Patriots To Sign Brian Hoyer

The Patriots will once again reunite with quarterback Brian Hoyer, according to Jim McBride of the Boston Globe. While Hoyer immediately becomes the most experienced signal-caller in Foxborough, it remains difficult to envision him entering the season as the team’s starter. NFL Insider Adam Caplan added that the deal is worth $2MM for one season and is fully guaranteed.

Hoyer was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Michigan State by the Patriots in 2008 before he was released in 2012. After stints with the Steelers and Cardinals, Hoyer found his first extended playing time with the Browns. Over a couple of seasons in Cleveland, Hoyer started 16 games in which the team went 10-6.

Of course, when the Browns decided to go in a direction, Hoyer went on to play with the Texans, Bears, and 49ers before rejoining the Patriots for 2017 and 2018. Last offseason Hoyer signed with the Colts and became the primary backup to Jacoby Brissett in the 2019 season. Now, Hoyer will be in a familiar situation but will be there for the first time without Tom Brady in New England.

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46 comments on “Patriots To Sign Brian Hoyer

  1. bhd360

    Solid pick up. Whether it’s Stidham or they bring in another QB having a QB there who knows Bills system like the back of his hand now that Brady is gone is big. I’m sure Stidham studied his playbook and understands the system as well, but Hoyer was there for a lot longer and can help the transition.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I particularly agree with your last point. Hoyer can draw on experience from many offensive systems he’s been a part of. Wouldn’t surprise me if he makes a transition to coaching eventually.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Hoyer’s combined record against the Bills, Jets & Dolphins is 12-4. Maybe not the heir, but certainly a good fill in until another Brady arrives.

      • TJECK109

        That offense was pretty much Tom Brady last year. Better hope for Newton or Winston

        • jkoms57

          Newton and Winston are both way worse than most backups.

          Dont see bill looking that way.

          Both will be solid additions to the XFL next season

        • crosseyedlemon

          Sometimes you get lucky and the transition from one excellent QB to another doesn’t take that long (Montana/Young or Favre/Rodgers for example).

          • louwhitakerisahofer

            That’s 2 examples in 30 years. Odds are, the Patriots are destined for a QB merry go round.

            • slapnuts

              Plus it’s two examples of teams drafting the heir apparent. Pats did that with Jimmy G and Kraft blew it

      • myaccount

        That record came with wins from an entirely different organization and a Pats team that used to have talent. If Hoyer starts next year, they’re a 6 win club.

        • victorg

          maybe they really like stidham ? i feel like they should be all in on Cam and or talking Andrew Luck into a return.

  2. david722

    Hopefully, this all means fewer Patriot and Tom Brady stories in the future. Enough!

  3. lefty177

    This has been up for an hour & no “Super Bowl bound baby!” comments yet, I’m surprised

  4. illowa

    Belichick knows what he’s doing. He got something out of testaverde and kosar back then and kept it rolling with his next qbs, including backups. Why should we think anything is going to be different until we actually see it.

  5. toose

    Now the other teams think the Pats are set at QB this season. Bill will pull off some kind of move for a QB.

  6. Ramon Garciaparra

    Can’t have stars at every position. Hoyer has past starter experience, knows the system, is a good practice player, comes at a low cost, will be like having another coach in the qb room which will help with Stidham’s development. They aren’t signing him to start but if he has to play he can manage a game

    • victorg

      i am a little surprised seeing how Hoyer did not work out for BOB but i am sure BB thinks of himself as a better coach and can get more out of him.

  7. GMB 883

    Looks like a quality move for a plethora of reasons of which many of you have stated. I just hope that Stidham or a QB that’s drafted next month (if that happens) have every opportunity to be the starter vs BH who is obviously a great guy that provides value but is not the “future”. Belichick and McDaniels are skilled at developing signal callers, therefore, we know they can do it if the young leader is committed.

    • apuszczalowski

      ‘skilled at developing signal callers’? Brady has been there 20 years, outside of Garropolo, what other QB has left NE and had success as a starter in the league? just like most coaches from the Belichick tree, once they leave NE they fail to have much success.

      • victorg

        Cassell had a nice season with KC , Hoyer had a nice half season with Clev and a above average season with Houston before a meltdown in the Post season.And JB had a decent half season before injury last season.

  8. SumTingWong

    only in professional sports can a 2 MM salary illicit side glances , whispers, and laughter

  9. GMB 883

    Victorg, you said it but you forgot Jacoby Brissett.
    Apuszczalowski, what rock are you living under? BTW- for Belichick it didn’t begin with Brady, you can go back to his days with Drew Bledsoe and coaching with Bill Parcells, he had influence with just about all of those QB’s (Phil Sims etc.) because he knew defensive and offensive strategy, schemes, plays, coverage etc. Garappolo and Brissett can/are playing in the league right now and they were developed despite Brady getting 98% of the snaps for 19/20 years. That’s impressive. We are about to find out what Belichick and McDaniels can do with young QB’s, obviously with a little help from Hoyer and the QB coach. I get the impression they like Stidham a lot but maybe they are playing possum and they have their eyes on someone else that we don’t know about yet. Keep in mind they have 12 picks in next months draft and one of the FA veterans might be willing to sign for a low base with incentives. BB can be patient. That player might fall in their lap when the music stops. This is what makes it all so interesting. After all these years if you don’t think a strategist like Belichick has a plan w/out TB, then you just haven’t paid attention to who he is. He learned how to break down film from his father when he was 8-10 years old. He quacks to very different beat and Bob Kraft obviously made a great decision to sign him back in 2000. Not saying he hasn’t or doesn’t make mistakes. He’s not perfect by any means.

  10. Belichick might try to win the Super Bowl next year with Hoyer just to show Brady. With his starting quarterback at $2 million, I can only imagine the team Belichick can build around Hoyer.

  11. Dorothy_Mantooth

    The Patriots have known all along that 2020 would be a reset year. After losing Brady and 6 other players to Free Agency, the Pats are still only $3M below the cap, so they are not going to be big players in free agency, including the QB market. Even trading for Newton or Dalton would be tough due to their ~$18M cap hits. So it looks like they are going to roll with Stidham, Hoyer and Kessler as QBs this year, and could possibly draft a QB in April too (which would most likely jettison Kessler). But Bill is going to try to win with a new QB and a depleted roster too. Put your money on Tampa having a better record than NE this year. The Pats hands are tied by their limited cap space.

    • I expect that Belichick will manage to get 10-6 or 9-7 out of this roster without Brady. The same team went 12-4 last year no?…with mediocre QB play from Brady.

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