers QBs coach Scott Turner on board as offensive coordinator. Turner was on Carolina’s staff for each of Allen’s two seasons with the team.

Allen, 24, will clear a path for Walker to make the Panthers’ roster and fill a Redskins need. With Alex Smith‘s status still uncertain, Washington now has a healthy quarterback set to join Dwayne Haskins. While the Redskins have been linked to Tua Tagovailoa, they are still the frontrunners to draft Chase Young. Washington has also been connected to trade-down maneuvers, with Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert drawing interest from other teams. Allen would stand to be Washington’s QB2 of the moment, and in an offseason that is unlikely to feature any OTAs, the Texas A&M product’s familiarity in Turner’s system will be critical.

Taking over after Cam Newton‘s September re-injury, Allen started strong but faded down the stretch. He ended his season with a 17-16 TD-INT ratio, 3,322 passing yards in 13 games and a 62% completion rate. Walker and Will Grier now stand to be Teddy Bridgewater‘s backups.

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28 comments on “Panthers To Trade QB Kyle Allen To Redskins

    • I don’t think it’s that simple. I think Allen is there for competition. They’d be crazy to just make him the starter. He’s a turnover machine (16 interceptions, 7 lost fumbles) in only 13 games.

      • crb15

        And Haskins has done what? Oh yea, he has committed similar turnovers (7 ints, 6 fumbles/3 lost) in only 8 games. Haskins has a higher int% and lower td%, all while having more time in the pocket than Allen had last year comparatively. Point is, neither have been productive and both are still young (only a year apart). Allen probably has the inside path right now because he at least has some familiarity with the system, and it is likely they will have shortened (if any) OTAs for Haskins to learn the system.

        • Haskins has much more potential and a much higher ceiling. Allen certainly has room for improvement, but there’s a reason Haskins was a first round pick. They’re going nowhere next season (not a knock on them, just a fact) and can take a long look at Haskins. But if he fails hard, they can look at Allen.

          To say that ‘Allen has the inside path’ is wrong. The Redskins spent the 15th overall pick on Haskins and are paying him way more than Allen. It’s Haskins’ job to lose as they’re not in win-now mode and need to see if they have something or should move on.

          • Haskins was a first round pick because its the Redskins, one of the worst drafting teams in the NFL.

  1. So they have Haskins, Allen, and Alex Smith (provided he’s healthy). If you’re Haskins, you can’t feel good about this.

    • Thomas Bliss

      Well with a new staff you were questioning the Haskins situation anyway. Now with the new staff bringing in a quarterback that they are familiar with each other then you’re really questioning it. As far as Alex Smith is concerned I think he is finished.

    • DarkSide830

      his competition os a guy who may never play again and a sophmore traded for a 5th round pick. yeah, super scary competition

  2. Michael Chaney

    I don’t see how this has any impact on Haskins. First of all, Kyle Allen really isn’t very good. He had a few good games at first, but then he came back to earth pretty quickly. He’s a backup that has knowledge of the offense. That’s it.

    Alex Smith still might not even be healthy, and until he ever is, you can’t consider him an option. You can bring in depth without it being an indictment on your starter.

  3. duffy126

    Haskins is the starter. Smith is a big question mark, so HC brings in a familiar face. same reason Colt McCoy stuck around all those years. He was familiar with Gruden’s system.

  4. TJECK109

    I guess Carolina wants their backup in Walker to play a similar style as their starter. Just don’t know if you want Walker as your go to with the injuries that Bridgewater has had

    • crb15

      He played for them his Freshman & Sophmore year. Definitely should’ve added he last played for Houston, but he did most certainly play for Texam A&M also.

  5. imindless

    Haskins isn’t a good player could have told you that in college. Lazy work ethic playing on a stacked team. It’s why giants passed on him so easily he is another winston type.

  6. Tony B

    A little bit of odd dealing by the Panthers … not sure I would prefer Walker over Allen. But they got value back for him, so it worked, I guess. But I still think I would like Newton and Allen over Bridgewater and Walker.

  7. dust44

    Redskins trade the #2 and Haskins to the Bengals for #1… Then, trade the #1 to the Dolphins for all 3 of there firsts this year. The Bengals get Haskins and Chase Young (2 former Buckeyes to sell tickets, because Brown is only worried about making money)… The Redskins get off Haskins who they apparently don’t want and sign Cam when he’s released plus get 3 firsts to add some talent to that $hit$how… and the Dolphins get there guy in Burrow… I would of put the Panthers in the Dolphins spot here if they didn’t already sign Bridgewater to reunite Burrow and Joe. But Bridgewater would then b a severely overpaid backup and he made it clear he wants the chance to start.

    • dugdog83

      That’s way too long to read but that won’t happen.

      Skins draft Chase Young. Lions are on the clock…

  8. crosseyedlemon

    The Redskins OL was a turnstile that gave up sacks at a 12.5% rate. The risk of injury is so high, they may need to carry 5 QBs on the depth chart. Now that they have Allen they might as well add Landry Jones too.

  9. CubsRebsSaints

    With Allen playing surprisingly well last year Riverboat Ron, this is a good move considering the current situation with CV-19. The article mentions he knows the offense and can give Haskins some more time to get ready. Haskins didn’t set the world on fire last year.

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